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  1. nah, just a personal one still working on.
  2. Season Review Rangers. - Playing Conqueror from its first incarnation to V5. Domestic sweep, beating Celtic 4-0 in the cup final. Kyle Lafferty putting in a stellar season at 31 yrs old, when i thought i might have to shift him..
  3. Most places that host will also include an instruction file. try sortisoutsi
  4. @VinceLombardi or @Morrissey some advice my NFL gurus. As my USA database, teams and league is setup as i want it. I'm gonna start making some players and need to transpose some of the positions. any suggestions on the below for NFL positions into football? Position NFL Ad Forward Wide Reciever Deep Lying Playmaker Tight End Box to Box Running Back Ball Winning Mid Centre Centre Mid Off Guard Regista Pocket QB Roaming Playmaker Scramble QB Anchor Safety Wing Back Off Tackle Centre Back LineBacker FullBack Corner Back Keeper Kicker Sweeper Keepr Punt Return
  5. Top one is \panels\tactics\role duty selector panel Bottom one will be panels\tactics\team_squad_tactics_panel
  6. Prob missing the club overview details panel from your last skin as well.
  7. He finally arrived and hes off to a flyer....
  8. Custom build im in the middle of making...
  9. Custom build im in the middle of making...
  10. No worries i tried and failed to get it into my skin awhile ago.
  11. They dont want to sell him so ask for an ridiculous fee. In previous games, they would jsut say "not for sale" and allow no bid but gamers complained so this was implemented (as far as i recall)-
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