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  1. Hi All, Just clarifying that the new Transfer Deadline Day feature is restricted to those leagues that feature Deadline Day prominently in the media and have considerable transfer activity in real life on that day. Our researchers have advised us on which leagues this applies to but if there is a league that doesn't have the feature activated and you have evidence that the league meets the above criteria, please start a new thread (ideally with examples of the media coverage and transfer activity levels) and we can investigate further. Thanks, Dan
  2. If you have encountered a gameplay bug with a certain transfer, scout report, or news item, then it is really helpful if you can provide a save game from before the event occurs if possible. It's really helpful for us if we can reproduce an example reported as quickly as possible. If it is a general issue about transfer patterns in a soak (Too many players of a nationality going to a certain league, then a save isn't necessary as we can pick that up on soaks/long term internal tests). An example of the ideal way to log a gameplay bug can be found below. Title - Real Madrid make a £200M bid for a Championship player - Playing as Middlesborough and Real Madrid have made a £200M bid for Paddy McNair - The bid is made on the 3rd of August 2021 - Save game attached on the 2nd of August 2021 Steps to Reproduce - I have uploaded a save game called "DanWells_Madrid_Bid.fm" - Save game will load on the 2nd of August 2021 - Continue the game one day - A 'Real Madrid make bid for McNair' news item will be generated - Observe that the bid is for £200M
  3. Hi @Matteo3champions Some updates have been made to this area. If you upload a save game where you expect there to be information appear I can take a look? Thanks, Dan
  4. Thank you! Have managed to reproduce that and log the issue for the dev team to review. Cheers, Dan
  5. Hi Yes if you could upload that I will take a look and see if we can workout what happened. Cheers, Dan
  6. Hi @aAu Are you able to upload a save game where this happens? Is it when you spectate a Zenit game before the match? Thanks, Dan
  7. Hi @Matteo3champions Can you upload a save game from before and after the match? I have seen these news items recently so not sure what is happening here. Thanks, Dan
  8. Hi @neameanlion33 This was an issue we are aware of should be resolved for the full release however if you are able to upload your save I can take a look and verify it has been resolved. Thanks, Dan
  9. Hi, Do you have a save game showing the issue? (one before and after ideally, but after is okay) Thanks, Dan
  10. HI @jhmpdepaula Are you able to upload a save game from before this happened? (if not a save after is okay) Thanks, Dan
  11. HI @Synthespian What are the save files called and I will take a look at the other saves uploaded already? Dan
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