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  1. tell me typical date of updates and i will look for it. I have "big base" save on disc
  2. maybe yes, but i see sometimes if i sign 9 players i have only 6-7 contacts with them. I t should be work in another way
  3. What does this color mean on the x axis?
  4. Is it problem to eliminated this? Billericay vs Bristol Rovers hands fall down
  5. it is hard to me cause i didnt print date on screen but maybe it will here: "133 Billericay krewka" You have to press spacebar. And accept change budget when Partington want to sign contract with us: Finish friendly match vs Liverpool. And in first day on next month u will see that:
  6. hi, i dont remember date of save but it is my last save: "146 Billericay weekend" U can look into club's record and there is this:
  7. I don't think a footballer should know what capital a football club has, so we should be able to start conversations with every footballer, not just those with whom we are able to sign a contract. Are u with me? I snet u same save in other topic: "146 Billericay weekend"
  8. Is this ok? I was promoted to higher league and still i see this in club vision year before this date.
  9. I bought and sell players in this transfer time, but only buy players is in my achievement list . "lutego" is "February" "Sprzedaż" is selling. In last achievement i have record in sell, but in my list i have only record in buy. On website i have no achievement "sell record" too. In inbox is info about it too, and i see that i have achievement in bottom right corner, but it is not refresh on my achieve list in same moment (only I see it in last achiev window)
  10. I know that I am forced to buy young player cause of club's finance but should it show up in 3 different versions in my profile as a description of my club style?
  11. in this case should be "wszystkie prośby", not "wszyscy prośby". And "bezterminowe prośby", not "bezterminowo prośby" View in Club Strategy (Strategia klubu) For explanation, "Wszyscy" refers to people (Everyone) and not refer to things / activities (Everythings), so there must be "wszystkie"
  12. like in topic: save: 134 Billericay powitanie Look messege in inbox date: 1.07.2022 8:18
  13. have sense but why suggest trainer with 1/1/1/1 skill (for example)
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