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  1. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    This is based on our general knowledge of typical contract when players extend their contracts during certain stages of their careers. In this case we are not sure, but we believe that such a clause exists.
  2. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks. Fixed for a future patch.
  3. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Sure. Which fix are you requesting, please? Both Cagaras are already at the club in the game.
  4. @Olly Kenney, it seems a bug has resurfaced where Danish clubs below the Danish Second Division are allowed to loan players. As all clubs below the Danish Second Division are required to be amateurs irl, they cannot loan players either as that implies a contract. Can you please ask the coders to ensure that such clubs shouldn't be able to loan players?
  5. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    What's weird about him?
  6. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Because, as I said, it’s correctly set up in the database. The game code is displaying it wrong. There is nothing more we can do with the data.
  7. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks. We'll look into this.
  8. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    It is correctly set up in the database. would you mind raising this in the bugs section?
  9. [Denmark] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Thanks, Olly. Please incorporate similar dispensation rules and consequences if requirements aren't met as in the Danish Superliga.
  10. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    I believe you're right Too late to fix, though.
  11. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Last time we checked before our deadline, there was still confusion regarding the stadium. Consequently, we chose not to add it.
  12. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    thanks. We'll move Broder Nielsen when we can. also, we have no info on Tue's height/weight but have listed him as being "tall", which our sources suggested. we'll fix it. These changes won't make the release version, unfortunately. makes sense, thanks. we'll fix it for a future patch. thanks. we've missed this, it seems. we'll update it for a patch.
  13. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Does OB have any full time scouts irl other than their chief scout?
  14. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks. We’ll discuss with SI? Does OB have any full time scouts irl aside fron their chief scout?
  15. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    this is not a data issue. please mention it in the bugs forum.