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  1. [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    Mike can i split this so the 3 in the middle panel, the basic/default code seems to say otherwise in the initial green text. before i dive into the bottomless pit....

    Edit notices before its even finished.. lol.
  3. Editing the pre-match lineup screen.

    Buda does look good. might give it a go but have a slide transition into the shirt backs from the boxes style above... maybe, see how bored i get over xmas.
  4. MLS - 33%

    Can i stop the MLS taking the 33% transfer cut? i jsut cant see where i should be looking to remove it .
  5. Editing the pre-match lineup screen.

    Love that page. Yeah the titlebar seems to work as the previous. once you gut it.
  6. Staff, tactical preference IDs

    I gave up, the popups wouldnt work for me, so took it out. I'm gonna leave it under the pitch action bar.
  7. Better pitch textures?

    There is a combo pack in Dazs8's group i think. with a mix of pitch patterns and darker pitches from 17. I use that. The instructions above were in the read me file.
  8. Editing the pre-match lineup screen.

    Its not too bad, bit fiddly... some aligement issues for now and had to take the quick console out, buttons wouldnt work. but got the graphics in...
  9. Better pitch textures?

    No from whichever download pack you have Fez/Cordobes etc
  10. Better pitch textures?

    Thats the instruction file i had. Close FM Extract mesh and textures folder and put in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018 Clear cache Load your save game.
  11. Editing the pre-match lineup screen.

    Yeah, was just having a look at the intro animations - seems to transfer over pretty easy. Managed to get a scoreboard ish style titlebar but thats about it on match day, cant even decide on a style yet. Might raid that champs league skin from 16 for graphics..
  12. Editing the pre-match lineup screen.

    Gonna finish off the staff panels. then get into the match stuff. i'll keep an eye out.. looks awesome. is that a lineup style selector?
  13. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    I think hes just containered it off the bottom so its under the next section down
  14. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    The file download to do that is one page back, in hero of the days post. take the person snapshot from the rar file
  15. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    read this page from hero of the days posts at the top.