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  1. I’m currently playing with Ajax, as i like to do every year. Third season and i’m getting quite bored, as i am not managing to get good offers in for my star players so i can move them on and get my conveyor belt of youngsters going on. So i might get into a new save, using editor to give the team “cannot buy any players” club culture (i think it’s possible, a russian club has it iirc). As i know the squad really well and it is full of talent, i was thinking of giving Ajax another go. Do you have any other fun team suggestions for this, it can be any league and any level. Best if it already has a good youth setup, but not necessary if it has other peculiar reasons
  2. Well, i am starting my second season, so i still have Onana coming back from ban. He is going to go through my youth teams, but for sure i will play him as soon as i move on my starter
  3. First year intake at Ajax. Just one month later. Best newgen i have ever had in any FM ever, going to start him straight in Jong ajax. I think that i already have Onana's successor
  4. Well, i've been put off my Udinese save for the moment. I loaned Tuanzebe as a second non EU, and it bugged, not asking me who i wanted to register first after i freed up space for him loaning a young non eu out of italy: it defaulted to another youngster on the under 20's squad, so i'm stuck with a 2.7 mln wage loan i cannot play. Hope this gets fixed next year, it's just stupid not being able to choose who to register all the time, but only sometimes.
  5. We did it! An almost perfect season gave us a fantastic double win in Scudetto and Coppa Italia! The team really worked hard, and managed to push through difficult times never giving up when behind. I love the resilience that is in this squad. Chelsea was too much, too soon, as expected, but we fought bravely and will do better in future. Champions League will go to Manchester this season. What a final... it was tense, and we were perffect from the spot. Juventus was also great in this match, but we wanted our first trophy ever so much that we got it Players are developing nicely, and a lot of interest is starting to show. I've been working through my shortlist andfiltering out players not up to the level because we might see some movement this summer Depending on what happens on the transfer market, i might be doing something different tactic wise, i am tempted to work with 2 strikers, or at least get them more involved.
  6. Finances are squeaky clean as i like them to be: 75 mln€ from De Paul first season, spent a big transfer budget the second season, but with the club on the stock market now things are looking healthy and i'll try and keep a big profit with sales, while bringing in class players for cheap when they get transfered listed from big clubs, or go out of contract, with the odd wonderkid signing, as i always like to do.
  7. Small winter moves: just some little adjustments: Reina came in during Musso's 2 week injury, will be good for getting the team determination up. Some youngsters come in, but also Michelin (french rightback with a bullet throw) and Oriol Busquets, as we keep picking up Barcelona's disaster squad management. Out on loan some non EU youngsters, as they cannot be registered, and Vallejo and Fosu-Mensah for more game time. Also our big sale of the window was Coulibaly, who i would have happily kept as backup but china pays cash. Lots of it. January is always a terrible month for me, lots of close games and full rotations for the cup matches. We had a horrendous set of matches back to back, and were quite unlucky but did good nonetheless. Full rotation for cup matches too, we might have a chance ffor another final. Still head to head in the league, will be another hard but interesting season. A quick glance of the current squad. Young and classy, as i love my teams. Still waiting to cash on Musso and Becao, let's see if it will be their summer. Happy to keep them, but have their replacement lined up anyway.
  8. The strange winter world cup season is going great in the first half, we are undefeated, and through to knock out stages of Champions League. Our young strong passing counter game is working marvels, but inter is almost as good as us. it's going to take a lot of luck to win the Scudetto. This is how things are looking for now And as a bonus Yuriel Celi, by far our best performer with Braaf, scooped up both youngster awards Now onto winter transfer market. I'm not planning much, if outstanding offers don't come in. Might be loaning out some players like Esposito, Palumbo and Savio if there is interest, replacing with loans in. But will be on a case to case basis.
  9. Keep up the good work. I found that the only way to improve the squad long term is not settle for half players, as they will get worse once your reputation grows and will be able to attract better players. Go for wonderkids in backup instead, if you cannot land a solid great player for your needs. It will be worth it in the long term.
  10. My summer was veeeery busy. I didn't want to change much, but a new board that put the club into exchange market made me want to go affter what i desperately needed: talented and young squad depht. So these ended up being our transffers: Big buys were the 3 arranged: Gomez Dimarco and Esposito above all. Then i snapped up cheap transfered players like Fosu-Mensah, Vallejo, Meret (for when Musso will leave), Alena and i splashed out in 18 year old wonderkid Savio, who already scored a screamer of a goal in his second match from the bench. I almost lost Musso to Milan and Inter, who both agreed to pay 60 mln € but he rejected both, as he is now touted a world class goalkeeper, given he is Argentina's starter, and performing majesticly. Milan and PSG tried to get TYonali at the last minutie, but both wouldn't pay the 60 mln i asked for. So now this is what the team looks like Our form has been unbelievable now.... we beat a full sided Real Madrid with no suffering whatsoever on our first friendly match, and thumped Juventus like i would never imagine. If teams come aggressive to us, we manage to play them put of the field with Celi, Alena, Tonali and Gomez all on the field together, while Simeone and Braaf are such clinical finishers, with the dutch being so fast. ANd last but not least we got a hard Champions League group draw, but not entirely impossible to get through
  11. Fantastic season for you too. How's your squad looking? The choice is between trying again to win the champion's league, and starting over a new challenge... go with your gut
  12. Soooo, this happened quite early, and it is fantastic news already Here's how the season ended. Eternal runner-ups. Oh well.... Second half of the league undefeated, but Juventus is just too much It's a shame we got bested by Inter in the final, but to be fair we had it easier than them, except Juventus But Europa League is the real big regret.... we almost had it So close........ Not looking for any big moves next season, but maybe Musso and Becao have enough interest they might have to leave. I might replace the last aging and lower quality players as Larsen. Walace, Capradossi, but we shall see
  13. Bit of a strange season: we started losing to Juventus and then went 12 undefeated, and we almost never left second spot. Juventus is unreachable, but the Milanesi and Romane, Napoli and Atalanta are having a mediocre season, so we are going great in second spot. also selling De Paul for 75 mln helped me get the right players for my tactics: tonali, dimarco, braaf, celi and arezo are all really integrated. Loaning Musiala for 2 seasons was very important too, retraining him as a right wide midfielder worked wonders, and Cagliari’s relegation got me an experienced forward like Simeone to manage my young duo in front. the real superstar is Braaf, despite 4 determination he is growing and performing as a young Neymar and forcing Deulofeu on the bench most of the time. i think i got just the right blend of players for cheap, out of that monster sale
  14. straight into my starters, and he is already performing well. I decided to update my tactics, becoming more proactive as the quality of my squad is improving very fast, and it's paying off for the moment
  15. Only one new player for Udinese in January, this nice chap here 31 year old Roberto Pereyra is declining and going to be out for an injury four a couple of months, so i loaned in from Dortmund his replacement, and getting him also on a free for next season. And he started amazingly
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