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  1. Nørbæk

    [Danish] issues in Danish Translation

    "Credits" is translated wrong as "rulletekster". "Rulletekster" means credits after a movie. "Credits" in this context should be "krediteringer" or "spilkrediteringer".
  2. Nørbæk

    [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    I know I also posted in the US thread. I guess it doesn't matter for Pirlo as he will be removed for FM19, but then they know the approach for future references.
  3. Nørbæk

    [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Guys, Pirlo should be removed from the game rather than being available until 31/12/17. We also carry out transfers right away when they have hapenned irl, even if they occur after the game’s start.
  4. Nørbæk

    [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    On the subject of u20/u18 teams, if clubs have u19s and u17s irl, why not just have reserves and u19s in the game? Then at least the u19 team is correct.
  5. Nørbæk

    [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    He should be removed entirely just like we also complete transfers that happen on 31/12 (or 1/1) and should thus not be available for the first half of the season.
  6. Nørbæk

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    The FCK researcher will respond re. Sotiriou, @Psychoward Outpatient Matic is set up correctly, with a preference for playing for Serbia and a dislike towards Bulgaria. So this is a game bug, unfortunately. I think we'll have to declare him for Serbia in future versions to avoid this issue, although this approach is not 100 % real life accurate. Same thing regarding FCK's and FCM's loans. It's a game balance thing rather than a data issue. AFAIK, there is nothing we can do datawise, unfortunately.
  7. Nørbæk

    [Norway] (Official) Data Issues

    Most likely Solksjær’s achievements were wrongly added to his profile. Some mistakenly add manager achievements to other staff than the actual first team manager.
  8. Nørbæk

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    You can download a small unofficial update here where we've fixed some of the missed stuff above, adjusted a few players, etc. Enjoy! http://www.filedropper.com/danishpatchchanges
  9. Nørbæk

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Yeah, not really sure what happened to Bundu. We increased his wages so he shoould've been fine, but it seems the 'has no work permit' field is ticked, for some reason
  10. Nørbæk

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks. All seem like legitimate issues. We can't make any changes now, however, but we'll make notes and do them in time for FM19. One remark, though: The news about Pusic never said anything about a loan. I can see that the link you posted speculate that it might be a loan, but I never saw anything official.
  11. Nørbæk

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    True. His contract was terminated at Lyngby after our deadline, and his transfer also happened after, unfortunately. Agreed. We'll have a look for FM19. In the meantime, you can make the change in the editor. Do you follow FCR closely? We're looking for a researcher to take responsbility for them You're right. It likely hasn't been looked at for years and I don't think it has any effect in-game. We'll change it. We'll have to change the statuses of HB Køge, FC Helsingør and FC Roskilde to full time. We were made aware of this after our deadline so unfortunately we couldn't do anything. For now, you can easily make the changes with the editor. Thanks for letting us know
  12. Nørbæk

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    We’ve fixed it.
  13. Nørbæk

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    This is true. Obviously, they also succeeded in hiding him from us, so sadly we couldn’t get his profile right until he actually started making public appearances. Expect a big upgrade to his profile
  14. Nørbæk

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Please post all issues here, also minor issues. Then we'll ensure that they're fixed If you follow specific clubs, we'll also happily include you in our research. We're always searching for people with an eye for detail.
  15. Nørbæk

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Nelsson already has the potential to be an international. Our FCN researcher has deemed that Damsgaard and Benjamin Hansen aren't that talented. Andreas Søndergaard has PA -65, which is in the 100-130 range, so he'll be talented in some games and not so much in other. We believe this is a correct assessment. We've obviously moved him to Wolves. You've linked to an article about Mads Bidstrup so we assume you would like to point out that he's talented. We agree. His PA is already high enough for him to be a future Danish international so his transfer is perfectly in line with our expectations.