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  1. Please add celebrations after a saved penalty, Thanks.
  2. Created albanian players often have double nat like alb-ita, with italian names.. It's very unrealistic, apart from a lil' minority of players with albanian-greek or albanian-north macedonia, albania-kosovo roots.
  3. I'd like also an option allowing a rich board, sometimes, to withdraw its committment on club, forcing it to lower its ambitions and targets. (Economic cycles)
  4. Istraturist Cup (for croatian teams): NK Umag, Novigrad, Jadran Porec, NK Pula, NK Opatija, NK Pazin, NK Zminj, NK Buje, Rovinj, u-21 Umag renamed "Sol polinezija Katoro". 2 groups x 5 teams, winners play final, prices 100000 - 50000.
  5. Alpe-Adria Cup: Venezia and Triestina (Italy), SAK Klagenfurt (Austria), Chiasso (Switzerland), Koper (Slovenia), NK Orijent and HNK Split (Croatia), Mornar (Montenegro). 2 Groups x 4 teams, Semifinals and finals. Prices: 200000 - 100000 - 50000 - 25000 and 25000 for less booked team (if possible).
  6. Minnow Cup: Champions of : Andorra - Luxembourg - FC Vaduz for Liechtenstein - Faroe Islands . Prices : 200000 - 150000 - 100000 - 50000.
  7. Mediterranean Cup between champions of Cyprus and Malta, 300000 to winner and 200000 to loser...just to give some help to weaker nations.
  8. Great. Did you add the rule in Sunday League about total freedom in subs during the match? With editor you'd better choose the max amount of course.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_football_league_system http://dalafotboll.nu/ and http://dalafotboll.nu/resultat-tabeller/ just to make an example with a local league, if you want also Swedish Pyramid!!
  10. https://sportdc.net/sport/1 Here you can find it!! About home kits and establishment year keep in mind Facebook is a great source!!
  11. Example: Next final EU C'ship will be played in Latvia+Lithuania. So, Federations will improve some stadia, let's say Daugava Stadium in Liepaja from 5083/4022 seats to 12000 all seats . And so on.
  12. I think it would be a good idea to train a kicker improving his free kick style, cannonballs, soft shots and so on..
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