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  1. the game should tell you. I think Okore is out until 15 October and Boilesen until 31 October.
  2. it's unlikely as he has always been natural AMC in the db.
  3. passing 17 and vision 19 does seem excessive for any DC in the world, to be honest. If he was that good at it, I bet he'd play in midfield.
  4. they haven't played irl yet (as of 19 October) because they were both unfit when they joined FCK. We've tried to emulate this by setting them as unavailable.
  5. As mentioned, Hjulsager is AMC on my game and in the database. maybe you need to scout him to get the precise info? Gripper, if you're reading this, can you please verify that he's still AMC in the master db? We'll review Holst later on. As mentioned, he said himself in an interview that he prefers central midfield (which was also his position before Brøndby started using him on DR - a bit like we kept Hjulsager's position as AMC evne though he was being played on the wing). Albrechtsen has 15 and 16 in DL and DR which is realistic. He has always been capable of playing there.
  6. Hjulsager is and has always been natural on the AMC position (we are aware of his preference despite having been used on the wings in the early part of his career). If the game shows anything else, it's a bug and not a data issue. His AML rating is 18. Holst actually said recently that he sees himself as DMC now in Zorniger's 442diamond formation. hasn't he played in central midfield recently (which makes it DMC in Zorniger's system)? We'll look into Albrechtsen - his full back ratings are not very high so he shouldn't be playing there regularly.
  7. thanks - for some reason we'd moved him to Viborg. very good spot
  8. Danish HR here. Please post any issues and help us make FM17 even better.
  9. thanks, we'll ensure the team that qualifies through the European play-off is ranked the lowest of the Danish participants. not sure why this isn't already the case.
  10. thanks. we need a save game from right before the problem occurs/right before the draw. is that the case in your save game?
  11. also, shouldn't 'for' be 'på'? 'TV-penge og præmiepenge på i alt 62,16m...'
  12. Unfortunately the game can't handle finishing positions properly in a league such as the Danish. Hopefully this will change in the future.
  13. Thanks - we'll look into both issues. I think the latter is already coded (or at least something similar).
  14. The work permit rules are correct to the extent that non-EU players need to earn a certain amount of money to get work permits. The game should probably ensure that these non-EU newgens are given contracts in which they earn enough to get work permits, if possible. IRL the clubs would never sign these non-EU youngsters unless their contracts match the minimum wages to warrant work permits. Olly, is this doable?
  15. Logged, thanks. Not sure what happened as the away goals rule used to work properly for the Danish Cup (the play-offs just mirror the rules of the Danish Cup). Will be fixed for FM17