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  1. Non tout à fait, lorsque je ferme le jeu, ou quand je reviens au menu principal.
  2. Finally I was able to find the solution, I deleted the interactive sports folder, I uninstalled the game and I reinstalled it properly and everything is good. Can you tell me why I get this message when I return to the main screen?
  3. I am in the same case I have a rtx 2080 and an amd 3900x and in 3D there is no way to make this game run smoothly. While the recommendations for running this game are a windows 7 and a pentium
  4. Bonjour;, regardez il n'y a plus rien dans le dossier graphiques. et le problème persisteS..
  5. No worries but whatever the part I have this problem ...
  6. I just deleted the two files but still the same problem ..
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