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  1. Thanks! So you're saying I shouldn't worry about it, right? Oh jeez! Luckily I've never seen any of that yet
  2. Hey guys, I can provide screenshots if needed but it's all in Italian (and switching to English cause problems on one of my savefiles, so I'm not going to do that again lol). I'm managing Atalanta in Serie A, and after six seasons I'm the absolute best team in Serie A by a mile (record points, winning all national competitions, winning Coppa Italia every year since 2022 etc.). I'm struggling a bit in UCL but that's the kind of level I'm at, and now my wage budget is triple what I initially had: it's now around €150m per year. However, I'm still earning a third of what Inter and Juve are i
  3. The rules of football are applied correctly here. Just yesterday, during PSG vs Bayern, refereee Orsato correctly ruled soimething very similar. Offside is declared when an offside player interacts with the development of the play. This does not mean that that player needs to touch the ball: sometimes just his presence near other players is enough to make an impact. Rutter was so close to the attacker and to the defender closest to him, that he proved (or could prove) to be a physical obstacle. Had he not been there, the right Center back could have had a much cleaner view and pathway t
  4. the thing is, I already set that to inbox. For example, I'm receiving player agent offers all the time. Every time you get one of those, there's a button in the bottom right corner to customise that, and I ticked everything to go to my inbox, but still some actions (like same club renewals) seem to not be delivered to me.
  5. Hey guys, this has happened to me more times than I could stand. I scout a guy, contact the agent, do some more scouting, I come back a few weeks later or so and he signed a new contract with his current squad. Now, I always keep these guys in my F6 list (I don't know how it's called in English, sorry lol), and it's very unrealistic to literally be in touch with a player's agent and still not get a message in your inbox if that player starts negotiating with his club. I checked inbox preferences and they're all set properly. I get notified when another club makes an offer, but if the cu
  6. Very much a problem on offensive corners as well. I set two players out of the box to pick up the rebounds, and they just hug each other leaving an open area for opposition's edge-of-the-box players to pick up the ball and run into.
  7. Great, thanks! So would you say I should prioritize Work Rate first and foremost? Or Stamina? which one do you feel gets the most out of a player pressing-wise?
  8. Hey guys! I'm posting because I don't fully grasp how Work Rate, Stamina and the Pressing PI interact with one another. I'm in my sixth year with Atalanta and I'm at a level of potentially winning the UCL. I'm on the quest to sign the most well-rounded midfielder I could find and, with Camavinga being unavailable, the obvious option isn't there. There's a couple guys I'm considering, but I don't understand which attributes to prioritize. Ideally, I need a Central Midfielder that is great at winning the ball back but, unlike Ball Winning Midfielders, is then more than capable of playing g
  9. Yeah I mean, a regen wonderkid I signed for around 50 mil scored 11 goals in two matches. He didn't maintain that scoring form any longer than that (luckily, I would say, it wasn't even fun), but yeah, ME isn't perfect. My dude is extremely fast (19-19), 17 Finishing, and respectable Strength. He's kind of like Haaland but a bit worse. By the way, I don't think this applies to simulated AI vs AI matches. In my save I'm 6 years in, Haaland was signed by PSG after the first season (they sold Mbappe) and grabbed a couple of Ballon d'Or along the way, but PSG is consistently struggling in UCL.
  10. To be fair, I've been playing since late December and I've never seen anything that bad. I've seen plenty of situations like that, but something that infuriating would've had me crying in pain lol Is it possible that maybe they did fix it, to an extent?
  11. Is the Complete Forward a playmaker role? Or does it behave like a Target Man? Or neither and he'll just have no "ball magnet"?
  12. If a PI directly contradicts a player's trait, does that PI at least have a tiny effect or it just straight up doesn't do anything? For example: If I tell a player that "Likes to run with balls" to Dribble Less, will he actually dribble a bit less than he would have if I had not given him any specific indication (although obviously still dribbling quite a bit)?
  13. Hey, thanks for the suggestion! I didn't try it because the problem was Pedri not vacating that space to begin with, instead acting pretty much as an AF. As of now, I'm seeing positive results coming from playing strikerless with Pedri in AMC as Trequartista. He's not starting on the shoulder of the opposition's defenders and dropping back deep (like a real F9), but at least he's often receiving ball between the lines, which is what I've been wanting him to do all along. Since Trequartista is a playmaker role, his teammates tend to target him for passes more than other players, and that's s
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