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  1. Hey guys, sorry for the slightly out of place post, but I just started a save with Norway and I can't find any way I can actually take control of my U21 and U19 teams. I already took control of everything in the Responsibility menu, and several community posts as well as a message in my inbox on day 1 clearly state that this should be possible. When I go into editing Tacticts, a line of text above the U21 and U19 squad says that I can't edit the tactics because someone else in my staff is in charge. Sacking that person simply gives that responsibility to another member of my staff. I'm kinda confused!
  2. Which means that the guy capped at 11 was below where he should have been. If for that height 16 is good, then 15 is above average, 14 average, 13 below average and 12 poor. The thing is, let's assume he was actually a bit shorter and 11 was "poor". Why can't he improve at all if he's still very young? Why does the Assist. Manager tell me not to even bother? I understand that, and if the guys I took screenshots of had, say, 11 or 12 Jumping Reach they would feel very normal to me. 10, even. 6, not so much. Yes, this is a good point and this is the way the game feels like on non-newgens. However, in the examples I've shown above, the cap is way too low to be reasonable, in my opinion. When their Jumping Reach peaks - and is therefore limited by height, regardless of training - that peak is kind of poor. To be fair, I now see how this is a bit of a subjective matter. While I do feel that a 5'9 player who's been training for years and is in in their biological peak should be at least close to average when it comes to Jumping Reach, you may disagree and that's ok. However, what feels kind of obvious to me is that I'm seeing wildly different values for newgens than I am for real players. I have never seen a real player's ratings and thought "wow he must be very bad at jumping", but after a few seasons, as a top club I was struggling to find a ST that was above the 14 mark. I was literally resorting to very old regular players because they were still outjumping all newgens except two or three. And then, I realised that some of my promising CBs were considered unable to improve that very attribute, while still having it pretty bad. I thought that maybe world population was getting shorter, but no, average heights that I've been observing are standard. Eugenio Navas, the Defender I took a screenshot of, is a prime example of that. I have never seen a world class 6 foot CB being that bad in Jumping Reach before newgens got to their prime and real strikers started to get worse.
  3. Here's the two most extreme examples I could quickly put my hands on. Sorry for the Italian language of the screenshots, but switching to English and back again glitched a save file of mine once, for some reason, so I won't do that again lol however I ordered the attributes the English way and marked Jumping Reach. We're talking about two of the best footballers in the save, unbelievable Physical attributes, except for an abysmal Jumping Reach, all while being almost 6 foot tall! I don't think it's reasonable that these amazing athletes with incredible pace, physical strength, balance, endurance and work ethic are somehow specifically terrible at jumping lol Can you imagine Haaland not being able to lift himself more than a few centimetres off the ground, but still running and pushing like he does? I almost feel like it's material for the bug report section... what do you guys think? Should I open a thread there?
  4. Thanks for your help guys! However the problem is not the training, because this is a trend I have seen across many newgens - even among AI teams. There's quite a lot of guys with amazing Physical Attributes and quite tall, but with horrible Jumping Reach. It feels like a little bit of a glitch because I've seen center backs with 10 Strength and 8 Jumping Reach get to the point where in their peak they had 15 Strength and maybe 9 Jumping Reach or something like that, without being short enough to make it feel reasonable. Yeah, but how is it possible that an 18-year-old is considered by my Assistant Manager unable to make any more progress on that attribute (and that attribute alone)? I mean, he hasn't even peaked biologically yet. I get that tall =/= high Jumping Reach, but what I'm seeing is very young, very tall players not improving Jumping Reach over time, while still having the right mentality/hidden attributes/PA to improve all other Physical attributes and become world class players.
  5. Hey guys! I noticed something weird with the newgens in my 2031 save, sort of a pattern - Jumping Reach being "capped" unreasonably low. In my save there's quite a few world class newgens by now, but many of them have awful Jumping Reach that never improves - we're talking 6, 8 et cetera. Some of them are even kinda tall! My world-class attacker with amazing physical attributes is 5'8 and is now 26 years old, having 6 Jumping Reach. I just bought him, so he was likely never trained on that attribute, but it's still weird given that every single one of his other physical attributes is 16 or more. I now spent 40M on a very promising 18-year-old centerback on the premise that he's 6'2. he's gotten from 14 to 15 Jumping Reach, but after a couple of months my assistant now believes he's never gonna get any better than that and the player himself is complaining about the uselessness of his individual training. Heck, I've had a guy capped at 11, and he was 186 cm tall (a little shy of 6'2). I've been training that guy for a year and a half (max facilities, world class coaching staff) and he indeed never improved. Is Jumping Reach just a lottery? And if so, what's the use of heigth if it doesn't give at least a minor indication of how high people will be able to jump when they'll peak?
  6. Do player traits affect attributes? As in, having too many or teaching one more will decrease player attributes? Will removing one increase some of them? Or are they just unrelated?
  7. Hey guys, I was playing against Real in UCL Quarter Finals. It's 2030 and they have Sebastiano Esposito on their team, winner of the last two Ballon d'Or consecutively. We draw 0-0 the first leg at home in Bergamo, mostly thanks to their incredibly good newgen goalkeeper. Now, The second leg starts and the GK they are playing is the cup matches GK. I go and check the better one - who was in the bench - and he was happy and healthy. Then, 51 minutes into the second leg, still 0-0, Real coach subs Esposito out for seemingly no reason. No injury, nothing like that, just a bit jaded over the course of the last few matches. I end up scraping a 1-1 draw in Santiago Bernabeu and proceeding to Semifinals. The thing is, I was up against the best striker in the world, and they were gonna need a goal sooner or later. Why did they sub him out? The only mildly reasonable explanation for that is that their following game was Copa del Rey Final. Which I mean... it's a Cup Final. How's that more important than progressing in UCL? A knock-out phase second leg in UCL should take precedence... also couldn't he just play both games - the second leg and the cup final - and then rest soon after? And what's with the goalkeeper, they don't even get tired. This win feels a bit undeserved. Imagine being up against Real a few years ago, both team fighting to their deaths to keep going in UCL, and then they sub Ronaldo out after less than an hour. It feels... wrong. Oh, sorry for the edit - I forgot to say Real's coach is Klopp. I feel he should know better.
  8. First things first: I play in Italian, so by "Club Atmosphere" I mean the central bar of the three red-to-green ones in the Dynamics section. I can't remember its name in English, so my own translation on the fly is the best you'll get lol I'm one of, if not the, top squad in the world with Atalanta. I'm on a huge winning streak and all of a sudden I notice that my Club Atmosphere has gotten from nearly maxed out to average, very close to the middle of the bar. I'm positive it happened pretty much overnight because the bar also has a slightly pale indicator for recent variation. It was massive. No player was unhappy (I mean technically a guy in the U18 but it didn't even show up in the Dynamics page). I checked the social situation and I noticed that all social circles merged into the main one. Is that perhaps what caused it? Because I feel it's not, and it gets weirder. It stayed like that for a few weeks. Then, one day, I sent Mbappé to the U20 squad (he's 32, he's had a horrible injury, he's in his last 7 months of contract and wants almost 50M per year, so I'm happy to let him go). I check back and poof. Massive bump in Club Atmosphere, all the way to the top in one go. ... What happened lol Mbappé was not unhappy, I mean he was kinda sad and stuff but I'm still flagged as having a good relationship with him. So do their teammates. Was it maybe yet another coincidence? What is causing these massive sudden variations?
  9. Yeah, the thing is I only look at hidden attributes through the legit ways - which is the scout's and assman's reports. These attributes might be changing all the time, but over ten seasons I've never seen them change enough to change the color of the bullet point in the report (or its presence). This might just be my first time though Well, thank you very much for doing all of this work and sharing it. The data seems to confirm what we've all been saying: these attributes can go up, but not by far. Which is interesting because the visible attributes can sometimes even amass a +6 or 7 over a career's time. It might be confirmation bias, but I feel I've been on the right path all along - if you're not consistent and ready to play big games by the time you're 19, chances are you never will be.
  10. You're welcome (Actually that was FM20 but I'm sure that either the same database will work or a new adaptation has been made)
  11. Hey guys! I'm in my tenth season and I always give a ton of consideration to Consistency and Big Matches when scouting. Not only because I believe they're the most important attributes for every position, but because I've never seen them change. I took quite a few inconsistent youngsters and gave them a ton of playing time, but I've never ever seen them improve on that. Right now, one of my players isn't flagged as Inconsistent anymore, and another one is also not flagged as hating Important Matches now. They are both 24 years old, give or take. The issue is: I have replaced my assistant manager. Initially no one had any of these attributes flagged in their report - positively or negatively - which made sense to me because it takes time for the new guy doing the report to get to know the players. Then, all of those green or orange symbols came back except for those two players. It's been a few months now. So, either those stats improved - first time ever for me - or the new assistant manager is much worse or much better than the last one. The last one retired so I can't check, but I'm sure he was at least 16-16 in assessing player's ability, otherwise I wouldn't have given him the job. The current guy is 17-17. What's your guess on what's going on?
  12. Oh boi I actually have a solution to someone else's FM problem omg this is my first time So, Zealand (the Youtuber) made a video about a database (plus a mod, I guess) that started in the year 2000 just like any regular retrogaming FM databases. However, current 2021 players have all been hardcoded as regens. This means that, for example, in 2003, during your third season, Jude Bellingham is born, and in 2018 or so a guy named Jude Bellingham with all his characteristics will actually come through the youth system in Borussia Dortmund (or whatever that was). Faces are not real if I'm not mistaken but that can be fixed for single interesting players if needed. This means that, for example, if you play in Sporting, after a while you'll get 15 year old Cristiano Ronaldo doing a trial for you It's not exactly what you were hoping for, but it's damn close and, in my opinion, more fun.
  13. Also, shouldn't a trait like Shoots from Distance make them shoot a lot more, almost as if no "Shoot Less" Player Instruction was in place? I don't think teaching that would be a good idea necessarily, but it's another option, I guess
  14. I've done some digging and this is what seems to be happening. It's consistent with both of my scouts failing to do the same thing and now that the Brazil National Cup is being played, the scout is getting more and more information about him (currently at 98%). I did not load Brazil and Argentina into my database (yeah I know, that's dumb), so no League, so no games for Gremio. However, what's weird is that over ten seasons I've been scouting and purchasing countless kids from Santos, Palmeiras etc. but I never encountered this issue, not even close. How's that possible? That's the only missing piece of the puzzle for me now
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