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  1. Even if this is/isn't a bug, I still personally believe that players should learn traits irrespective of what you've told them. I mean, players have traits now for a reason, like shoots from distance. No manager would have told a player that, but he has that as a trait, so in theory players should learn them on their own now. Perhaps just newgens, or maybe existing players too. Traits have to come from somewhere, and not all of them develop because a manager told them to play a certain way.
  2. Firstly, you cannot say that objectively it's bad. You think it's bad. That doesn't make it objectively bad. I give it to my players who have less than desirable finishing and composure. Players like wingers who will shoot from wide angles or attacking midfielders who have great vision and technique but poor finishing. I would want them to pass it to someone else rather than screwing up yet another chance. So I disagree there. Either way, wither this is confirmed as a bug or whether it is intentional, I believe it is a good thing. Players change over time. Look at Ronaldo at United. He would always dribble, always take a man on, always shoot. He was selfish and unproductive. He changed. You could argue that this was coached, you could argue that as he matured he understood the importance of the result over personal gain. Many other players have changed their game for the better as they got older. As the stopped playing certain ways and developed new ways of playing. Anyway, let's see what SI say, but I like that players can pick up new traits on their own. For good or bad. Just as a players development can halt and they don't become as good as I hoped, I like that this could be a feature. Management isn't all roses. It's not robotic and it isn't put this in and get this out. There are surprises and there are things you have to deal with.
  3. So you don't think as players mature they become less selfish? You don't think as younger players realise it's more about the team than themselves, they don't start looking for players in better positions than themselves when attacking? Interesting... Also, player traits do not determine that players will always take this course of action. They will not always look for a pass. When they're one-on-one they will shoot, when they have a clear chance, they will shoot.
  4. IRL do you think players pick up traits when they develop their style at clubs and learn from players around them?
  5. Potentially. It’s always difficult to diagnose these things without seeing the whole system. In a 4-3-3 with attacking mentality, my RPM is quite advanced and has a lot of good interactions with the winger or Inside Forward. Whoever I play beside him. I use an attacking central midfielder the other side (to be in the box more).
  6. You sound very sure of the way my Roaming Playmaker plays. He’s my second top scorer, he plays around the edge of the box (doesn’t stay back), he plays with my winger close to him but also will drive into the box when needed.
  7. FWIW I always play with a balanced mentality and adjust the player roles/duties/instructions to adjust how we play and attack. Sometimes I’ll change team instructions too.
  8. FWIW I always play with a balanced mentality and adjust the player roles/duties/instructions to adjust how we play and attack. Sometimes I’ll change team instructions too.
  9. You need a data analyst. what is the training intensity? If you look at the rest tab is it reduced for anyone? Is it high in the week review?
  10. It’s situational, and quite hard to judge without seeing the tactic, but an AP/S and CAR/S in a three man midfield is a bit conservative IMO. Especially for a top 3 side I’d want at least one of these guys with an attack duty so if you’re set on an AP then put him on attack and I’d swap the CAR for a BBM because the CAR is less likely to be a threat in and around the box. As for “what roles make them “move more”, I’d argue it’s more the system than the roles. Try asking the players to be more expressive or the wide players to swap positions or increase your passing directness so they’re not afraid to make cross field passes rather than shooting when no clean shirt passes are on. Again, without seeing it all it’s hard to offer suggestions, but these are some of the areas I would look at.
  11. IIRC the inside forward doesn’t move into channels so he’ll be static if he’s just forwards waiting for the ball rather than driving forwards with it. how have you setup your wide defenders? Try a couple of wingbacks with ‘stay wider’ and if not attacking then ‘get further forward’ selected. what are the midfield roles and what team instructions have you given? If you’re using play through the middle then take that off. In midfield with this sort of system you need your two CMs to be quite dynamic like a CM/A with a RPM or something should work well with a deep DM covering. If you’re the favourite you could even get away with a DM on support if there wasn’t much threat to you.
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