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  1. wkdsoul

    All Stars Match

    You would have to keep the MLS as is (split divisions etc) Not sure. search this forum for "all star match"
  2. wkdsoul


  3. wkdsoul

    All Stars Match

    No. Its hardcoded to the countries that have one in real life, usa/aus/hong kong.. there are a few threads.
  4. wkdsoul

    Andromeda FM18 skin V4 - hidden abilities

    Do you own the ingame editor?
  5. Usually all 3 but nothing to extreme in variation.. usually something like a 4141/433/451
  6. wkdsoul

    Ideas to make FM harder

    I have a save like this as the Green Bay Packers, finding a decent DOF is a nightmate... Him: "I have accepted a bid for....." Me: AARGGGGGJHHHHH!
  7. wkdsoul

    FM18 - Battle of Britain Cup

    Fair enough, clearly i fixed mine, thought as this thread and my other database was on page 3 so no bugger was using it anymore.. lol.
  8. wkdsoul

    FM18 - Battle of Britain Cup

    try this file Battle of Britain (FM18).fmf
  9. wkdsoul

    FM18 - Battle of Britain Cup

    Works fine. Just remember to add Wales as a nation.
  10. No worries i had the same issue with my USA logos kits etc for the NHL / NBA / MLB & NFL teams
  11. wkdsoul

    FM18 - Battle of Britain Cup

    I'll have a look and fix tomo, not started a new save since the 18.1 patch meself
  12. The 85/86 season is up on Steam (@ClassFanaticFM)... awaken the coma Devil #Legends
  13. It was mainly due to knackered players.... seems i need to get better training or pitch management,