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  1. thanks for this. We usually wait for relevant HR to communicate us their int. apps/goals, but will edit in case of no news As reported above by SI, unfortunately rivalries shown depend directly on clubs choices due to licensing issues.
  2. Hi, probably someone has already reported, but 55th nation (now San Marino) ingame have 1 spot for new Conference League (Euro Cup II), while in real life they have still 2 like the nations above. see uefa access list: https://editorial.uefa.com/resources/0263-10c848fb43cc-49ac1262ab7c-1000/access_list_2021-22_final.pdf
  3. Yes, I know, last day of work for FM21 update was March 1st. Your post unfortunately came on 4th. It's now updated in FM DB but the information will be extracted in next edition of the game.
  4. we gave some spare time to our guys We're doing basic stuff for next weeks and will start full-editing probably in May. If you have detailed requests etc you can use this less busy time to contact me also privately
  5. see above, thanks for reporting. It's correct in next patch
  6. Ciao Alessio, come sai in database gli instalments sono inseriti con le date di inizio e di fine, che non appaiono in editor, ma vengono lette in maniera corretta nel gioco in modo che giustamente non debbano essere modificate di edizione in edizione. Ad esempio De Ligt ha 5 rate da 15 mln (tot 75) ma il gioco legge solo le 4 rimanenti. Altro esempio a caso Karsdorp che ha 5 rate da 2,8 mln (tot 14) impostate, ma solo 2 ancora da pagare.
  7. yeah, there's something confusing in some awards, they will be reviewed for next season
  8. Oh, I see, 4 m€ instead of 40 m€ was a typo, thanks. I agree it's a technicism, and will be probably more an obligation than an option irl, we did that way firstly, and then changed, also for user feedbacks, to be more in line with the formal view. Anyway, I see the option in db, don't know how it's not replicated.
  9. that was fixed, thanks They all working for Piacenza (Organigramma S.G. - Piacenza Calcio 1919), surely not an ideal situation, will think about it
  10. The data you've posted are NET, in FM wages are GROSS you're right, thanks for this I've not this info. The deal is still biennial and Juve will likely purchase him definitely this summer, but that's not official yet afaik
  11. @Nordincan you look into this? I think you should set Andorra as non-foreign in Spain nation tables, I did the same for Italy/San Marino or @David Siddallas I think it was you editing the nations/eu stuff
  12. I know, but I've checked all names reported and can't find them in clubs/nations preferences or elsewhere. Don't know if they were inserted by licensed clubs or whatever. Sincerely sorry for not helping atm..
  13. as you can see also in screenshots you made, they're not people in database, but they're created for some reasons ingame. If you'll find out where/why, I can help you these, and a few other similar cases were already done thanks
  14. Hi all, some answers: - The list of duplicated IDs are NOT people in database. Please check out where your game creates those records to investigate how that happens. - Pirlo scheme updated - Armini contract updated - Del Fabro technically is for Holland data thread, but I've seen they've already fixed it - Davide Lucarelli histories updated - Paolo Rossi of course set nfe - Italian naturalization law is different for eu people (1460 days) and not ones (3650), that should be replicated correctly ingame - Rrahmani history updated - Youth/training rat
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