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  1. Hi Stuart and the wider research team. A couple of Celtic related updates on youth contracts in advance of 20/21 http://www.celticfc.net/news/18285 http://www.celticfc.net/news/18283 Also, Michael Sparkes was released at the end of his contract. There will be more to have gone no doubt. https://twitter.com/mikeysparkes14/status/1276935775888773120 A 16 year old at Celtic, Josh Adam, has signed for Manchester City - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/06/24/manchester-city-sign-celtics-josh-adam-one-scotlands-brightest/#:~:text=Manchester%20City%20have%20signed%20one,t
  2. Sorry to bother everyone with this again, is there any way to enable background pictures, even on dark setting only? This is an amazing piece of work. Thanks Wozzie
  3. This skin - both versions - is brilliant, thank you. I don't know a lot about skinning but is there a way to enable background pics, or would it detract from the skin too much. I am keen to try it with 80% to see if dark background pics look good with it but don't know where to start. Thanks
  4. Couple of players have left Celtic in the January window but still appear in game. Scott Cusik - Released and since signed for Dunfermline on a six month deal - https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=The_push_is_on_for_Scott_Cusick&ID=11718 Leo Mazis - Released and since joined a Serie C side but he may also have left them since. He is not with Celtic anymore, https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5274279/celtic-fc-news-leo-mazis/ Thanks
  5. Hi Dan, I appreciate the third party content point, but the issue is to do with the game not treating Hampden as a neutral venue specifically for the Betfred cup semi finals. The third party content has simply allowed this issue to come to light, rather than having any possible correlation with why the issue exists. For the draw, I can upload a file but it happens in real time in every draw rather than in one specific save or game. I will try to remember to save before next cup draw and then upload the file then. Thanks.
  6. I have found that when playing the BetFred Cup Semi final the game seems to treat it as a home fixture for the home team. When using third party video ads, neutral venues don't result in the home teams ads showing in other competitions, but for some reason they do in the Betfred cup semi only. Only thing I can think of is that somewhere in the coding it hasn't been logged as neutral venue. One other regular observation is in relation to semi final cup draws, not only those in Scotland. It is not uncommon to find that with two teams left in the hat that one team is drawn first (and would t
  7. Hi, Hoping someone can help. I understand that when adding new custom images or skins etc, you turn caching off, clear cache etc. However, lets say you have settled on all your custom graphics. If you then turn caching back on, will it both allow you to benefit from caching and still access all of the custom graphics? Or does caching have to be off full stop, even if you are not adding any more new custom images/graphics? Thanks for any advice.
  8. The only other thing to try would be to use the same J-League file I have used or manually alter IDs as suggested earlier in the thread. Hopefully the cache clearing will work, but use Nakamura as a test case and let us know which UID you see on his profile. That might help narrow the issue down. Good luck.
  9. Kieko1986, I am not sure why it does not work for you if you have ordered the files so that the J League comes first. Have you loaded a new game since doing so? It will only work when you re-order and load a new game. For a number of years I have used various .fmf add-ons, and every year the ordering is significant. Maybe someone from SI can help and let us know for sure? The only exception may be if you have downloaded an update that goes into the Steam directory rather than the directory for the game in Mydocuments (if this is even possible). As the screen shots above show, it has worked fo
  10. EDIT - For this to work you need to reorder the fmf files in your editor data folder before clearing your cache in game, reloading your skin and loading a new game. Re-ordering in a save game will not alter the UIDs or match with the facepack. Hope it helps. This is brilliant, thanks for sharing. In case it helps anyone, as long as the fmf file for the version of the J League you are using in game is the first file in the editor data folder, the UID should correspond with the pack. E.g. If you have five different editor data files, make sure the Japan file is the first. An easy way to do
  11. Brilliant majesticeternity, thanks again for all the hard work
  12. Fixture observations - Celtic Rangers home same day same time? IRL Celtic and Rangers last played a league game at home on the same day at the same time in the 1970s. For policing reasons/resources, they never both play domestic league games at home on the same date at the same time. I know pre-split, the game generally reflects this. However, post split it throws up scenarios where both are at home. I know post split can be tricky depending upon which teams end up in either half of the table, but even if they were both to play on the same matchday at home, one would play Saturday, one Su
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