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  1. Yeah, 4 teams qualify from MLS & 2 ((i think from Canada)
  2. wkdsoul

    Show your skin... and inspire

    Cheers, i decided to jsut start going down the sidebar, tab by tab and changing what i dont like. only just up to tactics, but meh i'm happy enough so far..not fully decided on fonts. Home - Tab. News - Tab
  3. wkdsoul

    Skin for laptops

    Any. try fmscout for a full list. they all have notes on what resolution they were built on/for best
  4. wkdsoul

    [FM19] Need some help

    Sorry, player additonal stats & player additional stats small. You should be able to amend it jsut using the main screen panel (in the pic) - player profile panel as well.
  5. wkdsoul

    [FM19] Need some help

    You is the player stats panel and player additonal stats panels, for the top one... team squad panel for the other. Just adjust the container or paper file
  6. wkdsoul

    [FM19] Need some help

    I can help.
  7. wkdsoul

    [FM19] Need some help

    Itll be in the client_object_browser file of a skin that has it, look for the code around Sidebar_menu_panel
  8. wkdsoul

    Show your skin... and inspire

    Nah, the base one is just a basic one with extra mods and stuff, i dont have the laptop to make high res or time to make all the zoom versions.
  9. wkdsoul

    Show your skin... and inspire

    cheers, need some icon work, but they layout is all there
  10. wkdsoul

    Show your skin... and inspire

    New Manager Page. Shirt number changes with your win percentage score.
  11. wkdsoul

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    The game will load the folders alpha numerically, if you have this first it will use Dazs after to fill in any it hasnt found and then the default for none
  12. wkdsoul

    All-Star competition

    OOOOhhh awesome
  13. wkdsoul

    Skin Help - sidebar

    Secondary text properties i think
  14. wkdsoul

    Skin Help - sidebar

    You've spelt secondary wrong
  15. wkdsoul

    Skin Help - sidebar