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  1. Yeah, that's all I got, unfortunately. Based on what I've seen, I'm not sure the coordinates get that specific so that you can break things up within cities, but someone with more experience in the editor may have insights to the contrary.
  2. Maybe somebody knows a more efficient way to do it, as I'm pretty new to the advanced editor, but I've done it manually using latitude and longitude searches. For example, if I have 40 teams that I want to break into north/south divisions, I move all the teams into one division and then do a club search of that division to bring up all teams. Now, let's say most are somewhere between 51 and 54 latitude, which I can tell from looking at a map. (Google Maps will allow it. Right click on any map point.) I'll add a field to the search for latitude, enter at least a numerical entry for th
  3. Hi there. I've built new nation rules with England as a base, incorporating Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Northern Irish leagues into a joint UK/Ireland pyramid with English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh cups. I used fixed format rules. I then simulated a season in game. Everything worked, save one thing: All continental qualification was gone the second year. The rules for each division and cup showed no slots for Champions League, Europa League, or UEFA Conference League. I've tried fate actions, qualification rules, and other things. I switched to Flexible Format Rules, but then
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