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  1. danielgear

    My Mourinho inspired 4-2-3-1

    Really good post, is there a reason why you have offside trap enabled? Nice to see a Jose post rather than a pep/Bielsa one.
  2. I'd argue FM is the opposite here and goes against the trend. The casuals are the smaller part of the user database, The "Elites" are the main audience and they come for the depth, the complexity, all the stats/attributes and if SI took your ideas a lot of the user base would go overnight probably back to the previous FM where it was "right" If anything we want more depth and more complexity maybe try a different game or if you want to stick with FM maybe try to understand the game first?
  3. danielgear

    [FM13] The Rise of the Rebels!

    Thanks mate glad you enjoyed
  4. danielgear

    [FM17] - Never Go Back

    Best of luck andy
  5. Yeah he said S.America next, that's what I'm waiting on
  6. Hi Claassen, what date are you hoping to complete the South American leagues? Thank you
  7. danielgear

    Serbian League Knowledge

    Thanks for the reply, I assume its a good use for giving youngsters games if I own the players I best keep an eye on their progress
  8. Does anyone have any knowledge on Serbian football? I'm doing a Partizan save on FM16 and before I start I'm trying to understand where I stand with Teleoptik? Do I own the players? If I sell the players where do the transfer funds go? They have their own Reserves and U19's. Just trying to get a better understanding before I start. Thanks
  9. danielgear

    The TV Show Thread

    Watched S1 just started S2 really good series.
  10. danielgear

    [FM15] Lost on an European Journey

    2025-26 Season Review Premier League Runners Up Chelsea deserved this. We had 9 points more than our previous season where we won the title and still came 2nd Champions League Semi Finals 7-1 Agg defeat 1st leg 0-6 loss was worst performance in this save. Fa Cup Winners We finally beat Chelsea to something, in Extra time. A brilliant game Capital One Cup Quarter Finals Lost to Norwich Best XI World Cup Second Round Hated it & Resigned Record Breaker Nicolas Urtazun 43 Goals in one season breaking Thierry Henry's record of 39 in 2003. Review A great battle win Chelsea this season on 3 fronts they won 2 and we won 1. This was followed by Mourinho retiring & myself being offered the Chelsea job which after a long think I rejected as next season I want to comeback and beat them to it all. Think this will be my final season at Arsenal so hoping to go out with a bang. Stood down as Italy manager hated the experience.
  11. danielgear

    [FM15] Lost on an European Journey

    Italy World Cup 2026 Results Review To be honest I'm glad that's over I didn't enjoy international management. Started well but England played us off the park. Germany were the eventual winners.
  12. danielgear

    [FM15] Lost on an European Journey

    May 2026 Results Final Table Review FA Cup Winners! Second best to Chelsea all season really. Chelsea dropped a few points that let me back in the title race but an awful defeat vs Reading blew it.
  13. danielgear

    [FM15] Lost on an European Journey

    Feb 2026 Results A good month and a draw away to Chelsea keeps the title race tight. March 2026 Results 4 points dropped due to draws with Norwich & Palace. through in the champions league April 2026 Results More points dropped at Villa & an awful away defeat to Chelsea in the semi final of the Champions League made the 2nd leg pointless. Review We beat QPR in the FA Cup semi to get to the final where we play Chelsea who have just beaten us in the semis of the CL and have just all but won the title.