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  1. Thanks, discussed and removed from his profile again
  2. Could someone in-house maybe run a long soak to test this? Obviously, it's game breaking if it happens.
  3. Good spot, thanks
  4. Surely, he must have if he has played for the youth national sides?
  5. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to prioritise such smaller clubs that don't add much to the game from a neutral's perspective.
  6. Thanks, fixed.
  7. Good spot. Will be done.
  8. done, thanks.
  9. Thanks for the attention. This is already in the data if you apply the data patch. He has made no definitive decision yet but I expect him to be called for Denmark within a not too distant future.
  10. Danish media did a piece on Daley Blind recently. You've pretty much got the strengths they outlined correct, but they pinpointed tackling and marking as weaker points than in his current profile. Not sure if it's useful to you but now you know
  11. Unfortunately due to legal reasons we can't set any agents so we decided it's better to have them in as scouts rather than omitting them. All agents are randomly generated.
  12. A tiny update with various Danish tweaks can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/38p8gagwa7ag75g/Denmark_-_patch_changes_E79B0ECD-5633-4E50-9CC8-25FD1CE11E95.fmf Needs to go in your sports interactive ==> football manager 2017 ==> editor data folder Enjoy!
  13. please post in the relevant club/country thread. no need for an entire thread for this.