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  1. Odds on when New Zealand knock England out of the Rugby World Cup semi-finals next year the rugby team gets a home-coming parade? (If they get that far)
  2. £5 e/w on Jesus top scorer £2 freebet on a goalscorer accumulator in the Second Round that lost. £10 on Mbappe scoring today, overall I won £30
  3. We cant pick it up until December 2022 as France wont be home until then.
  4. Lovren's Balon D'Or hopes dashed by this defeat
  5. Also won some money when Mbappe scored
  6. I think that was the first really good World Cup Final I've ever seen. Great stuff, glad France turned up
  7. Wish I went for France to win the tournament instead of that Brazilian being top scorer but I didnt think Didier Deschamps was the manager who could do it. What were they? About 10/1 pre-tournament werent they? Mbappe to score is doubled at Skybet to 4/1. I like that.
  8. Said at the time he called up the wrong Manchester United defender
  9. Portugal won 1 game in Euro 2016 and won the tournament!
  10. Oh well. Belgium deserved the bronze, loved watching their counter-attacks. We improved in the second half, but that wasnt difficult really, if only Dier's chip never got cleared off the line.
  11. Done well to only be 1-0 down there. Belgium have hammered to be honest, could be 3-0 up but for some good blocking by the defenders. Again, we are being demolished in the midfield.
  12. The last time we were involved in the bronze medal match. Great call on that first goal
  13. Toon. Sorry, I never quote the post above me. I'm sure I read that from someone in the match thread.
  14. Was it you who said play Butland first half and Nick Pope second half?
  15. Just seen it announced on twitter November 21st to December 18th. 2022-23 club season will be a strange one. Highlight of this World Cup? Iran's flip throw
  16. Lingard you idiot, Rashford was offside
  17. Pickford Walker--Stones--Maguire Trippier--Henderson--Cook/Delph/Ward-Prowse/Shelvey--Young/Rose Alli/Lingard Kane--Sterling Play this in September against Spain please Gareth. I dont think we can play Alli, Lingard and Sterling all too attacking, we need someone alongside Henderson who wont bomb forward as soon as our defence get the ball back. Just minor changes like that needed. I'd also have Henderson captain over Kane but that doesnt really matter too much.
  18. If Oxlade-Chamberlain wasn't injured we'd have done more I reckon. There was a slight criticism that we should have brought another central-midfielder in the 23. Lingard and Alli are both too attack minded, there were a few times in that game where Jordan Henderson was our only midfielder and with him marked out of the game it forced our back three to either pass back to the keeper or go long.
  19. Or you might be Irish. How far did they get in this World Cup? Had a chance to qualify and then lost 5-1 to ****ing Denmark in the playoff. 5-1!!
  20. How far did Scotland get in this World Cup?
  21. Same with rugby. New Zealand have roughly the same population as Croatia and are best in the world at rugby. If population had anything to do with how well a team does at football, China and India will dominate.
  22. Do we all want to win the bronze medal? Better than nothing I suppose, although it pretty much killed the Netherlands who having been shocking since their bronze four years ago.
  23. Fun fact. Every year since the war ending in 8 has had a new winner. 1958 - Brazil 1978 - Argentina 1998 - France 2018 - Croatia?
  24. Anyway, England did well to get this far. Now lets get Harry Kane his golden boot and lets try and stop Belgium doing the double over us. Then on to Euro 2020 where hopefully we build on this success and get the trophy! We have a bright future ahead of us.
  25. Cheating corrupt Serbian wankers. How much did you pay that ref? Gave them everything ffs. Hope you beat France in the final though.
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