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  1. wkdsoul

    Left Foot & Right Foot on the panel

    get it on the popup too.. its very handy.
  2. Centurions board for City Defo, gonna update some custom ones over the summer.. great work OP.
  3. Had to be done... but these are lovely great work OP.
  4. Nice, been dragging the original set through the last few versions, be great to get a full update
  5. wkdsoul

    Regen Facepacks

    To replace duplicates i highly recommend raiding ESPN for NFL/NHL player profiles. Images just need a resize they are already .png
  6. wkdsoul

    Inserting kits.

    Did the team have default kit in the editor to overwrite? if they have no info, kits images wont work.
  7. Tried any of the custom setups for the US? you can get some great saves, my Green Bay Packers team is in 2025. going great
  8. I'd love to see the match stats for fixtures listed like the player form section as per the below, so you can see the full season trend rather than having to dive into the game by game Date - Venue - Comp - Opposition - Starting Formation - Result -Goalscorers - MATCH STATS (YOU/OPPO) etc.
  9. wkdsoul

    Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Not a bad season so far....
  10. wkdsoul

    Help with a project

    No but try Rocheys thread on fmbase for badges/logo. he is excellent
  11. wkdsoul

    Help with a project

    PM Kent on FM he may have time, he helped me with my NFL project kits
  12. wkdsoul

    Help with a project

    Like this - http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/kits/370780-retro-themed-kits.html
  13. Cant be done due to the way it pulls/generate the info. pretty sure i asked this last year.
  14. When loaning a youth player out, is it better if hes getting game time in the un-agreed position over no time at all?
  15. Peps sitting inside fullbacks was my first though. sitting narrow wing backs just doesn't really do it justice.