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  1. game only reads .png files.. jpeg at a push
  2. I'd like an import function for this, to import regen dates, standard reminders etc.
  3. No, hes on the general info screen in that shot. team container information overview panel (the bottom of hte list is the applicable nation info)
  4. nice. i'll go with Prevost then i nicked from France..
  5. yeah very much in the 'alpha' maybe stage for FM20 right now..
  6. Started on my idea for next year....
  7. Settings file.xml in the settings folder. Line = <!-- analyser polygon colours --> <colour name="attribute analyser line" red="50" green="50" blue="255" />
  8. Managers constantly move with the same core staff, they squad has this implemented, i've like to see these relationships being able to built with a staff team.
  9. I made the MOD for 19, for Cleon, Should work with FM18 no problem. check his thread "The Paysandu way... "
  10. some random pic from the real face replacement pack.
  11. 16 yr old Rangers newgen... this boy is destined to leave me...
  12. Is there any way in the editor to extract or check which teams have kits created rather than blank? (so i can get graphics to work etc)
  13. Nah, during one of the LMA conferences, me and the lads we're chatting over lunch, and these are the names that cropped up over a few beers..
  14. Would be good, i make this ever season for the last few, keeps me entertained. working on adding real players for next years. #Shameless Plug All NHL / NBA / NFL / MLB Franchises added to the USA & CANADA
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