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  1. They are made available to manager with the worldwide reps already built for the most part, you are still a rookie manager at game start.. taking a first dive into management. By the time you have a Pep/mou type history the club budgets should be at that level later in the game?
  2. Some questions part II

    1.1 team/Team Squad.xml 1.2 team/team competitions overview competition panel
  3. Is it not on the club overview... facilities list?
  4. [FM15 Guide] Editing the League Table

    Can you get the media prediction and up/down onto the overall 'normal' table? i cant seem to get it to work, as a flag or record id?
  5. What order are editor data files loaded in?

    I have a few files in 000-a.fmf, 001-A, 002-A etc order for custom databases, so my logos are always inline.
  6. What order are editor data files loaded in?

    alpha-numeric by file name as far as i'm aware.
  7. They could implement a "speak to his agent" first conversation line to cover this sort of thing?
  8. Tried this? http://www.fmscout.com/a-pre-season-tournaments-pack-fm17.html
  9. Potential ability

    PA never changes its set number once the game starts. How much time did you give the players? CA will/can develop over time but usually over seasons rather than games... These might help http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/players/player-ability-and-performance http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/squad/player-development
  10. You can see the player roles in some skins, but the TI/PI arent visable.
  11. Yeah, i had a look I'm gonna use FMRTE or this game to see if i can make it an affiliate before season end, and then change it back after the season update or my u18 will trounce the league they are in every year. (Highland Div).
  12. Default skin with stadium picture on overview

    Yes, do a search i made a xml for it at the start of the year, it should still be downloadable for fm17 to go into the base skin.
  13. Does it matter where they are right now, every team is prob at various stages of development. If you think of an improvement or idea pitch it. They've stated these are read, although not all replied to. Knowing what every department or team is up to, isn't gonna have an effect on thinking of something while playing FM or not. Use the bugs forum list as a guide for brain storming, if you like - Suggestions on:- This week - Match Engine Issues - Any issues with how the match plays or looks Next week User Interface Issues - how the game looks or reacts to things you click Week after - Transfers, Contracts and Scouting Issues - related to transfers, contracts or any scouting Then - Other Gameplay Issues - News Items, Finances, Player Happiness and Interaction might help narrow the thinking bit by bit, rather than FM as whole?
  14. https://strikerless.com/2017/07/20/the-academy-applying-what-weve-learned/
  15. Have you read Guido's guide on the strikerless site, just posted a really decent guide on how he built west ham into a product factory for HG talent? might have some ideas for you?