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  1. Goodmorning, i’ve seen that there are NO handball fouls with the last patch but also in FM 19 in general happened very few Times (i remember few fouls in BETA but nothing more) thanks
  2. I’ve seen that the problem is solved with the new patch! Thanks!
  3. Hi, i’ve never seen so far an Yellow card due to complain with referees, because players don’t complain with referees. i’ve reported this 1 month ago but today, with the new patch, the “problem” is not solved thanks
  4. @Ltagames he won’t to be the captain anymore? He decides himself?
  5. Yes it’s in game. But have you ever seen in FM19 an argue with a ref?
  6. It rarely happened also in FM18. but maybe is not included actually in game, like arguing with referees that is not in match engine at the moment, but will Be in next patches
  7. Hi, it’s still possible in FM that player dives?thanks
  8. The things that i hate of the game is that nobody knows what really affect the game.
  9. @HUNT3R are you sure about altitude? Because altitude isn’t mentioned in game
  10. Good afternoon, i’m managing a 10th level-english team. I’ve to notice a huge error: in home matches, i’ve about 60 supporters, and the average ticket price is about 5€. The ticket season sold were 20. So there are 40 supporters that they are paying. 5€ X 40€ = 160€. When i see the financial panel, i see that the match ticket sales are about €4.000,00 per month. I can post, later, a screenshot about that.
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