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  1. Brilliant @Im not Mozzer I’m looking forward to it, hopefully the debt is reflected ingame. On my FM19 tests they kept getting takeover over and debt paid off which from my story POV I don’t want that to happen to add to the challenge. I’ve found a way to edit the dB so this doesn’t happen 😀.
  2. @Gripper As of yesterday the new owners have taken out £40m worth of loans. Repayable at £800k pa. 4% interest. Details can be found on companies house Link https://gyazo.com/11daf0743687ed27e86a5abb59a54b56 https://gyazo.com/b257b4a6131cd7458a3ed1fc0648c17b From my other research this £40m is to cover the purchase of the club and to repay outstanding creditors. So this would swallow any previous debts so a starting debt ingame of £40m repayable at £800k pa over 50 years?
  3. Reporter for Bolton Wanderers Alan Nixon said this week debt stands currently at £41m. Situation could. Change depending if club folds tonight though 🙈
  4. Coming from a family that’s rovers on one side and city on the other you’re right, to support both is strange 😂
  5. Thanks @Seb Wassell That makes sense, on my current test I’ve taken them out of administration and put the club as the owners favoured club hoping he will be less eager to sell. So judging by what you said I need to make it so the debt doesn’t send us into administration there. I’ll run a few tests with different amounts of debt and see how I get on. thanks for your reply
  6. CC: @Neil Brock I’m trying to run a few tests ahead of my FM20 Save with Bolton with their current financial issues. I’m trying to edit back in the £197m debt their previous owner wiped out. I’ve managed to do this in the editor and it’s ingame. The issue I’m finding is every test, the club is taken over in mere weeks and the debt wiped out. Is there any way to stop the takeovers from happening or a maximum number in debt you can be without the game wiping it out. Thanks in advance for any help. Dan
  7. Surely this makes no difference, the ban is the summer window that’s just closed and the January window in 2020, so really you’ll be able to make transfers at the end of season 1.
  8. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8992131/bolton-administration/ later one from may 2019
  9. https://www.caughtoffside.com/2019/05/03/real-concern-for-bolton-wanderers-with-41-6m-debt-and-threat-of-administration-looming/ here it’s mentioned the £41.6m debt before they went into administration that Bassini was looking to clear if he took over which he failed to do and this was as of March 2019, highly likely with interest on the debt etc it’s increased since then. ill keep a keen eye on the FV takeover and link anything I find post takeover about debt clearing etc.
  10. Ok @Gripper I’ll gather up what I have and link In here.
  11. @Im not Mozzer are you still the researcher? Going to do a Bolton save in FM20, will all the debts etc be reflected in game? I know football ventures are on the verge (been about 3 months now lol) of taking over but assuming they aren’t just wiping debts out just managing them. My research shows the debt currently stands around £41.6m after Davies wiped off £160m.
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/v336690297?t=3261s Does that work?
  13. Hi Jack, we scored a goal and watched the replay then it went to the kick off, that’s where it stopped at the kick off.
  14. Please find PKM attached Kaiserslautern v FC Bayern.pkm
  15. I was streaming at the time here’s a link to the video so you can see what happened it started just after 54:30 on the video
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