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  1. Robbles, Rabcp's update came out tonight over on sortitoutsi and he has included the static J League ads at all levels as well as video ads. Thought to share in case anyone is looking for both an updated pack in general and one that also includes the JLeague
  2. Hi Dave, Apologies if I have missed this in previous posts. Is there a list of nations that we should load to include the Academy systems you have added? I can see that some nations have Academy leagues and understand that they won't play games if the league shows as 'Academy Leagues' or similar but will create newgens/prospects. However, I don't want to miss any nations where academy leagues exist when I start a new game. I know Algeria, Egypt, Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Qatar, Senegal and Tunisia do have academy levels, are there any others? Thanks a
  3. Hi, I have encountered an error anytime I try to load the game with lots of editor files. I don't mean actually playing or starting a new save, I mean getting beyond the load screen. I have 213 files, any time I try to launch with more than 210 the load screen freezes, makes an error sound and hangs. If I delete any three files, it will load okay. Could this be because there is a limit on the total number of database changes and/or editor files the game can handle? If I include all editor files other than leagues up it works no problem. I can add and interchange the leagu
  4. Hi Daveincid, I have tried a few things, basically, the limit I am experiencing sits at 210 files (I have 212 files in my editor folder). I can take out any two leagues from Dave's pack and it works, the actual leagues I take out make no difference, it can be any two. Will try to raise via SI to see if they know of a trigger point in terms of database changes. Thanks
  5. Thanks, Chris, That worked, and I now have the file called 'Winter Update - The Full Scottish Pyramid' but I get an error message which reads: 'Requires maximum 17 teams for Highland League, found 18, Requires minimum 18 teams for EoS Premier, found 17'. I think it might be because I have a file that has applied promotion and relegation from season 20/21 i.e. Kelty are up and Brechin are down. I think if I edit that file to change Brechin's league it should work okay. It would mean Brechin go to the wrong league but small price to pay between now and FM22. Cheers
  6. Thanks Dave, it seemed to trigger with the European leagues, either due to an issue with one of those files or maybe a clash between one of those and another editor file I have. It presents as still showing all files in the long list, but once I go to add/remove leagues all I see is the default leagues and none of those from this pack. It worked with all other continents included bar the files for Europe. I will try again and take out the file that I think might trigger a clash with one of the European ones (there is an update file I am using which sorts promotion and relegation in
  7. So after testing, it seems on my system once I go beyond 200 files it doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else seen this happen? For things like DaveInc, majestic and niks brilliant packs, is it safe to combine these files in the editor i.e. combine all of Daveincs into one file, all of majestics into one file, all of niks into one file, or is this likely to lead to instability? I want to load all leagues from this pack but think the only way I will be able to is if I combine files in some way to get the maximum number of editor files down below 200. Any advice much appreciated.
  8. This is amazing work, thank you. Does anyone know if there is a maximum number of editor files that you can load at once? I have tried to include all files from this update and various files from other editors that I use (DaveIncs, Majestics Media and Weather, Niks Agents, sortitoutsi player update etc.) When I go to the screen where you tick each league, I only see the SI defaults, but under the tab where I can select the editor files I want to use, all appear and all are ticked. I am at 213 in total. Is that too many editor files at once for the game to handle? Thanks
  9. Does anyone have a version of the Winter Update file? I have subscribed on Steam but it is not pulling the file over and the older one gives the database error message about requiring verification. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi everyone, For those who like a lower league Scottish save, including WoS/EoS etc. I have almost finished a massive Scottish and English media update that I hope majestic will roll out as part of her pack. I am keen that long term I cover all Scottish sides at all levels of pro/semi-pro. I have added the obvious national and local media, but don't have total knowledge of all media covering lower leagues. Some are easy and are included, e.g. Ardrossan Advertiser covers likes of Beith, The Extra covers Pollok, The Cumnock Chronicle covers all the teams on East Side of Ayrshire etc.
  11. I agree, but don't have the time at the moment. Definitely a longer term project though.
  12. Should have the UK update with Majestic by end of next week. Around 400 journalists and pundits added. Still about twenty to add plus some club level sources and their staff.
  13. The file as is seems compatible with 21.4 as the file only adds journalists and sources to whatever is in the current database. I am testing the update for UK as I go and all seems well. However, busy at work so stalled a bit before I can send to majestic
  14. Still working on an update for majestic, which will focus on Scotland and England. So far, I have added around 150 sources and around 100 of the 450 journalists/pundits/interviewers I am adding. If anyone has requests for England or Scotland (or in fact any other source not in the current version) then PM me and I will try to add them too. WIP below, can see Scottish Media at Hibs press conference and wider range of English (albeit many were already in file). The example shows Get Reading, the press local to Reading FC. Can do the same with enough detail for any other teams via PM. As you can
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