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  1. Well, I guess that feature is essential if you play a Youth Challenge to develop better some players, for example. It's one of my favorites at the moment.
  2. Why Maxime Lopez still with Runs With Ball Down Left? He plays mainly in the centre midfielder position and rarely goes to the flanks to run like a winger. He plays more like a associative player.
  3. What font FM19 is using this year? FM18 was Proxima Nova, if I'm not wrong. This year seems to be Helvetica family, but I'm unsure...
  4. Just fix the scouting system and this will be the best FM ever.
  5. It's possible to Rangers U20 join the league in the future?
  6. Can someone explain why regens sometimes get Bravery and Determination so low? That's something that really annoy, cause it influences a lot his peformance. Determination we can work on by tutoring, but Bravery...
  7. In the same way that there is a request to ask the board to adjust and raise the porcentage for the transfer budget, I think that is reasonable to make one request to downgrade it too. The board always raise it to 100% and in many cases the team gets a negative balance for no reason.
  8. The problem isn't me trying to sign and develop the best players. The point is: in real life, in many cases, the physical status is becoming a factor less determinant to be able to compete and the newgens in FM always has a high level in all physical attributes when the game reaches a certain point in future.
  9. Why does the engine always prioritize newgens with great physical attributes in the future? Saw it in FM16 and got a 2025 save file in FM17 and it's the same thing. Gets very hard to compete against the best teams in the world cause they always have the best players in every aspect (technical, mental, physical). It's something related to the incapacity that the engine has to develop players who are less physical a few years after? And why the engine doesn't make AML or AMR with inverted foot? We will need to train every player who is right footed to play in the left side, for example?
  10. I've done it, but all I got was a black screen instead. Just left the \graphics\boxes\dialog\background with the paper.xml inside into the skins folder.
  11. I think that we will need to wait the Base Skin to edit the paper.xml file, right?
  12. You are from Germany, right? To play FM in the past years, you got to buy one key without region restriction in order to activate the game even if it isn't sold where you are based?
  13. It means that if I'm in Germany or in Brazil, for example, I can buy the game, but it can't be activated? And if I buy the key from a retailer who sells a Worldwide key I will be able to play the game anywhere without problems? EDIT: Just made contact with SEGA about region issues twice, but the answer is always the same: "There is currently no information regarding the release of FM17 for your country"
  14. Thanks for the help, just extracted the tactics overview panel.xml file using the Resource Archiver, made the changes and everything is working now.
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