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  1. danielgear

    Newgen player history deleted.

    Thank Neil, I can't say I have deleted anything and I have the game excluded from my anti-virus. Might just be one of those bad luck things
  2. danielgear

    Newgen player history deleted.

    ive just noticed its affected real players too, https://gyazo.com/653ab611eddd860b544f702dd6bd404c https://gyazo.com/d1cb0fb3b635978e22185a4dd5e362de https://gyazo.com/b0011acd824e05f5391c0ad5f0543d55
  3. Morning, I've not seen anyone else report this issue yet but its affected every Newgen in my game. It first started in the 2027/28 season, i noticed the newgen player histories were showing like this after seeking out advice from the community it was recommended to play on until july 1st for the game reset day to fix. which it did fix all the weird gaps but now the Newgen player histories show nothing before 2028/29 season. This is one of my Newgens, https://gyazo.com/be3f48cb0599c006e2b072b7448f3624 as you can see hes played for multiple clubs since 2020 but this is his player history screen https://gyazo.com/02a19b5f127174ca88afdbd3126c7885 https://gyazo.com/1b9a8f999c3d593296a3e8e253079a55 its a shame to get the bug so late in the game, but I thought I best bring to your attention to further proof the game going forward. I only have out of the box leagues loaded so i don't think its a DB add on issue. Few other examples https://gyazo.com/fca945927221893f9f14471cad960511 https://gyazo.com/bc3bb55a1177ea2922b1576507ac6858
  4. danielgear

    My Mourinho inspired 4-2-3-1

    Really good post, is there a reason why you have offside trap enabled? Nice to see a Jose post rather than a pep/Bielsa one.
  5. I'd argue FM is the opposite here and goes against the trend. The casuals are the smaller part of the user database, The "Elites" are the main audience and they come for the depth, the complexity, all the stats/attributes and if SI took your ideas a lot of the user base would go overnight probably back to the previous FM where it was "right" If anything we want more depth and more complexity maybe try a different game or if you want to stick with FM maybe try to understand the game first?
  6. danielgear

    [FM13] The Rise of the Rebels!

    Thanks mate glad you enjoyed
  7. danielgear

    [FM17] - Never Go Back

    Best of luck andy
  8. Yeah he said S.America next, that's what I'm waiting on
  9. Hi Claassen, what date are you hoping to complete the South American leagues? Thank you
  10. danielgear

    Serbian League Knowledge

    Thanks for the reply, I assume its a good use for giving youngsters games if I own the players I best keep an eye on their progress
  11. Does anyone have any knowledge on Serbian football? I'm doing a Partizan save on FM16 and before I start I'm trying to understand where I stand with Teleoptik? Do I own the players? If I sell the players where do the transfer funds go? They have their own Reserves and U19's. Just trying to get a better understanding before I start. Thanks
  12. danielgear

    The TV Show Thread

    Watched S1 just started S2 really good series.
  13. danielgear

    [FM15] Lost on an European Journey

    2025-26 Season Review Premier League Runners Up Chelsea deserved this. We had 9 points more than our previous season where we won the title and still came 2nd Champions League Semi Finals 7-1 Agg defeat 1st leg 0-6 loss was worst performance in this save. Fa Cup Winners We finally beat Chelsea to something, in Extra time. A brilliant game Capital One Cup Quarter Finals Lost to Norwich Best XI World Cup Second Round Hated it & Resigned Record Breaker Nicolas Urtazun 43 Goals in one season breaking Thierry Henry's record of 39 in 2003. Review A great battle win Chelsea this season on 3 fronts they won 2 and we won 1. This was followed by Mourinho retiring & myself being offered the Chelsea job which after a long think I rejected as next season I want to comeback and beat them to it all. Think this will be my final season at Arsenal so hoping to go out with a bang. Stood down as Italy manager hated the experience.