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  1. Did you ask him if Lando is his real name? Because if it is, it's a stupid name and why does no-one call him Chuck like evryone else called Norris?
  2. Weird how we've gone 4 goals, 3 goals, 2, 1, 0 twice and 3,2,1,0 three times now. I had a feeling we wouldn't score against Exeter after the 1-0 win against Millwall. "Will we let Millwall back ahead of us again?" Probably, they are 1 point behind still but now have a game in hand. I'll take 3rd, I think this team would struggle in the Championship, despite embarrassing Aston Villa in the League Cup in September. Remember, the board is still in the process of building a new stadium forced on them because of promotion to League One so may be a case of having to ease off as the new stad
  3. Not as farcical as Pickled Onion Monster Munch beating Salt and Vinegar Squares. The 28 people that voted for Monter Munch have weird tastebuds. Unfortunately, I only just now seen this so am unable to vote for Squares and Beef Hula Hoops(Sorry above).
  4. A sporting event with a crowd though. Haven't seen that in ages!
  5. They might aswell just get on the next plane home. The opener got more runs than the rest of the team combined lol.
  6. He is still one goal away from breaking the record for most goals in a season in the League. Apparently, no-one has ever scored 20 League goals for me, he is currently on 19. Enter Millwall, top of the table clash. Tumber goes on to miss 4 FOUR(!) Clear Cut Chances including a penalty. Threw him off on 55 minutes and 10 minutes later his replacement scored the winning goal. I actually thought Millwall keeper turned into Superman he saved absolutely everything up to that point. Wild celebrations on the streets of Kettering as it moved us into the AUTOMATIC PROMOTION spot with 8 games to
  7. Vincent Tumber has broken the "Most goals in a Season" record with 25. There is still 10 games to go. My other main striker, Jake Ferris, has 19. Since moving to 4-4-2, my strikers have got like 90-95% of all the goals. Now I need to figure out how I am going to get Tumber back again next season as he is only on loan from Fulham...
  8. Does this mean I can watch the FA Cup final and Champions League final in a pub if it all goes to plan?!
  9. "We're up on Mexican We're up on Mexican We're up on Mexican We're up on Mexican"
  10. My Vice-Captain is upset I sold my Captain, Jack Sparkes. It's not my fault the club out grew Sparkes. Funny enough, the guy unhappy actually took Sparkes' place in the starting XI. I was going to give Sparkes to the end of the season and release at the end of his contract, but, he came to me and requested a transfer. So I promised him a move and he signed for Fleetwood. How long does it take for my now Captain to come out of his unhappy state at me selling a player who is now not good enough? Also, my worst fears happened on Deadline Day as Charlton activated my Goalkeeper's relea
  11. Been playing Dirt 3 and some dickhead put "gymkhana" in it. Do stunts like drifts and doughnuts etc to score points. Impossible. If I am on the easiest difficulty I will be able to go no further. And I had to sell my soul to the devil, if I have one, my headset stopped working so had to get a replacement off Amazon. The only place where there were sensible delivery dates, the rest were over a week away.
  12. You can vote for them all if you wanted to.
  13. I see the various Westcountry accents are not on the list because it would have beaten you They probably took so long listening to Geordie and Yorkshire trying to make out what they are saying. Those two accents can seriously be difficult to understand at times, especially people with strong accents.
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