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  1. Hi @xLiamReynoldsx Short answer, yes, as long as there are players in Holland suitable for the club you are managing. Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi @nbotelho This looks like the same issue as This is an issue we are aware where the transfer budget has gone over £1 billion and the game thinks there is actually no budget available. Would recommend editing the budget to down below £1bn and you should be able to confirm deals. Thanks, Dan
  3. Cheers @FrazT Agreed with the above- it's with the dev team to review and look at any changes. Thanks, Dan
  4. Thanks @FrazT Got a few examples in quick succession from that save so will pass to the devs to review. Cheers, Dan
  5. Not strictly a bug but will point you to the right place/places Easiest is to view the transfer centre as shown below: You can also view Transfer History (same area as above) and select 'Future Transfers' from the drop down. One thing I like to do is to have a look at your Team Report and view Squad Depth. There you can untick Future transfers in which can help you look at players set to join in the future and where they fit. Cheers, Dan
  6. @Dundalis & @FrazT Would be good to take a look at both your save games and see if there is some balancing work we can look at for these issues. Definitely sounds like your players are a little bit too in awe of your managerial prowess. Ideally a save game from just before a contract request, although sounds like it is happening frequently enough that any save game might do... Thanks, Dan
  7. Yeah it really is confusing! If you have a save from just before or after you had the player on trial can you please upload and one of the team will take a look: Thanks, Dan
  8. Hi @Kuraihito Serie A Non-Eu rules are often difficult to understand! If a player who joins on a trial takes up a slot that is definitely wrong though- was it a trial, or a loan? The other parts of that may be because some of the specifics of the rules. This was covered in another thread recently by Viktor: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/552251-cannot-registrate-non-eu-player/ Hopefully that helps explain some of the rules a bit more. Let me know about the first part though, and if you need any further details. Thanks, Dan
  9. Hi @ThatRemix Can you post a screenshot of the screen you are viewing that is now showing anything please? Additionally, if you upload a save game someone from the team can take a look. Details of how to upload are below: Thanks, Dan
  10. Hi @dertimo13 Had a look at the save. This is an issue we are aware where the transfer budget has gone over £1 billion and the game thinks there is actually no budget available. Would recommend editing the budget to down below £1bn. I did that in your save and subsequently had no issues confirming transfers. Thanks, Dan
  11. Hi @DanielHopkins18 Just to add that the info mentioned by @CFulleris implemented in game and is working correctly. If anyone does have any examples of the system not working correctly, please provide a save game. Cheers, Dan
  12. Hi @Antoz7 Sorry you encountered this one. Looks like it is linked to if you have replays on, but opposition replays off. This is with the dev team to look at. Turning on opposition replays will stop this happening (but you will have to suffer replays of opponent goals ): ) Thanks, Dan
  13. Hi @Antoz7 Glad that resolved it! Regarding the issue about the notification for opposition goal staying on screen, it has been reported but we need some new examples. Does it happen for every goal against you? If you can upload your save game again I can take a look and see if there is something in your match set up that might be causing it? Cheers, Dan
  14. Hi @mal9ball Do you have this option ticked? (Can be found in 'Staff'-> 'Responsibilities'-> 'Match')
  15. Hi @marcMCFC1986 Have you got a save game from before this happened you could upload? Cheers, Dan
  16. Thanks @FROSTIE 1987 Reproduced the issue from that save and logged for the dev team to review. Cheers, Dan
  17. Hi @TopKop Is this happening when you change formation during the match? If you have a save from before and after a game were this happened would you be able to upload? Thanks, Dan
  18. Hi @tdinero Looks like the custom skin is still being used based on that screenshot. If you uninstall the skin it should work as expected. Cheers, Dan
  19. Hi @tdinero Can you try this after clearing your cache/preferences and let me know if that resolves it? https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015199257-How-to-remove-my-Preferences-and-or-Caches-Folder#text Thanks, Dan
  20. Hi @tdinero Worked fine for me using that save. Are you using a custom Skin? If so, it might be worth removing it and seeing if the issue still happens. Cheers, Dan
  21. Hi @Gouveia Santos Thanks for posting. Are you able to upload a save game from before the match where this happens please? Cheers, Dan
  22. Hi @Laarko These will be question specific for will need to take a look at your save to game to get this logged separately. Are you able to start a new thread and upload your save game? Thanks, Dan
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