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  1. Nikolai Laursen is missing a transfer fee in his 2017 PSV history entry. If you can't find the exact amount, please add -1.
  2. Hi Vesse It seems Faith Friday Obilor has a common name, which isn't needed.
  3. There's a wrong transfer fee in the history entry of Denis Suarez I've marked on the screenshot. I'm guessing it should be the loan fee from his time at Arsenal. If so, the fee should be moved to the Arsenal loan entry
  4. Eibar's text bar colours are red with white text, however the dominant colour on their kit is blue.
  5. Any chance this could be logged, please?
  6. Any chance this could be logged, please?
  7. Please consider lowering Emre Mor’s teamwork attribute to the 1-3 region. He is one of the most self centered players I’ve ever seem. Got him thrown out of Lyngby as a youth player and I’ve seen little if no improvement since then. His behaviour at Dortmund also got him in trouble.
  8. Please consider removing Txiki Begiristain as common name and adding Txiki as first name, so media will sometimes refer to him as Begiristain only and not always Txiki Begiristain. Txiki is just a nickname used as his first name, it he is also often called Begiristain. Like Pep Guardiola, or Toni Polster, Toni Schumacher, etc.
  9. Good work Then no change needed.
  10. Please see attached screenshot a few seasons in. The nation records do not seem to be recorded properly. They should obviously update each 1 January, as they are all calendar year records. To reproduce: Run any game past 31 Dec 2018 and go to France's nation records to see the blanks I've marked on the screenshot.
  11. Something's wrong with Tevez' history
  12. ECL record formats are strangely now recorded as straight season records rather than cross-over season records (e.g. "2013" rather than "2012/2013"). Please see attached screenshot where I've marked the wrong seasonal formats, both existing records from the game's start and newly generated records.
  13. Pape Cheikh Diop should have his common name deleted, as it’s just his full name. would be like having Kylian Mbappé Lottin as his common name
  14. Same goes for Ruben Perez of Leganes. on the other hand, Sergi Roberto of Barca might be a contender for a common name, as my understanding is that Roberto is also a first name (e.g. like Roberto Carlos or Cristiano Ronaldo).
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