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  1. I don't know to either of those. I'm not in a position where I can give any confirmations until the supported device list is finalised - and that will be published online when it is.
  2. As above, there isn't a finalised list of devices yet. And no, you won't be able to purchase/install the game at all on an unsupported tablet.
  3. There isn't a finalised list of supported tablets for 17 just yet. However, that tablet won't be powerful enough I'm afraid.
  4. All I'll say on this subject is that we do test long-term performance over a variety of devices as the game has to run well for the full 30 year period we support - the three nation limit isn't plucked out of thin air. But we do monitor this and review it regularly. Football Manager is a demanding title to run on any current tablet hardware, even the iPad Pro etc.
  5. You've redeemed a product key on your laptop? Is this the code that came with purchasing FM17? Edit: merged duplicate threads together.
  6. On the tablet version of the game, yes. The PC/Mac/Linux version of FMT has never had a cap.
  7. Just to confirm, tablet versions are subject to a store approval process which is out of our hands so we can't be definite on a date until much closer to the time, hence Miles being unable to guarantee that date at this point.
  8. The iOS and Android versions are a separate product bought from a different vendor, therefore is sold separately. Also, you'll need a high-spec Android tablet to be able to run the game rather than a phone.
  9. Yes you could do that - but you need to own a version of FM16 on PC/Mac/Linux as well for the cross-save functionality to work. Alternatively, you can back up save games to a PC via iTunes.
  10. It's not present on tablet to reduce RAM usage.
  11. Affiliations are created/ended at the board's discretion in FMT.
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