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  1. I have seen this error for several weeks but I could not articulate it. A huge request to people dealing with "conversations with footballers" to introduce issues that REALLY depend on what was happening on the pitch. It often happens that a player scored, for example, the only goal, without being an attacker, and the conversation with him looks like that I can tell him that he passed the ball well in the match, or that his passes the attackers had a lot of opportunity to score the goal, (while the most important thing is that he scored in the end of the match which I can't choose).
  2. oh yeah, i am lovin it last added minute when score was 1:1 nice goal xd.mp4
  3. one of them is a beautiful shot. Do you see it? 😂😂😂
  4. it is not about match, it is 2 days before game. Why u want this PKM? And which PKM u want, next or before?
  5. I have 3 tactic, sometimes i have worse knowledge about tactic and have good news, but sometimes i have better knowledge and have opinion like on picture WHY?
  6. @CJ Ramson I didnt see you posted here. I load my save and this is my second season in this club, but they play both last season over 20 games. Better close this topic. My bad
  7. I dont know how it work here. Thx
  8. i start watching full matches and show that, sorry, but this is MEGA stupid pass, he has no skill for that pass and his tech skills is not good for this animation
  9. GENIUS 😂😂😂 Nagrywaj_2019_11_28_04_51_42_398.mp4
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