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  1. Ah ok, i thought i'd have to make a change to something for it to be exportable into an xml.
  2. Yeah, got that, i' pull the UIDs from another thread and pulled a list of cities from FMRTE. I think the only thing i didnt have formulas for was carreer plans and relationships, but I can manully do those over the year when i'm bored. Not too bothered if the game creates those during the save etc not sure its a complete list of cities though, you have one? with or without regions?
  3. Brilliant. Now back to excel to track all this info
  4. Not change the ID, but that ID can be used to change any info under that player. It wont change again anywhere, thats it set in the database for updates, new clubs/contracts etc. if i wanna update players as they move irl etc.
  5. if i keep track of the unique IDs i assign, i can overwrite/update the info at anytime correc?
  6. Ah ok think i'm getting it. Just mapping the columns via the schema thingy. run that and save as coldo.txt (if i follow your text/script above)
  7. Appreciated. i think i have it, it was working work with the mail merge idea, but crashes if i do more than 15 players at a time. at least i know i have the template right. Is the column code fields always %%a -> %%zz to insert into the xml text?
  8. will it cause any issues if i'm just creating players to put into an existing xml?
  9. Ah right, ok same thing i was trying with a mail merge using the fields lines in the xml code in word/excel. I had the principal right just your seems slicker execution if i get the script working right for players. Let me have a bash. I saw the video guide in the other thread, i'll have a play.
  10. I'll have a look, not sure i've any idea how those work. thanks for your help, i'll do some homework so how do i tie those to the UID records/fields in the XML?
  11. I could only see the one above. I've only jsut started to have a go at this, im a bit crap.
  12. damn. nice. I have most of the UIDs i think, just not sure the best way to generate stuff. (using mail merge at the min to ceate the code)
  13. ah ok, i'll keep trying. Prob just missing a bit of code to get it to self generate, it was over typing 1 record, 30 times rather than create 30 players.
  14. Sorry for bumping this, its the only ref i could find. If i'm creating something in excel, how did i create a new db_unique_id that game will take when importing the file into the editor?
  15. So far so good, using a template and mail merge system, some teething issues with contracts and player types so far, but basics player name, dob, etc all good
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