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  1. Vitrex skin uses this style for National teams
  2. Might be more of a tactial issue over a player one. I'd try there first.
  3. Start with a thread [BASIC] / [AVD] title disclaimer. Check traffic for upto 2 months after 18 launch. If its mental.. sub-forum
  4. Twitter and local papers are great for finding them IMO
  5. Finally settled on a design i like (I lost all my work previously) - you can see in the shot below -English teams are done as me, Barcelona&WBA is still the generic.
  6. Not even been playing much so thats where they are still... might have eng done in a few weeks i'll get on it.
  7. Most of this happens in the game already, just off screen to save memory. The youth coaching & youth facilities at a club is representative of the game that simulates the 10-16 yr old squads that take place in the background at your team. The youth intake are the graduates from the process, which is why you have the position and stats already known and they come in at certain PA/CA levels depending on the club. Having graduates at season end/start makes sense though. You get to see the graduating/candidate class then to contract into the U16 or release.
  8. The B team will prob only be one squad though (ie not have u18s etc)
  9. Works the same, you can ferry as many as you like as if it was an additional squad, which i think the OP is looking for. (or people usually are)
  10. ive a reserve / u18 & B team in mine..
  11. It an SI thing not a skin thing. They have disabled the working code from earlier patches completely. Its now a dead option
  12. should be under nation rules at the bottom ' reserve rules'
  13. You know you can have all that in or out the news feed in the custom options? You can set default/basic/extensive setups or completely custom for any teams/division/player.
  14. Ah seems it falls into some of the hardcode for the USA. To get it the same when editing a feeder team wont cut it. U can add the league/team rules so they get one u23/u18 etc etc for youth intakes and straight swapping of the youth or change Impact Academy to a B team with the same rules/effect. I have NYC Athletic setup in Division 6 for New York City as a B team for the same thing. [