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  1. Figured it was something like this Fred. Thanks for looking into it.
  2. Summary: Under 23 squad in England isn't being invited to U23 league Description of Issue: Long term(ish) save file attached. I was given an U23 team a year or two into the save game (didn't have one at the start) and every year my U18's get invited to a league but my U23's will never get invited. My youth set up is in pretty decent shape and my team is in the English Premier Division™ so I'd be surprised if it's a reputation issue. I've attached a save game but unfortunately I didn't have an auto save around the time I got the invite so it'll need holidaying till the next season when the news item(s) should be generated. This has happened for the last 8 or so years in the save game so should reproduce on a yearly basis. I think the save game was created in the pre-release beta stage so apologies if this has been addressed since (I searched and didn't find anything). Steps to Reproduce: 1. Holiday until league invite news items are sent out for the U18's 2. Note that there's not one for the U23 team 3. Cry Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: DG_No_23_League_Invite.fm
  3. The SRP (suggested retail price) has stayed the same. Each retailer will have their own reasons, but if the price is higher in your country than it was last year, it’s most likely down to exchange rate changes or to extra costs, such as full translations at launch.
  4. I think this would cover the second part of your question. Regarding the first part, we've not announced FM17 so we're unable to comment on if any leagues/nations will be added to the game in the future.
  5. Could you post your DxDiag for us to take a look please? It's pretty long so you'll need to split it over a couple of posts. How to find my System Dxdiag [PC]
  6. Can you start your own thread outlining the issue and upload a copy of your Belarc to our FTP so we can take a look and see if it's anything on your machine causing this issue. Just makes it easier keeping track of where we are with your particular issue. How to find my Belarc file [PC]
  7. Can you upload your most recent crash dump to our FTP and we'll take a look: FTP Details Also, are you running anything custom in your game? Either graphics or databases?
  8. Oi, você pode tentar o seguinte e tente novamente. - Abrir a Steam e acesso à sua biblioteca de jogos - Clique com o botão direito do mouse em Football Manager 2016 -> Propriedades -> Geral -> Configurar opções de inicialização - Digite isso na caixa: -small_screen -windowed - Clique em OK , feche a janela e lançar FM16 através do Steam
  9. Did it load in the end? How long did you leave it? Have you tried closing it down and loading again?
  10. Unfortunately this is an issue with your editor file and you won't be able to get past it. I'd suggest starting a new save game with either no editor data or a different edited DB.
  11. It doesn't look like something we've seen before and I wasn't able to reproduce it here, similarly to you when you went on his profile too. I'd suggest playing through for a bit and seeing if anything happens again, I'd be surprised, but I'd be interested to hear your feedback. Keep us updated.
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