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  1. @Andrew James Could you please have a look? Please, let me know if any further information or clarification is needed. Thanks!
  2. Valencia CF B (Mestalla) signed Lolo Plá on Loan for this season. When I start a new game, he is listed on the squad of the first team, not the B. When I try to move him to the B squad, it is not possible: Can't move Lolo Plá to Valencia Mestalla because he is 23 years old or more (he is actually 25) and the transfer period is over. This is an error... because I am at the beginning of the season and the transfer market is open. I checked the database using the editor, and he is assigned to the B squad, so I don't know what goes wrong to place him in the first team.
  3. That's right, but before (until a few days ago) I was able to select the check box on the left of the player's name, and define the training for specific players on the B team. This is still the case for players on the U19 available for the B team. I am not sure if this is intentional because the UI also says that "PLAYER has not trained enough lately as to be valued". I am also not able to see the training score, which before was available for all the players on the B team.
  4. Hi, I am playing with Valencia CF. Yesterday realized that suddenly all individual training for the B squad are greyed out, except those belonging to the U19. The save game is available on my cloud: Fernando Tomàs Ibiza - Valencia CF.fm I didn't see that before...and wonder if it's a bug. I used to be able to select the check boxes for those who I wanted to manage personally. The UI says that those players haven't been training recently, which is not the case. Thank you in advance.
  5. I have more changes for Valencia CF: Voro position is Director, not scout (He has never been part of the scouting team). Luis González is no longer part of the club https://as.com/futbol/2017/12/14/primera/1513264587_496838.html José de los Santos is no longer part of the club https://www.marca.com/futbol/valencia/opinion/2017/07/08/59611fc422601dcc418b45b2.html Mario Salvador name must be Mario Jarque. Antonio Salamanca is no longer part of the club https://plazadeportiva.valenciaplaza.com/la-politica-de-recortes-tambien-afecta-a-la-secretaria-tecnica Angulo is no longer scout, he is the manager of the U19 B http://www.valenciacf.com/escuelas/plantillas/87175/futbol-11.html?categoria=87177 Considering that the game has only one U19 team (not A and B as Valencia CF has in reality), Angulo could be second coach of the U19 team. Carlos Arroyo is not the second coach of the U19 Team, he is Delegate at Valencia B, so could eventually be listed as Director http://www.valenciacf.com/escuelas/plantillas/87175/futbol-11.html?categoria=87176 Domingo Catoira must be scout instead of scout manager. Paco Camarasa position is Delegate of the first team. This role has no equivalent in FM (maybe director is good enough). http://www.valenciacf.com/ver/288/valencia-club-de-futbol-cuerpo-tecnico.html Higinio Camarasa is no longer part of the club. Miguel Ángel Bossio is no longer part of the club https://www.superdeporte.es/valencia/2016/06/20/exfutbolista-bossio-despedido-valencia/301013.html Sebastian Arenz from RB Leipzig is now scout at Valencia CF http://eldesmarque.com/valencia/valencia-cf/noticias/149970-sebastian-arenz-ojeador-valencia
  6. He is actually 20 M after taxes per season: https://as.com/futbol/2018/05/17/uefa/1526540885_672279.html
  7. Valencia CF has a buy back clause for Nemanja Maksimovic: http://www.valenciacf.com/ver/85442/comunicado-oficial-i-nemanja-maksimovic.html (Offical press release) The clause has effect for the next 3 season: Verano 2019. La opción de compra es de 7,5 millones de euros.Verano 2020. La opción de compra es de 8,5 millones de euros.Verano 2021. La opción de recompra es de 9,5 millones de euros. https://www.superdeporte.es/valencia/2018/07/13/son-cifras-traspaso-maksimovic/379405.html Murillo has been already paid before the obligation at the end of the present season: http://co.marca.com/claro/futbol/colombianos-mundo/2018/08/18/5b787b5de5fdea5b138b45e3.html http://eldesmarque.com/valencia/valencia-cf/143942-el-valencia-cf-ficha-a-murillo Rober Ibañez has a buy back clause http://www.valenciacf.com/ver/77339/comunicado-oficial.html Then, there are many persons missing on the coaching staff of the first team http://www.valenciacf.com/ver/288/valencia-club-de-futbol-cuerpo-tecnico.html (for example, note that the team has 5 fisio, and none of them is on the game) and also on the Valencia CF Mestallahttp://www.valenciacf.com/ver/1147/valencia-club-de-futbol-vcfmestalla-cuerpo-tecnico.html There are also missing player on the U19 Teamhttp://www.valenciacf.com/escuelas/plantillas/87175/futbol-11.html?temporada=2018 Please, feel free to contact me if anything is unclear. Thanks!
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