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  1. Can you elaborate, please? We do not wish to consider unofficial caps.
  2. thanks, all caps have been updated for the new season. however, according to our sources, Sanneh has 6 caps and Okwi has 50 with 18 gls.
  3. thanks, we'll ensure the team that qualifies through the European play-off is ranked the lowest of the Danish participants. not sure why this isn't already the case.
  4. thanks. we need a save game from right before the problem occurs/right before the draw. is that the case in your save game?
  5. thanks, wasn't aware of 13131425. we'll sort this.
  6. thanks. we've already deleted the former.
  7. Guys, please delete the 04/05 Porto 0/0 entry. There's no need when it's an empty entry and he has an entry from the B-team for that very same season.
  8. also, shouldn't 'for' be 'på'? 'TV-penge og præmiepenge på i alt 62,16m...'
  9. Unfortunately the game can't handle finishing positions properly in a league such as the Danish. Hopefully this will change in the future.
  10. Thanks - we'll look into both issues. I think the latter is already coded (or at least something similar).
  11. Link to update here (Fochive has been moved to Viborg): http://www.mediafire.com/download/40cbcvu9lj5vthz/patch_changes.fmf
  12. Does anyone know an upload site that won't expire?
  13. The work permit rules are correct to the extent that non-EU players need to earn a certain amount of money to get work permits. The game should probably ensure that these non-EU newgens are given contracts in which they earn enough to get work permits, if possible. IRL the clubs would never sign these non-EU youngsters unless their contracts match the minimum wages to warrant work permits. Olly, is this doable?