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  1. Thanks. No need to post news stories. though. We've got it covered. As regards to Robert Skov, we agree, though. He has definitely grown stronger and has gained more stamina.
  2. Not sure what you mean. Can you please elaborate?
  3. Thanks. Please keep posting
  4. His main position isn't set as DC. It's set as SC with AMR as his secondary position.
  5. Thanks. We'll sort it. (if it's a duplicate, as it's a quite common name) Any aspiring Næsby researchers in here? We'd love to include one on our team.
  6. It has. "Jumping" in the game is reach, not leap.
  7. I also do the Faroese research.
  8. Thanks. Done.
  9. Thanks, done.
  10. Currently in the game, almost every time a player has scored twice and his team wins a penalty, the game overrules the penalty settings and lets the player take the penalty in order to win a hattrick, even is his a poor penalty taker. Now, imo this is a very risky approach for any manager unless the team is comfortably in front late in a match. IRL it rarely happens so I don't understand why it does so often in the game. Quite annoying. Any takes on this, please?
  11. Unfortunately, this is not very useful to us as you do not point to any specific errors and most of your post isn't data related. Vendsyssel is rated as the 5th best team in the Danish First Division which we think is realistic. Jesper Christiansen is rated as one of the best GKs of the league.
  12. Not a data issue. Not sure where you can get any help, to be honest.
  13. Thanks. But no need to mention pieces of news, just issues with the current data
  14. Olly, the goal difference that's carried over to the play off stage is the goal difference from the 6 matches vs the 3 teams from your preliminary group that are in the same play off stage as you. These 3 teams that were in your own preliminary group you won't play in the play off stage. Just like pritdc describes.
  15. Thanks. We'll fix it.