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  1. TOTAL World Football Manager, all World leagues to bottom levels....
  2. Did you ever think to add non FIFA Nations like Greenland, Jersey and so on?
  3. I think, as written above, it would be a good idea to have more realism during the game, in case of bankrupcy, e.g. in Italy Cesena could be forced to restart from Serie D as new club, and so on. (I remember also the case of Halifax Town, some years ago).
  4. Ratio

    Maradonna in racist behaviour allegations

    And probably by his friendship with Maduro.
  5. Ratio

    Free kicks style

    I think it would be a good idea to train a kicker improving his free kick style, cannonballs, soft shots and so on..
  6. Ratio

    (Suggestion) More powerful pre game editor

    Adding future loans would be nice....
  7. Ratio

    How Old Are You?

    53 and so addicted in the game....
  8. Congratulations, lower leagues from Slovakia are not very popular...great job!!!
  9. Ratio

    How To Change The Columns In The Search Results

    Michael, is it a way to search a player staff "via ID"? I mean: I wanna know to which player is linked ID XXXXXXXX....is it possible? Thanx.