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  1. I am playing the Polish version and I can see the bad news, but the English is spelled correctly. This is about the opponent having a new coach and I, as Udinese manager, think that the rivals made a mistake by hiring this coach. But in the Polish version it appears that my bosses made a mistake XD
  2. Lots of news that I won the league in the last game (the penultimate game of the season), but the journalist drank too much before the last game of the season
  3. Polish research works well XD https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucjan_Brychczy
  4. next bug, it was in few version of FM junior coordinator ability: He said this player make little progress in last 2 months with this ability:
  5. These answers are completely inadequate to this question ENG:
  6. Something went wrong and the last sentence in Polish is shorter than in the English version:
  7. From wiki: At San Marino Stadium, it is extremely rare to see an audience close to the facility's maximum capacity. Attendance depends on how many fans of the opposing team will come to San Marino for their national team match. The highest number of spectators was recorded in the match against Germany in 2006, when 5019 spectators sat in the stands, and in the match against England in 2013 - 4952 people. The majority of viewers are fans of visiting teams. In 2007, during a match against Ireland, out of 3,294 fans at the stadium, around 2,500 of them were Irish fans. During meetings with l
  8. It is in FM2020 but I think it is also in FM2021, can anyone check? This player has both feet good to play and i click i want to train his worse foot, and trainer said this is not good idea, this training is good for player who has one of feet bad, LIKE HE (it should be "NIE takich jak on" = ", NOT like he)
  9. Will this bug be fixed in new version? I click view incident button and i see action AFTER foul, not the foul itself (which is that incident).
  10. Hi everyone, could football manager in the 2022 edition load all the results of the national team that have taken place so far in qualifying and championship matches such as EURO / World Cup / some friendly? The second question is, will it finally be possible to play on the full base of players and all leagues in such a way that you can play about 100 seasons? It seems to me that I have a good computer, but I'm afraid that too much data and the size of the file that is generated with each save of the game may not allow such comfort. Will there be some form of optimization for game fil
  11. Hello guys, i started save at FM2020 in Udinese and San Marino national team. In training view i cant prepare training session for 3 player: Rolando Mandragora, William Troost Ekong and Rodrigo de Paul. Do you know WHY? I dont know how to post about 2020 version, please resend it to right place.
  12. Hello guys, i send info by special site but maybe anyone know it faster. I want to start FM2020 and make San Marino national team as best in the world. Why in FM2020 on update 20.4.0 we cant be San Marino coach on start game? But in 20.3.0 and basic version we can do it?
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