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  1. Isnt there an Apply for Job button or something?
  2. Lets see who I blatantly miss out... Pickford Pope Henderson TAA/James Walker Trippier Maguire Stones White Chilwell Shaw Phillips Henderson Rice Mount Bellingham Barnes Sancho Sterling Foden Grealish Kane Calvert-Lewin
  3. Missing put on the bronze medal by a point.
  4. Btw, I wanted Pickford to take the 5th. He was so pumped up I bet he puts it in the opposite corner to Maguire.
  5. Think Italy will go on to break the unbeaten record now. Bulgaria and Switzerland next two games? Easy.
  6. You know who did frighten me every time he dribbled at our defence? Federico Chiesa. Great player, felt the game slowed down a bit after he came off and there was an opportunity for England to be more attacking when he came off injured that we did not take.
  7. Sunday 11th July Italy 0-1 England 20.00* The goalscorers: Harry Kane The times of the goals: 73 minutes. I do not expect anyone to get this right but good luck. Other bonuses How many penalties will be scored in total (this includes penalties at the end of extra time) Correct answer - 0 Will the match go to extra time - No Will the match go to penalties - No How many yellow cards in total - 5 How many red cards in total - 0 Time of the first goal scored - 73 Time of the last goal scored (excluding penalties in the event of a tie afte
  8. Fun fact: I am probably the only British person who absolutely hates curry. No plans. I will have to watch it in the Front Room.
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