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    Dan Gear of Bolivia fame, Co-host on the GrassNGear FM Podcast and FM Blogger on www.viewfromthetouchline.com

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    @DGear86 on twitter and write on www.viewfromthetouchline.com

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  1. https://www.viewfromthetouchline.com/2024/01/03/fm24-skin-statman24-v1-4-out-now/ should work
  2. This by @MattyLewis11 might help it’s part of his Ajax way series https://www.viewfromthetouchline.com/2023/11/03/fm24-the-ajax-way-introduction/
  3. Change the sidebar to small icons in the ingame preferences and zoom to 85%
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/18t2zkf2llgpumu/Statman24+v1.5.rar/file
  5. Great move Ben, nice step in career. And great introduction as always to the club
  6. I had a great time at Bochum on FM23, a great stepping stone club for you before a top club.
  7. Do you think Germany is where you’re heading in your head or is there anywhere else you have in mind?
  8. Thats probably a fairer example. And even then Leeds were still a big draw. This is what would sway me the most, It would also be interesting to see their finances because aren’t they in serious debt at game start? Has that got worst?
  9. I agree but I’d say Schalke would be more like moving to Spurs in the championship if they’d been relegated. Which such a move would make sense. For me I’d move as it’s also a club you can build more of a philosophy on and off the pitch as a manager. Ahead of any future move
  10. Just caught up Shrew, Loving the start to this career and the job change made sense. Great first season in charge
  11. I think the dots are better personally. I’d not change it. It takes a moment to load. Be patient Phew, good idea. Like I said above I’d not move away from the dots it works perfectly and general feedback is people enjoy them
  12. 2023-11-10_19-59-30.mp4 VIDEO SHOWING YOU HOW
  13. Click the AM button above where you have circled
  14. Colours are on a scale from: Worse to best transparent, grey, light blue, dark blue, gold
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