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  1. I've just tried to find this again and it seems the wording has been updated to, "Gennady Kiselev was a sight to behold in the passing department, making a total of 93 pass combinations." which would include passes received now. I'll keep an eye on this and if I see it again, I'll upload the save.
  2. So by default you highlight a players best role, rather than their best position?
  3. That's really misleading, given the colour grading right next to it on the left from F red to A green. I would suggest that this grading is removed on the number players per position.
  4. Decided to play the final game of my last season in France...
  5. Thanks for the shout out. You can find the post here: https://theresonlyoneball.com/2020/05/23/my-approach-to-preseason-training-in-football-manager-2020-part-i/ There are two parts, this is part one.
  6. Isn't that true of real life. These players destroy most teams. However, rather than thinking about how to stop them, try thinking about how to stop the ball getting to them. If they do not have the ball, they cannot do anything with it.
  7. Are there any guidelines for choosing a club to as an affiliate to send players on loan, like their reputation must be lower or the league they play in must have a lower rep etc.? I've tried to get an affiliate in Spain because of the 2 year to passport rule on foreign players but my board cannot agree a deal with any of the club there. For reference my reputation is 4.5 stars and I've tried with 3 star clubs. LaLiga, however, has a higher reputation than the French Ligue 1 so I think this might be it?
  8. Interesting. So you can make a Complete Wing-Back dribble less (even though they're hardcoded to dribble more) just by using the dribble less team instruction.
  9. Sorry to derail, but which takes precedence, the team or player instruction? Obviously, some roles cannot have 'take more risks' selected, and some roles can have 'take fewer risks' selected. If the team instruction is to pass into space but a player instruction is to take fewer risks, what happens? And I assume with both take more risks and pass into space selected this doesn't double up and make me play every pass into space.
  10. Have you considered asking your players to pass into space as this encourages players to play balls into open spaces for your players to run onto, rather than passing to feet.
  11. In addition to the above, which I really hope to get an answer to, can someone confirm if Coaching Style is essentially their coaching attributes? The following is from a post @Seb Wassell wrote: "The “type” of players selected refers to a player’s position and style, for instance a HoYD with a preferred 4-5-1 formation and a Technical Coaching Style may produce more technically styled midfielders than another Head of Youth Development." I am assuming Coaching Style is different to Tactical Style, e.g., Park the Bus. I cannot see anywhere on a Head of Youth Development profile that states their Coaching Style, so assume this to be the highest coaching attribute from: Attacking, Defending, Fitness, Mental, Tactical, or Technical. Is my assumption here correct? If it is, how would you define the Coaching Style for the attached?
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