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  1. No, I’m just guessing based on Danish wage levels. I expect the German wages to be substantially higher.
  2. not sure if this is specific to Denmark or if it's a general bug but it seems I'm able to make 4 substitutions in the Danish league. I can never do the fourth substitution manually (it says I correctly have no more subs), but if I do 3 manually, the ass.man. will still suggest subbing a tired player, in which case I can press the "do it" button and it's done. .pkm is attached where I as Esbjerg fB make 4 subs. Esbjerg fB v FC Nordsjælland.pkm
  3. wages are probably also some way off, set at EUR 1.1k a week. I'd expect him to make maybe EUR 7.5k a week.
  4. True, he switched to the U19s in May 2020: https://www.tipsbladet.dk/nyhed/bundesliga/tullberg-om-nyt-dortmund-job-den-chance-ville-jeg-ikke-faa-gange
  5. See screenshot below. EUro Championship awards now also show all of the years in which there were no Euro and thus no award winners. It doesn't make much sense to show all these no-entries. only the years of a Euro should be showed. Not sure if it's caused by the postponement of the Euro. World Cup has the same issues, though.
  6. He switched jobs to the U19s at some point so his non-player history needs his former Dortmund II role reflected.
  7. He shouldn’t have a non-player history at all.
  8. Just started season 2 and I noticed that the team records had not updated the "most assists by a player in a season" record. as this record is an in-game record only, it should always update after season 1 as no prior record exists.
  9. Jacob Sørensen, Norwich: He is 1.84m tall and weighs 77 kilos.https://www.google.com/search?kgmid=/g/11dfh3m6wn&hl=da-DK&q=Jacob+Lungi+Sørensen&kgs=58dfbec72218e8f5&shndl=0&source=sh/x/kp&entrypoint=sh/x/kp (look at the right of the screen) is also missing a Danish 3F Superliga 3rd place achievement for Esbjerg fB in 2019 as player.
  10. Always wondered about those and the favourite staff issues of Italian licensed teams. isn’t it a matter of explaining the functionality to the clubs? I’d suspect that they unintentionally haven’t approved stuff like rivals, favourite staff, etc., and that, if provided with the context, they would.
  11. Gripper, I read in the Italian thread that they have the same problem, AC Milan was mentioned. Might be the same issue.
  12. There was a bug with retired numbers in Holland. It might be universal.
  13. The game can only handle one assistant manager so if more are set, it choses between them.
  14. please reconsider Christian Eriksen's work rate of 7. He is actually very hard working player and has been told time and time again to work less so he can use his skills attackingly. furthermore, please reconsider his penalty attribute of 13. He is the regular penalty taker for Denmark and has scored something like 15 from 16 kicks.
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