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  1. Not really, i have shifted to a winger support role, inspired by rashidi and after getting him some more inside forward ppms. Despite his horrible finishing, he scores for fun and also assists are flying in
  2. Season 3 i'm straight into the group stage. Season 2 i only had playoff. Dutch football is growing, next season might have 2 teams in group stage
  3. wish i remember where it was, i think in the official feedback thread
  4. Has Ajax Amateurs ever given you anything wothwhile? Seems to always have been a waste of time for me
  5. Someone from SI confirmed that only jumping reach is taken in account, and admitted the tooltip might be misleading
  6. I have only Bergkamp and Reiziger in my ranks. I went for the best staff possible. I had Stekelemburg last season solely for mentoring purposes, and he retired with Huntelaar in May
  7. @zlatanera was perfect with those suggestions. I'd only add always look at home for a replacement before buying. You have something for almost any position in youngsters.
  8. So it's been an intense summer, we lost Alena, but in my opinion we gained an even better replacement in Tonali. This year's moneyball was Kristensen, who left for a total of 54 mln € (previous seasons ale in June to Tottenham), with Vagnoman his replacement at last, and Mazraoui his backup. We sold some fringe players to make space for interesting youngsters (Mauri and Janssen out for a profit, and Schuurs moved to first choice defensive midfielder, with a big chance for Sierhuis to be a good backup for Dolberg. Baba Rahman came for free because i was almost sure Tagliafico would leave us, but he didn't, so he'll be sadly third choice. Also some experience came for free to buff mentoring in Lulic, Pieters and Falcao. Last but not least, an upgrade in our backup keeper with Bizot for peanuts, and Van Leer out for a profit in the exchange. I actually feel the squad is so much stronger this season, with our youngsters growing and with the team gelling much better. Here is what we look like in our three squads Our results have been very promising, with an incredible feeling between Odegaard, Tonali and Dolberg, who have all been on fire in August No all is good news, the Champions League group draw was not our friend, even if slightly easier than last season's
  9. The summer of monster offers..... another no from me, he is going to be my first choiche holding midfielder this season
  10. It actually is summer, and i rejectd. I'm starting the season with him and Gravenberch mad at me. He has another 4 years contract, so it will not be a big problem for now. Gravenberch though has only 2 years, but nobody interested at the moment (he wouldn't sign a new contract while big clubs were sniffing. So as soon as he sulks up and gets back in line (i hope soon), i will tie him down.
  11. i'd actually try and fit both in my team if i could afford it
  12. Absolutely not, and also he is a model citizen for me now. It's just it's hard to not think twice at certain offers.... i'll just slap a 150 mln tag on him.
  13. I am actually thinking of saying no to this, as i sold Kristensen for 54 and this would be his first season starting. I am pretty sure i could get way over 100 mln if i keep hjim another couple of seasons. Are you with me with this? i stalled for the time being
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