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  1. Hi, it seems that in some cases it works fine, in others it depends upon the name of the player data file when saved in the editor. It might be best to wait until the new player data file and face packs are both finished, as testing beforehand is pointless until both sets of files are done. After they are both finalised (looks like perhaps mid February from what the guys working on the files have said), then it can be tested, fixes applied and shared with everyone.
  2. Hi everyone, For fans of the football league, this ongoing work with majestic to add more UK and Ireland based media might be of interest. If you have any knowledge of the local press covering clubs in the football league then please contribute. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, In terms of realism, I am trying to work to add a significant update to majestic's media add on. My aim is to cover UK and Ireland based media in as much detail as I can. However, the actual thread is within the editors area. If anyone wants to suggest real media, pundits or journalists then please feel free to take a look and contribute. Planning as around 400 additional journalists, pundits and pitch side interview staff.
  4. Will do John, next time I am about to run a draw I will save the game and send over. Will try to do so as soon as I can. Cheers.
  5. Hi John, Thanks, but it is not unique to a particular nation, it seems hard wired to all cup draws processed manually. Am I better off posting in general bugs?
  6. I am not sure if this is UI (as it looks like the UI switches it) or a bug in code. Consistently, the final two teams drawn in cup draws swap places. So if the two teams left are Leeds and Wolves, and you are manually drawing the competition, if Leeds come out first as the home team, it switches them to become the away team when you hit the button to draw the next team and the only team left come out of the hat. I will try to upload a save game when next awaiting a draw but it happens all the time when using manual and only impacts the very last tie each time. Also happened in FM20
  7. If it helps, I was managing Bradford City in England, so the issue is definitely not unique to Ajax or Holland
  8. joe5p

    Media Module

    Given the number of different people involved in the media, is there scope to re-evaluate the module in FM? For example, at the moment the game allows you to add fanzine's, podcasts etc which is great. However, the person data part is fairly limited. If adding people, you need to assign them to one employer, but in real life journalists are often either freelance or associated with multiple publications. Similarly, pundits play a massive part in the generation of discussion and controversy, but aren't really captured much in the game. Increasingly, pundits are also involved in inter
  9. @majesticeternity , I have got right into this today, so will probably be a big return as I am doing Scotland and England. Will try my best to source as much real detail as I can. Might take a few weeks though. Is it better if I actually create it in the Editor, or just send the excel file. I have decent editor skills but would need to brush up. What do you think is best way? Send the file or create the FMF? Up to about 350 journalists now.
  10. Thanks, even if Freelance was treated as a source with a group of journalists linked up to it? Where I don't know information e.g. Style of Writing, is it okay to leave blank, or is there a minimum level of detail you need? Thanks
  11. Thanks @majesticeternity, I will stop Scotland and pull together as many as I can from England while cross referencing the database file. Is there scope for adding something like 'Freelance' or 'Associated Press' for the plethora of journalists who don't actually have an employer but do contribute to various sources? They could just show up as freelance in press conferences?
  12. I don't think so, but only if @Robbles Quin ®™ adds a 1 to the title of the file when saving within the editor. At least, from my testing with various setups, the only thing which seemed to guarantee that it would always load JLeague data first was if both the file title (within the editor) and file name had a leading 1.
  13. FLUT 6.0, and I have applied the instructions that come with the skin to get kits to show on the profile screen. Also, background pack for clubs but can't remember which one I have setup to show first.
  14. @majesticeternity, I will look at Scotland for you. I see the editor accepts things like podcasts and fanzines, which is great given that in real life, fan based movements are starting to gain access to press conferences etc. Is it okay to include fan based media in the spreadsheet I send over? I can get at least one for every major Scottish club plus several for Celtic and Rangers. I will try to cover as many mainstream/established sources as I can from Scotland. If anyone reading is a follower of Scottish Football then please feel free to PM me to make sure I have ones you know of cove
  15. The pack worked really well. I did not use the attached files, but only the database one from @Robbles Quin ®™on this post. The only change I made was to place a '1' before the file name in the editor 'Title' field. I also used twenty additional editor files and it still worked without issue. @Robbles Quin ®™, would it be possible to include a leading 1 in the title and file names of the next database file? I am pretty sure that doing so will help everyone get the facepack to work regardless of which additional files they use. Thanks for all of brilliant work @Robbles Quin ®™ and for the facep
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