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  1. The same in my Segunda Division save (4th tier in Spain). I've uploaded my save - NoTraining Cadiz B.fm Cheers
  2. @Brian Stapleton OMG Why I haven't checked it, but first of all posted a message? :/ Shame on me. LOL Good lession Sorry
  3. Another B team problem. We have still one match to play, but part of my playeres are already on holyday :/ Ane it's just in my team. In other - A or B teams, which are in my group - all players are available.
  4. And another missing translation in aftermatch info.
  5. Nope. Just Polish and English. It's the same problem as you can see in this topic: There are three add-ons, which I use - logos, real names and Spanish media - but it never cause problem like this.
  6. My team (Cadiz B) plays at 4th tier, first team at 2nd. Also there is no friendly. So there will be no match Cadiz vs Cadiz
  7. Hello, I have a problem with displaing squad of my teams. Managing Cadiz B. I have a fev players, which are in my Cadiz B squad, but should be displayed only in U19 team (i.e. Farid). There are also players, which are in B squad, aren't shared with U19, but are shown in both teams (i.e. Gudelj). Other thing - players which are in B team, which should be displayed only in U19 I can't only move to B team (but they are there, and aren't in U19 - and their description id, that they are in U19). There are no other options in filters, to display other players, than from exact team. It's total mess. I have no idea, why it's happening like this. Edit: When the transfer window is closed, players are correctly moved to the squads, in which should be. But the playeres which were displayed as shared to U19 squad (and I removed it), again are marked as shared).
  8. I'm managing Cadiz B in spanish Segunda Division B. My affiliate club is of course first team of Cadiz CF. In rules there is written, that the backroom staff are contracted in the main club. And it's ok. But the problem is, that although in my managers responsibilities are hiring and firing staff (coaches, medical staff, scouts), I can't do this, there is no option like this (2nd screenshot). So I can't make any changes in my team staff, in the same time my first team board (which is also my teams board) haven't sign new contract with my staff or terminated their contract (now these are month-to-month contracts). Other thing is that I can't change my player transfer status. I have a few players which are transfer listed or lister for loan, but I don't want sell o loan them. So, I would like to remove them from the lists, but It is not possible (third screenshot). And - the same - in managers responsibilities is set, that I'm initiating, negotiating and finalising sales from Cadiz B. You can find it in a save, whitch I uploaded a few minutes ago also for the other thread: "Cadiz B (v02).fm".
  9. Hi @Daniel Wells I uploaded a save: "Cadiz B (v02).fm" This saves date is Mar, 13. Question from my sreensot above was asked Mar, 27. Cheers, Patryk
  10. The journalist asked me about team against we play this season, but in the first league phase. My Cadiz B and Recreativo Huelva played in the same group, but the question have been asked, when HUelva plays in promotion group and my team in relegation group. I think that we have nothing to Huelvas battle for championship, also they have nothing to our battle against relegation. So this question sholdn't be asked, I think. Recreativo isn't in any rivals of Cadiz B. [its spanish Segunda Division B first season, before league rules change]. I can provide a save (about thwo weeks before that question or two weeks after.
  11. @Tony Garvey Hello, I've uploaded a save - from the day, when they stated concerning (Dec, 16). My earlier save (Nov, 9) is when I'm still unemployed. Uploaded saves name is: Cadiz B.fm
  12. Hi, I've started as unemployed. Hired afetr six matches as manager of Cadiz B (first season Seginda B in Spain), played two matches (loose and win). I have quite short bench, so I have to use "gray" players. But after just two matches many of my playes asked me to talk about their problems. many of them are injured or were a few day ago. They're asking for more time on the pitch and are concerned, that they don't plat (they couldn't because of injuries). The same scheme of talk (compromise) makes all. I don't know is it issue, but it's strange
  13. Oh, I get it! Thank you for explanation. I'm sorry, that I haven't wrote, that this is beta save, I forgot :/ So, need to start new game
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