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  1. So, i always play Ajax in a similar way.... end of first season summer transfers are just over and look like this This is what the squad and tactics look like this year. Some Jong Ajax graduates slowly getting in
  2. Well, my project was scrapped early, i could just not manage to get the tactic perfected. No matter what i did, it was just too one dimentional, over relying on wing play and no threat from the center of the field. So i quickly switched to something more modern, but with similar principles It was one hell of a season, going unbeaten domestic, and getting well into europe, losing to a 89 minute gol from a very lucky chelsea No transfers all season, just 3 loans out in January. No bids for my stars, and i was happy to keep them and start planning next season This is how the squad did. As you can see, it was a massive season for the front three, with Tadic taking the spotlight with a massive 32 goals. Much interest in my first team players, we might be able to cash in a lot and rebuild with youngsters from within, and bargains on transfer where we cannot replace directly. One peculiarity i quite like is that everyone bar the goalies and Dest got at least a goal, so we are not at all dependant on any one single star, and we managed lots of rotations during the season. On to our first whole summer.....
  3. Solved, they sold Matheus Pereira to Barcelona
  4. It's because it wasn't very public. Pereira played for Under-23, so it was clearly overlooked
  5. Hate to say so, but there is no such thing as a 19 yo "top notch player", especialy in a key position such as central defender, where experience is one of the most important factors. They are however promising youngsters to develop, but in no means ready for being top notch from start at a world top club. There are just so many De Ligt's in football history
  6. I only have a few simple rules: sell when over the top offers come in, and only buy a replacement when you have no youngster almost ready to replace internaly. Also keep Jong Ajax and under 19s competitive and winning, so try and get the best youth system possible, and buy youngsters only when those teams hare lacking in new promising youth players. Also try and keep really small squads, with really big talents
  7. Finally got myself into an Ajax save, as i do every year. And this year's will be quite interesting, looking at what was sold last season. Winter transfer DB, no transfers for the first session, and i settled for a tactic that wants to be a homage to both Ajax current and historic playing style, mixed together. Feels good in the first matches, after i tried many different solutions
  8. You could do a Rimini challenge, emulating Arrigo Sacchi's start of career, when he brought them in Serie B with his soon to be world famous football philosophy, and try to get even better results, taking them to Serie A where they have never been
  9. i'll check that out. BTW it's been like this since fm18 i think. I'll pause this save a bit, and go on and see what happens ion my ajax save i just started
  10. Leagues loaded (it's an old pc, so i can't possibly run more than these. But it's not really that bad of a setup These are my results in the second season, we are massively overachieving Here you can see the club reputation and media expectations And here is no whatsoever interest in my players in mid january during transfer window. IRL clubs would be sniffing everywhere. Maybe a little less on who just joined, but players like Musso (only one with longstanding little interest from Juventus), Samir, Mandragora, Barak, Becao, Sema, Balic, Lasagna and Nestorovski have been with us for years now, and should AT LEAST attract interest. To put it in perspective, i'm not even getting loan interest offering Scuffet out for at least 6 months......
  11. Well, when you look at good prospects and you can't bring them in because you have a full squad, 20 players out on loan, a full under 18 and under 20, and not one single offer for a first team player in the whole winter transfer market even topping the league as udinese, something is off. I might try lower league later on, but i have to get an academy save out of my system, so i'll probabily give Ajax a quick go (only dutch leagues loaded) and see how it goes. I am keeping the Udinese save, might try it later on, but this reputation glitch is killing it for me. I know it's not realistic to have that kind of success so fast, but italian big teams should be all over my players...... that's how it works usually
  12. I'm thinking of scrapping my Udinese save, because i'm suffering from the same problema i have had in the past few years: overachieving so fast with a low squad means that reputation of club and players doesn't catch up as fast as it does usually. I have lot's of interesting youngsters lined up for first team game time, but no whatsoever interest in my older key players, who are really overachieving. This is a little broken imho, and i would have to hang on to them for another 2-4 seasons this way, and it would go against my youngster policy. Players are doing so well for me, they won't leave for similar teams but with lesser results. And big teams are not interested because of reputation, when irl they would be all over me and my players. It takes away the challenge and i get bored of the game.... This thing however doesn't happen with higher reputation teams in lower leagues. I might have a go with Ajax, which is my usual second save in the game. Or maybe try Benfica, or Salzburg, still choosing
  13. never seen a comeback like this.......
  14. Yep, that was the plan. Though city offered non negotiable amount even less than the clause.... and he didn't want to renew his contract because of the interest, so i just accepted the fact he could leave. I weas then happy to discover he didn't want to
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