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  1. please reconsider Christian Eriksen's work rate of 7. He is actually very hard working player and has been told time and time again to work less so he can use his skills attackingly. furthermore, please reconsider his penalty attribute of 13. He is the regular penalty taker for Denmark and has scored something like 15 from 16 kicks.
  2. Absolutely legendary. Shows what a playground the world of FM is. Would you mind posting the Danes, please (2 x Laudrup, Morten Olsen, etc.)?
  3. I can't find it either in the report Can you point me towards it, please?
  4. Cool. Would you mind posting your ideal starting XI, please?
  5. yes, that's an annoying bug. will be fixed.
  6. We will be upgrading some of their players if a data patch is released, so you might want to wait 😊
  7. Would love a save game from just before the bids, as these players should be worth no more than £800-900k, which is also set in the database.
  8. What’s the 3 sub issue, please? 3 subs in some leagues is intentional. In both the First and Second Divisions, any additional subs further to 3 + 1 GK need to be U21 players.
  9. To original poster: Thanks for the read. I’m glad you enjoyed the Danish league. It looks very unusual that those big clubs come in for FCN’s players. That doesn’t happen on my saves and none of them are good enough in the set of data I sent in. Did you apply any data updates? Or are you maybe playing with a small database, making the clubs fight over the players that are actually available?
  10. Don’t worry. You are on my list. There just isn’t anything we can do right now.
  11. Tried this with Bayern and I got hammered in all matches Main issues were: 1) Defensively my players never really closed down despite asking them to. They just stand around and stare at the attackers. 2) Attackingly my players tend to dwell on the ball and stand around until tackled. 3) I am not getting many counter attacks at all. I have no idea how to change this. I played an attacking minded tactic before where I won most matches but didn't play very well.
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