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  1. I'm in 2020/21 season, and after a TERRIBLE 1st year (i was sacked from 2 teams, BFC BERLIN (german 4th tier, without winning a game in 4 months) and TAMAI (italian 4th tier, where i took up the team from the bottom to playout, but lost the final so got relegated in 5th tier), CASARANO, a 4th tier italian club (the city is in Salento, Apulia), hire me before the start in the 2nd season. I started without license (i've gained the first two steps during the 1st season) and without football player past experience. After a little revolution, that's the team. That's are the first three months in charge. As you can see, in the SERIE D italian cup, we defeat three teams and now we are in the round of 32. And that's the League table. Media predicted me in 4th place. Last year the team arrived 6th, few points out the playoff zone (that are useless, because only the 1st go to Lega Pro). The vision target is to reach playoff, i think that it's possible to do it, because the team isn't bad...But we are in serious financial problems..
  2. @Rob Heckman Here's my situation: The board expect that i have to avoid relegation until the end of the season, so i think that they could wait before sack a manager...but what about supporters? I've seen that AI managers could fear to be sacked due fans opinion. I’m going to repeat the same question: it’s possible that human manager could be sacked due fans pressure? If yes, on what depends?
  3. @The Threadstarter maybe has one. He wrote that he was sacked by fans pressure while he was on Holiday. I think that when you are on Holiday, is just like if you are an AI manager. Sorry @Rob Heckman, but i think, as a tester, you know when and if it's possibile. The question that i do, and i did 2 weeks ago, it's simply. Fans have a role in game?
  4. Hi, also after the release of the final version, there aren’t questions about disallowed goals and so no chance to get a touchline bans after that episodes (both AI and Human Manager). The only way to take a touchline ban is to criticize refs after controversial red cards. please fix it.
  5. I ask again, maybe something is changed with the final version. how a human manager could be sacked by fans pressure, as the AI manager does? maybe for bad transfers that are judged by supporters?
  6. @FrazT of course i meant friendlies. So they become unhappy only if i exclude them for a medium-long period? About 3-4 matches?
  7. Hi, if you don’t permit a player to go to play with their nation, could be angry with you? or better, after many games that he skips, he could become unhappy? Thanks
  8. But the tactic style is referred to board opinion, and not to fans, as you can check in club vision panel...Only transfers and the performances of your players are valutated by the fans. Or maybe, i'm missing something during the game play. @Kingstontom88
  9. @tiago_wakabayashi how the fans criticize you? Could you post a screenshot?
  10. @Glenn Wakeford it's normal that in my save game, in every league that i've load (German, Italy, Spai, England and France) any manager of every division haven't criticized the referee and they are never banned? They're banned only if they criticize some red cards, but not for disallowed goals.
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