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  1. Players out on loan

    I'd to be able to ask a player in on loan, how he would feel if i tried to buy him, You've settled in well, the captain (who i already asked) thinks the lads would love to have you around etc etc
  2. I use this every year its superb. Must remember to amend the "allow B team to be promoted" before i start a save this year.. doh! (i had a b team for rangers and they are stuck in the EoS league)
  3. Create the canadian 3-5 tier, expand the CONCACAF.
  4. You'll need the base skin, and to extract the "club overview staff panel" xml. you can then just remove those line or resize them out of the box. the skinning forum is a great place to start, there are some guides in the sticky threads in there.
  5. Its an easy mod, to remove them from that panel if you dont wanna see them
  6. American Football

    I made it, i just went of the NFL rivalries on wikipedia (same for the derbies etc). I made the NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB teams into a 7 tier usa). They all play in the leagues but have specfic cups (superbowl/stanely/world series etc). for the right teams
  7. American Football

    That better??
  8. American Football

    Nice, gonna try this with my Cowboys team...
  9. Really like this, plays some great stuff between the front 3.
  10. Its usually around line 110 in the player suitability.xml in the players folder.
  11. If i play one winger, is there anyway to get him to swap sides of the pitch during the game without another player there to swap? any work around or would i have to do it manually?
  12. Custom Squad View in Skin

    Does anyone know if there is a code for the "Loan Contract Fee" the ai is paying to appear in table lists? i thought it might by the "lmfv" loan monthy fee value from the contracts xml, but seems not.
  13. Backgrounds Config Maker

    FM Graphics Configurator still does i think