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  1. 91'35" Third time in four games. Need more? Cornellá - Badalona.pkm
  2. Next match, next situation. ~40'35" Espanyol B - Cornellá.pkm
  3. I had the same a few times in different saves. Defender passes (by foot) to goalkeeper, and he catches the ball in the hands.
  4. Hi, todays stupid question;) Example - I have in my league one team, which is stronger, than mine, one at similar level and one weak. My team is average. All my opponents plays the same tactics (shape, roles, duties, stronger plays more attacking, weaker - more devesive). I made my tactic (let's say - 2 attack duties, 4 defend, also GK and 5 suppoort). Will be enough to change the mentality - i.e. in match against weaker team - more attacking, in match vs stronger - more defevsive? Or I should also change some duties?;) As I said - all opponents plays the same tactic.
  5. In polish there shouldn't be a dot after numer of the day. Also form of names months is wrong. So, it should be f.e.: sobota, 28 lipca środa, 1 sierpnia sobota, 4 sierpnia not as at screenshot. Because of f.e.: sobota, 28 (dzień) lipca https://sjp.pwn.pl/poradnia/haslo/Zapis-daty;16535.html https://sjp.pwn.pl/zasady/340-87-4-Kropka-po-cyfrach-arabskich-oznaczajacych-liczebniki-porzadkowe;629746.html http://www.jezykowedylematy.pl/2010/10/poprawne-i-niepoprawne-formy-zapisu-daty-liczebnik-porzadkowy/ Greets:)
  6. Hi, I have a problem with winning home matches;-) My team - AD Horta - is worst on the league (spanish Tercera Division) - we have most worst atributes, media said, that we should finish last. In the middle od the season we're 5 points over relegation zone. But from 21 matches we've played so far, at home we've won just 2, and away - 5 (two draws overall). Usually I play defensive/structures oraz very structures. Maybe I should play more offensive at home? Or more fluid? I use usually 2-3 attack duties and 4 defend (3 on defence + DM). Maybe You have any idea what should help winning (or event make more draws) at home? Thanks;-)
  7. I have the same problem in my Jupiter Barcelona (Tercera Division, add-on by FMSite). The club has changes from amateur to semi-pro after first season, but I can't offer part-time contracts:( Maybe board won't let me sign these contracts, because of my reputation (second season in the game)? I can't find an answer.
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