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  1. yes, on fmbase. NOTE : To the other skinners. no idea who actually created the match day animations i have files upon folders in my skinning stuff, if you see something thats yours let me know and i'll credit you
  2. Anyone know if the "youth importance" value to a club is a fixed or flexible number, depending on how you manage?
  3. skins\FM-Base Skin\graphics\boxes\custom\background delete that file.
  4. The FMBASE Skin is now up for beta testing and suggestions https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/fm-base-skin-fm19.88/update/89/
  5. FMBASE Skin to go with the new site?
  6. cant remember if i donated for this one, or the password. bugger.
  7. not really sure on this one, its kinda left over parts from my main one (like the titlebar)... but club general page done.
  8. Never use the default attribtues page, i use the profiel page so turned it into a fitness centre page..
  9. The ranges are still customisable in the skin setting colours. doesnt have to be 5 point bands. you can use anything.
  10. Loving the pitch, i always get faded dots on it for some reason.
  11. should be the same template
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