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  1. so, is it good? He should to load his save and play again or what?
  2. In this case better "8 lat" than "8 l." It's not natural for us to use the abbreviation in this way (but i know that is cause of translate from eng to pl) Maybe in next edition: 1 r. -> 1 rok "2 l.", "3 l"., "4 l".-> 2 lata, 3 lata, 4 lata "5-21 l." -> "5-21 lat" etc "22-24 l." -> "22-24 lata" "25-31 l." -> "25-31 lat"
  3. Can u make infografic about all rating in game?
  4. Dear SI, why different language give us different matches rating? Polish: 1-6 (6 is best) Italy: 1-10 (10 is best) English: A-E (A is best) Is there other rating in other language? Chinese? German?
  5. i think it is something bad with change language and not clear cache, cause after this message (last picture was good), cause it is many time in game. Bu t my topic is about first picture (english words in polish text, underlined)
  6. no no no. In One Drive we can configure which folder is under control of OneDrive, and if we will set all disks or for example only My Documents folder in which we have Sports Interactive folder in this settings than we can have problem with it I had it
  7. Hi all Can u tell me difference between this two options?
  8. Is it possible? He has good attribute (like on my league/team) to train as this type of trainer, but i cant offer it him. I think it is in all of my last file on your "ownCloud"
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