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  1. Apologies Giro, that all makes sense
  2. In a way, my own fault for not raising when they occurred, but a few very obvious Celtic issues not picked up before the March data deadline: Josh Clarke was loaned to Ayr United in late February, has played seven times for them since. Alexandro Bernabei left on loan in early March, but understand that this not being implemented may be to do with the Calendar year leagues given he went to Brazil (albeit, I can't see the logic in not moving players out of clubs with active leagues outwith that nation, but I understand if that is the line). Mark Lawwell left the club on 1st March in a well documented and fairly high profile exit, as did Joe Dudgeon. Clarke won't matter for FM25, but for the master DB, thought to flag Bernabei (acknowledging he will likely be taken care of already), Lawwell and Dudgeon as three that can be actioned in-house, as I guess the database you guys access is updated on an ongoing basis in advance of what will be needed for FM25, even if too late for the last FM24 patch.
  3. I think it will be the issue whereby the AI neglects signing quality domestic based players/developing domestic players, so the gulf across the squad over a few seasons becomes significant in that the better domestic players are actively sold, and you are left with a team of very low quality domestic players plus superstars if playing in Saudi Arabia, for example. A few people have created Saudi league files but after a few seasons of testing, it becomes clear that the owners of clubs are getting the domestic bit so badly wrong that the league becomes less appealing to play as you have very poor domestic players in comparison to IRL at the moment after a few seasons.
  4. Thanks, I will take a look, mainly hoping to find the xml that points to the club crest and the path for that to see if there is a way to send it to another club related image other than the crest, but not sure if I will be able to find the XML in amongst what the resource archiver gives me. Will have a go over the weekend. Thanks
  5. Thanks guys but I don't mean banners that are created to replace adboards, it is the little in built banners in the stairwells etc. that generally show as the club crest and club colours, and they are the same in those pack. Those packs, which are great, basically replace standard boards showing branding with boards that look like fan banners where the adboards appear.
  6. Does anyone know if via the resource archiver there is a path to the supporter banners that show in game with the club crest in the middle? Not adboards, but the ones that show in the crowd/stairwells as shown below. Thanks
  7. Not sure if this sits under research or not but thought it might as stadium research will likely be part of the bigger research work. In game, only Celtic, Rangers and games played at Hampden have video ads by default. However, in real life, more sides in the Premiership have the necessary video adboards as per the global trend. I understand that some only have them running on one touchline (others have them varying from one touchline to the full way around e.g. Aberdeen v Rangers, Aberdeen had them all the way around), but would this prevent them from being activated in game by default? If the way it works means that it is either the full stadium or nothing, I can understand to a point not activating them across the board. On the other hand, even games with no broadcast beyond highlights e.g. Ross County v St Mirren the other night now have video adboards IRL. If all clubs use them for almost all games, would it not be better to activate and accept that they will run around the whole stadium rather than leave them out entirely when actually used IRL? Hibs have a permanent set running around the stadium. St Mirren have a permanent set positioned behind the traditional boards on one side. Aberdeen, Killie and Livingston have them on one side, with Aberdeen sometimes running them on three. From what I can see, only St. Johnstone, Dundee and Motherwell don't, but that is based on a small sample size of highlight clips. It could be that St. Johnstone and Motherwell use them only for live broadcast games. Dundee have not used them at all. Over the league, more teams are using them than not, but unless playing with Celtic or Rangers they don't show in the stadium models.
  8. Hi anitamui, does this version also include qualification? Thanks, great addition to the game.
  9. Thanks Ter, I think the issue is maybe that while the main ball all season was yellow, it didn't need altered from one main ball. When the main ball is white, there are weather issues in Scotland that mean they do use a yellow ball, but likely not as early as October in the main. I think December to March would make sense but know that until anyone can source clarity it may not be implemented.
  10. When viewing player biographies well into a player's career, it almost always states that their current club is the B/U23/U21/U18 version of the team. For example, young player moves from a small club to Liverpool when 17. They then work their way into the first team, win various trophies etc. But when viewing their profile/biography at, for example, age 32, it says they moved to their current club "Liverpool U18s" many years earlier. While I understand that the AI may have placed them in the U18 at the point that they signed, they have then gone on to have an established career at first team level, but the biography doesn't recognise the main squad, only the youth one they were placed in post transfer. Thanks
  11. I tried verifying all files. Only one worked, 1 - Youth Tournaments - 1st Division Elite B, II, U21, U23s All of the others had the same error on one or more competitions in terms of not being able to find the required number of teams. I haven't tested the Elite file that worked, so can't say for sure it works fully in game yet, but it is 100% verified via the Editor which is a good sign and usually all that is needed unless any of the rules cause another issue later in save. Unless anyone out there has the expertise to sort the files, this might be it. 1 - Youth Tournaments - 1st Division Elite B,II,U21s,U23s.fmf
  12. It seems this year's database does not have the Winter Ball ticked for the SPFL. As far as I know, it should be as the yellow ball gets used every year.
  13. Spotted this too, perhaps were two files, the 2.7GB then the smaller one?
  14. This is an amazing addition every year, Rob, thanks for the work you do on it
  15. For Gavin Levey, Aberdeen announced his departure and quoted that he was moving to Swansea via Twitter. I understand you may need Swansea to confirm he is there, but he has already left Aberdeen.
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