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  1. WWE

    There will be someone asked me too add WWE/NJPW/TNA/LU etc to my USA Franchise database a few months ago. EDIT:
  2. They will be when i get me arse in gear and finish them...
  3. Try clearing the cahce and reloading. I made my own skin/logos (below) this year but the work fine with CFM. which pack did you d/l.
  4. Its all personal taste but this year CFM easy.
  5. As long its an opition over a requirement i don't see the option. Some people are happy to help. I've been offered $xx dollars for mine and pikawa's is far superior in time/effort and finished product. I think in the new age of DLC fees, People are less inclined to think anything off offering a few bucks for early access or better stuff. Each to their own and long as the free option is there. (I think SI have similar policy on what you can charge for as a user/skinner etc). CFM is simply superb work.
  6. Has been mentioned a few times, due to licensing its not possible.
  7. Player attributes panel.xml & prob the player additional attributes panel.xml as well. For each column there should be some info, "... use_attribute_colour_as_bg="false" just change the false to true or add a paper file (have a look at the flut player attributes xml for how he did it).
  8. No which skin do you take the images from.
  9. Where are you taking it from? which skin The folder setup is new for FM17. The player overview into the player folder will be first, and then any xmls that content points. Ie file="player/xxx" - xxx.xml will have to be in the folder also.
  10. He's making a low res one, should be out soon by all accounts.
  11. Prob best dropping that into the player additional attributes panel - but it will only appear if you have bought the ingame editor.
  12. There is a guide for the first one already By D_LO_ on here. The other two you will have to take from which ever skin (Vitrex for the player it looks like, try his FM17 skin for that) they are from and start filtering in the FM17 folder setup. Guide are in the stickys for this, and to extract any clean xmls' should you get issues. Have a go at learning first, and the community will help you where you get errors/issues. Rather than just requesting someone do it for you .
  13. Thats not the club overview screen for a start, so the errors prob isnt in there. Looks like it'll be the game prefrerences xml. try a clean one from the extractor.
  14. Pretty sure this was asked last year for the light background skin, have a look in that thread.. You can only see it if you bought the editor though.
  15. Only if the ref sees a visible clash between the home & away on the pitch. You/club don't get a straight option.