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  1. Lower the number worse the player feels. Basically, when a player plays too many matches and gets physically overworked, he might lose the motivation to put in 100% effort. He becomes jaded and is not able to perform at the highest level he is capable of.
  2. Player jadedness
  3. Game Preferences.
  4. I kinda buggered up my skin or regen face pack and now wherever the 3D face is supposed to be is blank. A vast improvement.
  5. Is steam connecting properly? i think that can cause it to drop out.
  6. Follow the same guide thats here. D_LO_ 's thread is in here somewhere.
  7. Sounds maybe, but no manager designs a stadium (I think this has been discussed and dismissed several times) There is a guide as part of the commentary pack that used to work for adding effects/songs.. not sure what the status is for FM17 though, i think it worked last year.
  8. ahh Sorry dude, shows U how many 'toys out the pram' ME is rigged posts i see etc etc
  9. Yes, it's a conspiracy against you. Bloody SI.
  10. Text box usually, under the kits section.
  11. Random draw, you got stiffed. Unlikely but not impossible. Clubs cant reject the list only switch the venues/dates to accommodate travel/police etc Info - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3127659/Premier-League-fixtures-Q-Sportsmail-reveals-exactly-schedule-compiled.html
  12. WBA played 5, you play 6. Its hardly a massive discrepancy, They might not even be the top 6 of your table by the end of the season
  13. fm2017 skin

    ts been patched out, you'll have to wait for the skin makers to see IF a workaround can be found again...