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  1. After the 24.2.1 patch, someone has a controversy interview about a referee decision, and risk a touchline ban? (I’m talking about human or AI manager)
  2. I don’t work in the world of football but i manage a company. When 1 worker has a concern, and he is one of the “leader” or have a strong relationship with anothers, the problem is not reguarding one person anymore.
  3. @Rashiditalking about variables that impact in game and player fitness, can i ask you how much temperature impact in the condition of a player?
  4. Hi, i’ve notice only today that temperature has an impact in the game. but i haven’t notice any difference to play with different temperature. So how can temperature impact on game / players? I’ve posted a screenshot from FM official website of one of the new feature’s blog.
  5. @SoloTitano it will be the same for Gomez?
  6. Hi, noticed that Paul Pogba is missing. Even if he will be banned due doping, Juventus haven’t drop him, he’s still in the official website, so i think that he should be in the DB.
  7. @Michael Sant and a player could still change a team and as main reason could be the possibility to change team for better training facilities? Thanks.
  8. Hi, in FM 23 could player change a team with the reason that the new team has better training facilities? Thanks.
  9. I’ve seen many teams in my save, but nobody in favourite staff has a current player with negative Numbers . i’m curious about this fact. Can you post player career?
  10. This sounds interesting. I’ve never seen that negative value. There are some reasons for that? Do you remember some episodes with him that can motivate this value?
  11. Do you think that fm 25 will be available to play with steam deck? There are other games verified to play with deck which are using Unity engine? Thanks.
  12. But with FM 25 there will be a completely different gameplay, or the most news regards the match engine and the UI components?
  13. @Michael Sant Ok i’ll post what i mean. one i’ve done it: it’s in the previous post and the name file is “Messi new contract” (read the post previous and you’ll see what i mean”
  14. Another item is missing - Messi renewed the contract for a year, and will be his last year. IN the info panel of the player, he's happy to end the career in my team, but in the news item from the media, it doesn't appear the news that is happy to end his career in Inter (and it happens to AI manager when Immobile signed a contract with Lazio, the last one of his career, and the news item appear) The name of the file is "messi new contract". Thanks.
  15. Hi, i've sold Brozovic to Monaco. He was a team leader and the captain of my team. But nobody was unhappy about his leaving. Also his close friend, Barella, and it's a bit strange. The files that i've uploaded, "sold a team leader", is before he leaves (1st january), but the deal it's still confirmed (but i think that's not important, in FM 22 a player become unhappy when his teammate departs). Thanks.
  16. Hi, Kovacevic (serbian player) has scores his 1st international goal, but i can't praise him. I've uploaded the file "1st international goal - can't praise the player" for check it (this save is few days before the international match, so you can reproduce before he plays and scores)
  17. @Zachary Whyte @Kyle Brown any news on it? This features have been fixed with the last patch? Thanks.
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