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  1. It would be great to have the option to choose from default, dark and light skin again, so we don't have the need to wait someone else to do it.
  2. Yanis Begraoui should have his height and weight fixed. 1,78m and 70kg, as the official Auxerre website says https://www.aja.fr/fiche/yanis-begraoui
  3. Can you guys tell me where I can buy the code (global) to activate the game by myself in Steam? I live in Brazil and we can't buy directly from Steam and Epic.
  4. Results before the update Results after the update Same tactic, same everything...
  5. I'm playing with Hamburg in 2.Bundesliga and we are one of the favorites to be promoted, but I'm unable to take the best out from my team and it's reflecting in my results (a good amount of occasions, no goals as I want to score a lot more). As we are waiting for the last update, I wanna to understand better what is working and what is going wrong with this version and my tactic. My squad: https://postimg.cc/gallery/slga5e3u/
  6. This. Will try to report as I did to do my part and I wanna wait for the last update in a few days as a fan full of hope. But I'm already thinking about what old FM version will be my "new" game until FM21.
  7. One more, now against St Pauli St. Pauli - Hamburg.pkm
  8. Seems that in public beta there is a lot of goals being scored from outside the box. Uploaded some examples (goals against my team, Hamburg) and will upload some more as they keep coming. Hamburg - Arminia Bielefeld.pkm Hannover 96 - Hamburg.pkm
  9. A little update: Made some more tweaks after the new public beta and found a very good tactic (always reading the section to get better). Only thing I feel that needs an upgrade is the Striker and by using a Target Man, I felt a huge difference on the first and only game using this role.
  10. Perfect. This topic needs to be developed onto the Feature Request section. That's the next step that Football Manager needs to become more realistic.
  11. Feel free to develop your thoughts, mate. That's why we are here and why I created this thread hahaha I'm just trying to see the big picture while the tactic runs well
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