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  1. Some more fixes - V5 https://www.mediafire.com/file/kmeqk01nqihwe2e/FM_Vitrex_20_(v5).rar/file
  2. Version 4 now released.
  3. Yes - if you open the client_object_browser file, and change line 25 from <widget class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/custom/background/paper"> to <widget class="bordered_box" appearance="backgrounds/default"> it'll change it to the default file in the graphics/backgrounds folder, you can overwrite that image with whatever you like
  4. https://community.sigames.com/topic/523660-samaroys-newgen-replacement-tool/
  5. get a programme called fotoresizer. you can do them all in one go. easy.
  6. No, i use the default. Try Rensies skin they have some new ones that are pretty cool
  7. Think it'll end up something like this in the end...
  8. Using my leftover parts before i clean up my HDD and call it a day... worth releasing as a basic dark skin?
  9. just remove the containers under the <!-- Small panels 2x3 --> section in the player overview to the <!-- Long horizontal panel / Last 5/20 games form graph -->
  10. They are selector panels, click on the arrow top right and pick what you like.
  11. Check the first few sticky threads on how to extract and get start making minor changes. They are for 2015-2020 but they should work for all.
  12. k. try again (forgot the link was in the first post direct)
  13. should now, was just updated .
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