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  1. Not depend of position. Depend of that what he did good in match. Situation: Defender shoot 2 goals Now: "opponent couldn't get past you with the ball" Future: "You shot fantastic goal(s)", "we won cause of your beautiful goal(s)"
  2. Hi everyone, first of all ... I think it's a good forum to post here Can you do something about it: when my player becomes the MVP of the match and I can talk to him in the whole game environment (after the post-match conversation) in the inbox, when the MVP is left for defending players, I can only say that the player was good and the opponent couldn't get past him with the ball (or something similar) ... but the added value of this player in the match is that he scored a goal or 2. If more messages to the player depend on the player's statistics in the match, it will be immersion, and I will not have to wonder which option to choose, and so I can only tell the player that he was impassable, and this is not what I would like to focus on. Greeting to you!
  3. "Sprytny szczupak" / clever pike is something like shoot head when feet is over the pitch and all body is in one line, but in my situation it's just goalkeeper when shoot ball into pitch from hand, he shoot his leg in head of mine striker who was staying opposite to him xD "Szczupak" is something like van Persie goal on this video .
  4. he played not full one game and he has stats with comma with shoots, good passes, nice tackle and fouls xD
  5. nice, i dont know and didnt see on wikipedia
  6. Funny is that i went to Club World Cup when i promo to final of Champions LEague, but i didnt won CWC cause i lost in quartelfinal, but game is thinking that i won CWC Is it normal to play many clubs in this tournament?
  7. Here is text about some money go to third club because this player will be Udinese player... but he is Udinese player and he go to another club, and money go to club which was his club before mine. ENG: In English there is text about this money is third-party cause of deal when this player wnet to mine team (in another, previous transfer)
  8. again fm 2020 but still it is bad should be "jaka" ENG:
  9. yes but programmers should know they have to play in really another stadium in same day
  10. you see right side of transfer? (additional fees)?
  11. When u force your players to national team of San Marino XD
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