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  1. you have any late_loading="true" in the code anywhere?
  2. You have the same id codes for both causing a conflict.
  3. Do you have any screenshots of the issue? I can’t see a reason for it if you’ve fully reinstalled and cleared fm19
  4. so cut out or DF11? You cant assign 2 versions of a the same player picture? The selector panel is prob easiest to take from Neub skin, last year. Player overview / player personal details panel
  5. 1. Anyone know if there is a quick way to mass edit 'staff responsibilties' ? 2. Can you only use "override nation rules / use alongside nation rules" option iun advanced? (cant remember if this was basic rule thing last year)
  6. The divider lines? change all the code below to false draw_vertical_dividers="true"
  7. https://community.sigames.com/topic/508735-need-some-help-with-custom-skin/
  8. The code is already there, you resolution has moved them out. Adjust the value 92 in that line, to a smaller number <container class="horizontal_adaptive_container" offset="0" inset="0" minimum_height="92" priority="2" draw_vertical_dividers="true"> (or you shorten the attriibutes panels with middle number in) layout="100, 392, -1"
  9. Nope. Might wanna sign up to @chilled_moose patreon though (amazingly worth it) her facepack work is incredible
  10. I'm still not sure i do. Plenty of times i feck and fumble through it.. lol.
  11. Anyone look at there early work and wonder if they coded drunk?
  12. I think the only thing that cant be moved over is the all star game and the draft from the US hardcoded stuff.
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