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  1. Cool. Would you mind posting your ideal starting XI, please?
  2. Thanks. 2 additionals things to check: 1. Is this bug also present in the First Division? They should get installments paid after 11, 22 and 33 rounds, respectively. Also based on league positions. 2. Will the Superliga installments work properly as from the 20/21 season where the league is cut from 14 to 12 teams? As from that season, installments are to be paid after 11, 22 and 32 rounds, respectively. This worked properly pre-patch, fyi.
  3. @Freddie Sands, it was brought up in the Danish data issues thread that the Danish First Division player registration rules are currently not identical to the Danish Superliga player registration rules. They should be, and I believe this issue was logged and solved pre-patch. Can you either confirm or log the issue, please?
  4. Please post this in the bugs forum, as it’s not a data issue. Did you start a new game after the patch? The rules should have been updated.
  5. The total sum for each club likely won’t be the same, as each payment is based on league position. So a team placed 8th after 13 rounds and 12th after 26 rounds will likely only get rewarded for being in 12th position. Or are you saying that it’s just a matter of the news item after 13 rounds having disappeared, and that this installment is delayed, albeit correctly calculated?
  6. Very strange, as this worked fine prior to the patch. can you log it, please? Please remember that the rules change when the league is cut down from 14 to 12 teams (was also coded correctly pre-patch).
  7. But does the game hand out money after 13 rounds as well? This is important because teams are really striving to improve their league position up until and including the 13th round, as tv money is distributed based on current league position.
  8. Just edited my post. It’s supposed to be after 13, 26 and 36 rounds, respectively. Not 11, 22 and 36 as I wrote originally.
  9. The tv money rules should definitely not have changed with the 19.3 update. Teams should still get tv money after 13, 26 and 36 rounds, respectively. Please upload a save game as instructed above, if possible
  10. Possibly connected to them getting a new stadium on 1 Feb 2019, so load any save and holiday until 31 Jan 2019.
  11. yes, that's an annoying bug. will be fixed.
  12. guys, has anyone experienced realistic Danish Superliga relegation stage groups? on my game, the 4 teams with most points ended up in group A, which seems very, very strange.
  13. We will be upgrading some of their players if a data patch is released, so you might want to wait 😊
  14. In just says that he hasn’t got a Danish passport yet. Skov will of course be updated to portray his crazy development. We had him down as very good already, so nothing spectacular, but mainly his various kicking abilities.
  15. Don’t remember where he’s born, but I do know that he hasn’t got a Danish passport. https://www.tipsbladet.dk/nyhed/superliga/daramy-overvejer-fremtiden-hos-fck Awaiting SI on the fix that should earn him Danish passport early in the game.
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