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  1. A little update: Made some more tweaks after the new public beta and found a very good tactic (always reading the section to get better). Only thing I feel that needs an upgrade is the Striker and by using a Target Man, I felt a huge difference on the first and only game using this role.
  2. Perfect. This topic needs to be developed onto the Feature Request section. That's the next step that Football Manager needs to become more realistic.
  3. Feel free to develop your thoughts, mate. That's why we are here and why I created this thread hahaha I'm just trying to see the big picture while the tactic runs well
  4. OK, 1st season is over and we are in Championship. Now, with more stability and no pressure to get a promotion right from the start, I can develop better withou pressure. After reading the Tactics section here, I got this tactic working fine: Works nice and it is very stable in defense, but I'm worried about how my team creates chances. It's mainly from the right that the danger comes from, but I need more variety to maintain the tactic for a long term. Maybe making the leftback overlap more or changing the AMC role (I like a lot how they work, really don't want to change this). They are creating chances like this one: https://streamable.com/90rxj
  5. An update: This is the only game I play, so I really never stopped playing. Went to the tactical section here, read a little, made a few tweaks and my team plays really nice now, thumbs up to SI for the variety regarding the actions. One example: https://streamable.com/90rxj Result: Still upset because my striker and my winger keeps missing a lot of one vs one and the quantity of set pieces is overwhelming.
  6. In my view, there is a lot of variety regarding play and construction in ME. But, in the end, it seems that's only one way to really score and suffer goals at the finishing zones and that's really frustrating to anyone who takes a lot of time and testing to build a squad and a good tactic.
  7. I'm giving up too. I'm just tired, it's not fun. If you play with a high defensive block, you get balls over the top all over the place. If you play with a low block, you need to pray in every defensive phase to your defender not screw up by giving possession directly into the opposition feet.
  8. DE = Left full/wing back, sorry for the translation error My goal is to overload the centre/left side to produce space and make the Wingback run and do his thing
  9. Like this one (ignore roles and duties, I just don't know what the shape is )? I can use Gooch (Watmore needs training) as a Winger to make my right side the "agressive side", and use McGeady or Maguire to cut inside and maybe overlap the DE to develop a left wing focused to construct the game, right?
  10. It works, but I don't feel that's consistent for a long term save. My team makes a lot of goals using balls over the top, set pieces and penalties, but that's not the way I want to play. And it makes sense when you say that some things are contraditory regarding the tactic I'm using, my games are an absolute chaos and, even knowing that's how the game and managing works, I don't want to make a lot of tactical changes in one match. I just want to build a stable and solid team using the capacity from my midfield to control matches and dominate my oppositon.
  11. No and no. Just two strikers and both of them don't got the speed to overpower the defences in general using their physicality. Right now I'm adopting a 4-2-3-1 focused on possession, to profit the traits and quality from my central midfielders (just got a lot of them in my squad, need to manage them well) and wingers, who play in a support role to get the ball in their feet and not launch them in the space.
  12. EDIT: My entire team https://postimg.cc/gallery/1fulq2tjy/
  13. I'm managing Sunderland in League One. No signings and many tactics used to try to get the best from my players. It's not a bad tactic, but I think that I can take more from my wingers, who doesn't seem to play well like pure wingers as they lack speed. Also, I guess that speed is something that my entire team don't have and I really wanted to make a better defensive block (play with a 4-4-2, 4-4-1-1, 4-1-4-1...). What do you guys think?
  14. Yeah, I know that Wanted to know if someone had success with them, ask some tactical advices... All I know is that, in a short period, the team gives you a good amount of cash to spend
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