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  1. If you extract the 'team squad.xml' from a skin or the archiver, that should have them all
  2. Have a look at the hidden atrributes panel in the skinb you are using about , it'll be in the players folder most likely Heres the list in the screen shot <list id="viewed_property_ids"> <integer value="PCRP" /> <integer value="Pada" /> <integer value="Pamb" /> <integer value="Ploy" /> <integer value="Ppre" /> <integer value="Ppro" /> <integer value="Ptem" /> <integer value="Pcvy" /> <integer value="PCON" /> <integer value="Pdir" /> <integer value="pimp" /> <integer value="Pipr" /> </list>
  3. You made need to have the ingame editor bought and activated for it to use hidden attributes
  4. Finally getting in the match day build up stuff..
  5. Yeah, i kinda startede with the idea of having each bit look like a page from the match programme, you were reading pre-game, but theres not much you can pull through
  6. went with the programme look for the match preview,, not sure abouit it though..
  7. He might have it in the widget itself have a look in widgets from match players bar widget. it'll be the paper file at the top of that.
  8. match players bar i think it is. within the match console quick tactics panel if y oui are looking for teh full thing
  9. competition news image panel large for the top one. competition news image panel medium for the middle rows
  10. yeah, i'll prob tweek it a bit so the formations are the 2nd page of the match programme, so itlooks like its open in teh middle etec.
  11. Some bits and bobs. (Players Bench / Manager Home / Scoutcard / Tactics / Player etc)
  12. Superb work, Loving the prematch stuff definitely gonan integrate that into my presonal skin.. could not be arsed having a go myself so this is great.
  13. How much di you cringe having to go back and look at your first/second skins? I hated mine when i did this...
  14. Fantastic stuff, Blue if you're not enjoying it. Just walk away take what you need.
  15. You'll need to use the base skin, and extract the graphics folder using the archiver. (or use images from another skin or replace the images with ones you prefer)
  16. They represent that section which has always been and prob always be there. They'll be dimisssed as the 'not real fans' minority spoliing the day and they'll be nothing done or prepared for next time... Tiresome.
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