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  1. Didcot in the SWP? Looks like a lot of Somerset teams there too. You must have been delighted to have stayed up at the expense of your local arch-rivals.
  2. Thats amazing
  3. Gignac looked a bit off the pace the couple of times I've seen him come off the bench during this tournament. Was Alexandre Lacazette injured? Surely he would have been a better player call up if he was fit?
  4. Jose Fonte has won both the Johnstones Paint Trophy and the European Championship
  5. You know how the saying goes: Goals win games, Clean Sheets win titles. Well done to Portugal as I've said werent great to watch but negotiated the knockout rounds perfectly credit to their manager. Biggest shame tonight was Ronaldo going off injured so early. Gignac coming on and leaving Martial on the bench so long was a big mistake by Deschamps, should have either kept Giroud on or put Martial on for him. I was not impressed with Gignac that shot he hit the post should have been a goal. It looked to me like Deschamps was hoping for penalties and was going to throw on Yohann Cabaye to take one but Portugal's goal ruined his plan.
  6. My FM16 save is the oracle. It said Portugal would win the final with a pretty unknown striker scoring the winning goal after extra-time. The striker was Nelson Oliveira rather than Eder though.
  7. Oh. Got them the wrong way round. Was 1978 the one you beat Holland but lost to Peru and someone Iran? which sounds quite an amazing feat to be honest.
  8. Oh crap now the Guardian are reporting it. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/jul/08/jurgen-klinsmann-oliver-bierhoff-next-england-manager
  9. Please dont be flipping Klinsmann. Sam Allardyce should really be first choice but if not then go for Bilic, Pellegrini, Mancini. Its only the tabloids reporting the FA talking to Jurgen Klinsmann so hopefully they're making it up. What has he done with the USA, other than beat us 1-1 actually that was Bob Bradley Lose to Mexico and Colombia a few times?
  10. At least you were unbeaten in that
  11. Either Wales vs Belgium or France vs Iceland. Missed Hungary vs Portugal
  12. That Umtiti looks some hell of a player. He'll go on to become great.
  13. Manuel FLAPuer. Griezmann made him look like a right mug for his second goal. Thought France deserved that victory. When was the last time Germany failed to qualify for a semi-final? 2004? Incredible record.
  14. So did the commentator
  15. Dodgy penalty given against the Germans \0/ Similar to the Boateng incident in the last game so the ref was correct. Thought it was quite funny that no-one knew what was going on.