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  1. You might need to take the scoreboard/scores files from the fonts folder as well into your own. There are about 5-8 xmls and fonts.
  2. They do have player role filters in the shortlist & scouting options though don't they?
  3. Any help in there? or you read it already?
  4. Its on amazon for £6
  5. A new mod work around is in the skinning section.
  6. World Golden Ball, not the top scorer at the word cup?
  7. Mike mentions it above, just take the same info/numbers from the settings file in vitrex into your own.
  8. Awesome work Sam, i know the USA/Canada and amway work is a ballache.
  9. Found it, was in my skin from last year, just not moved it over..
  10. Rapiens - and no there isnt. unless he releases Hello gizel I am an fm user who is still doing fm2016 because of your lovely skin.(ibought fm2017) I have read the above..you so busy... g2fmskin fm2017 version is not updated so, I am making skin available to fm2017 based on g2fmskin 1.2ver. Still a lot of korean users want to use your lovely skin in fm2017ver After making it, I want to get permission from you, the original author, to share it on the Korean fm site.
  11. Read the post right above your first one... msg him.
  12. You've booted up 16 right?
  13. Can i add columns into this page? before i start pulling the xmls to pieces Side note "Can we get a small questions thread"
  14. Cna this be re-linked then? seems to be only one tact in the OP
  15. I think you want better animation rather than a rebuilt ME.