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  1. Most transfer fees and dates in Jonas Thern's player history are missing. Furthermore, all his player achievements (except those from Malmö) are missing. Can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonas_Thern
  2. please update Eddi Gomes' international caps to 4/1: https://www.transfermarkt.com/eddi-gomes/nationalmannschaft/spieler/161137/hauptwettbewerb/ACQ/verein_id/3701
  3. Jacob Sørensen of Esbjerg fB is missing his U21 caps: 2/0 as per the start of the 19/20 season.
  4. Agreed that Robertson improved (which I also wrong in my post). But so did all the others probably so relatively he should still be in the deep end of the squad
  5. Please fill Luis Enrique's 1988 Sporting B history entry with 0/0. He didn't play any matches in the 88/89 season. Also, he's missing a transfer fee in the 1987 La Braña history. Likely a free transfer, otherwise fill it with -1 for undisclosed.
  6. Maybe ask the relevant HRs to fix them?
  7. Real Madrid is missing its "most goals by a player in a league match" record. for such a well-documented club it's likely not that hard to find.
  8. Kalusha Bwalya might be the oldest player to ever play for Zambia aged 41. Details are already in the 'Oldest ever goalscorer" record for Zambia as he scored in the match.
  9. So there's a list of Greek female names even though the game doesn't create any Greek females?
  10. Won't the issue keep appearing, then? If the game looks for Greek female names that aren't there, it will revert to Turkey again, surely, @Woodg SI?
  11. Seems Pione Sisto is hit by depression, sadly. I'm not completely sure, but based on the articles here it could seem that some of his mental traits should be quite low (pressure, big matches, etc.).
  12. Awesome. Look forward to seeing the labour of the hard work
  13. Franco Foda has no transfer fees in his history. I suggest using -1s if they're unknown.
  14. The 'Most overall goals by a player in a season' record is missing for Man CIty.
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