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  1. myfunnygame

    game speed

    Have you ever thought about making soccer players run at normal speed? When I give the middle value, the players are very slow and have unreal moving I have to play at such a pace around the middle of the second half would be fluent but then the clock of the match goes very fast
  2. myfunnygame

    no offside, no goal

    Look at this: Shrewsbury - Billericay (no offside no goal).pkm ~35 min
  3. myfunnygame

    conversation about new tech training

    My file on OC: XXX myfunny game - Billericay - Anglia training test
  4. myfunnygame

    conversation about new tech training

    OK, I've tested all the workouts, but sometimes one trainer has the answer for the same training, the other has no answer. But When I want to train moving training for Purrington, option 2, 5 or 7, several trainers have no answer to the question "Do you have a better idea to train him?" I also have a problem with Rawson, shooting, option 9 Ok i tested 3 option on all trainer and: Purington moving training: 2 option: Doll, Brafheid, Vervoort, McNamee, MacFarlane 5 option: Zapotocny, macNAmee, Vervoort, Brafheid, Doll 7 option: Doll, Vervoort, McNamee, Zapotocny. A few of the same names Example, step by step: Maybe there is other bug but i have no time to testing all trainer for all type of training for all players
  5. myfunnygame

    team report

    OK, thanks
  6. myfunnygame

    [scout report] go to media

    Now I understand, a positive icon means that he is easier goal for us because they will not want him in him club, etc.
  7. myfunnygame

    position/role/duty is zero

    Other players have the first 6 skills to the max and the rest minimum 80%, but how to develop them and how I raised them to 100% (fluid)?
  8. Can you tell me whats wrong with me? I specially changed version to English
  9. myfunnygame

    Name on pitch

    Can you make the names of players after hovering over the number in this picture? This tab comes from the match analysis information and is called the Highest Combination of Passes
  10. myfunnygame

    [Polish] Issues in Polish Translations

    I have problem like in topic:
  11. myfunnygame

    after promo to World Cup 2024

    so maybe this is poorly translated into Polish. Sounds like it's expected of me but next time I have to play better and it makes no sense with the result 8-0-0 It's my opinion.
  12. myfunnygame

    [scout report] go to media

    @Andrew James player:Noone, message: 10.10.2021, 16:57 4 report from the end File: XXX myfunny game - Billericay - Anglia noone and this is the end of reporting bugs for today :D time to play
  13. myfunnygame

    [Polish] Issues in Polish Translations

    @Woodg SI I special send Kane as GK to lose so high and this is not in this review after 4:16 in semifinal in extratime. EDIT: of course text about champion is other than in Polish version cause i start simulation before first match, but text about NZ and about Saudi is same \ LOL, I see now on picture that national team's name is in Polish, not translate
  14. myfunnygame

    conversation about new tech training

    i have other player with other training which I cant continue talking like this in last message to you (Other proposition to training, and same result)
  15. ok, thanks, maybe I missed something, I do not look so much into contracts