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  1. Minus of this player is that he will be good in future
  2. Hi, can you do something about shaping change? When I change tactics 1 for tactics 2 (we have 3 places for tactics), several players swap positions, the defender can switch to attack and other stupid swap positions
  3. lol? I want to train and he told it is not good idea cause this training is good for player like him xD
  4. in the last minute in the match against a very weak team my GK did it. WTF?! The young midfielder saved my *ss. Impossible gk boss.mp4 myloHall.mp4
  5. ok, next: In my origin language there is "receive 0 zl"
  6. @Christopher Lewis OMG, now i know why i see "no-star" in my "first team" I sent my player to other team and they send this player to other team. And now i have no control on this player, i can only take him on test like he is not my playert, but all time i have him on my player list. I rented player to other club, and this club replace this player with another. You know about what i talking?
  7. how did it end funny text, is it real quote? whats wrong? ??? His name is David Beckham, but what did you mean? Porto was the lowest level of punishment xddddddddddddd I quoted more and answered more, but I accidentally clicked the tab in chrome
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