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  1. Hi guys, do you know if playing in different pitch surfaces have an impact on game style of teams? especially with The surfaces i’ve highlightened in the topic of the post.
  2. Hi, what are the more "rare" unhappy status of players? I remember in FM20 one time one player who was being subbed off, was angry with me. And sometimes, player refuses to have an injection for play the next game. But there are something more?
  3. @Daniel WellsHi Dan, i've uploaded the file as "prematch milan v.02" and the player that fan favourite suggest should be Leao.
  4. After the official release, i've to report the same "missing item" about the lack of questions in press conference about the best opponent's player suggested from the media, like the example in this post. Hope to be solved ASAP. Thanks.
  5. I've noticed again, that players who enter during the game, continue to have no reaction of any team talk you say to them.
  6. But i think that they’re unhappy from the “tactic” section, and not from “team selection” section, right?
  7. I can send a save game, but what i want to say is that at the voice “team selection” i never seen reaction from the player, while it’s usually to see a reaction in opponents section and in tactic section. In team selection, in a entire season, i’ve seen reaction only with 2 debuts. I think that player react in different ways, or am i wrong? @Daniel Wells
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