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  1. I’d like to raise the idea to remove player roles so we can “make our own” for each position, using a mixture of Player Instructions and Team Instructions. Obviously understand this would be a big change so my alternative would be to add something like “create own player role” whilst the options we currently have are great there are sometimes limitations with PI’s for certain roles that we can’t select which sometimes we’d like too.
  2. Thanks for reading Seb and getting back to me, What you have said certainly makes sense, and is understandable. hopefully the rest gave you some food for thought .
  3. Transfers I would like to submit this idea for transfers going forward in future FM’s, More and more we’re seeing transfers negotiated outside summer transfer windows. Examples – Keita to Liverpool august for a following June transfer, Sancho to United (potentially) for example on the Dortmund Amazon documentary the DOF raised that United had made an approach for Sancho and their response was no now but maybe next summer, whilst we have the option to set a future transfer date we don’t have an option to reject for this window with talks going throughout the season Maybe an option could
  4. Coming from a family that’s rovers on one side and city on the other you’re right, to support both is strange 😂
  5. Thanks @Seb Wassell That makes sense, on my current test I’ve taken them out of administration and put the club as the owners favoured club hoping he will be less eager to sell. So judging by what you said I need to make it so the debt doesn’t send us into administration there. I’ll run a few tests with different amounts of debt and see how I get on. thanks for your reply
  6. CC: @Neil Brock I’m trying to run a few tests ahead of my FM20 Save with Bolton with their current financial issues. I’m trying to edit back in the £197m debt their previous owner wiped out. I’ve managed to do this in the editor and it’s ingame. The issue I’m finding is every test, the club is taken over in mere weeks and the debt wiped out. Is there any way to stop the takeovers from happening or a maximum number in debt you can be without the game wiping it out. Thanks in advance for any help. Dan
  7. Surely this makes no difference, the ban is the summer window that’s just closed and the January window in 2020, so really you’ll be able to make transfers at the end of season 1.
  8. A football manager podcast, we have released 18 episodes so far. Ahead of the FM19 release catch up on the most "original" Football manager podcast there is. soundcloud & Itunes links below https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/grassngear-a-football-manager-podcast/id1352377498?mt=2
  9. The DOF is a brilliant member of staff but you have to fine tune the way you use him. I recommend reading @fmFutbolManager blog post https://theresonlyoneball.com/2018/05/15/my-approach-to-utilising-a-director-of-football-in-football-manager-2018/
  10. depends on how you are judging their PA? by stars? or by attributes?
  11. Watched S1 just started S2 really good series.
  12. Am back now ready for FM15 with a new laptop old one made fm14 a bore to play. What teams are people looking at for 15?
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