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  1. i see that in my game: Nagrywaj_2019_02_12_00_48_13_890.mp4
  2. It was sparing, and i cant pick him on squad to match. If i set in tactic it was empty t-shirt on screen tactic. I see that i send him to other club, and this club send him to other club as part of an exchange.
  3. One user of cmrev observed that when goalkeeper send pass from "5", ALL TIME oponent goalkeeper win ball without fight for the ball.
  4. I did 2 sparings versus weaker team when national teams play matches . And... in my team show player which ploay for me 2 season ago. Maybe you know what is this? SAVE: "151 myfunny game - Billericay xd"
  5. Inter and Milan has same Stadium in real life but in game has other name(and object) and sometimes has other pitch condition
  6. When I open Steam and I want to play FM19 and you send update to server, we have this window: And "Pokaż zmiany" is that "show changes" option. after click i am redirected to Steam to this window: You know?
  7. Again, a player who is in theory on the offside is not offside because the ball flies high and does not affect its behavior, and the game treats it as offside because in the 2D model it would probably pass through the "circle" representing this player. Please repair it. I prefer to lose this game than to win because of the lack of it offside Nagrywaj_2019_02_07_20_40_11_555.mp4
  8. I have 16GB Ram and use Chrome (about 4-5 GB), Notepad (10MB), One Note(60MB), but i try to do this list again and all time when i tick option all team, in task manager i seen 3GB max on fm.exe process, and typical: Click "all team" option End:
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