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  1. Well, it's not like professional medical staff always make the right decisions or that the manager listens to or understand the information they are given by the medical staff. In real life, players play on pain-killers from time to time and are rushed back onto the field after injuries more often than not. One could argue that it has been too easy for us to minimize risk of injuries or fatigue in the game. I for one have been very uncomfortable to start at match with a player on 89% fitness compared to one with 90% or 91%. So to make Football Manager players use their squad in a more realisti
  2. Regardless of the leagues you choose as playable or view only, load players from top clubs or first division in all continents if you want a balanced newgen production
  3. As far as I know the names of every person in the database are used. However, we can make a name unavailable for newgens if it's not common (for instance double surnames). Also, if a name is not commonly associated with the person's nationality or ethnicity we can enter the nationality and/or ethnicity the name is associated with.
  4. Everyone in Stockholm support AIK, Djurgården or Hammarby. There are often small clubs from Stockholm as high as the First division elite (IK Frej, Akropolis, Brommapojkarna, AFC United) that no one cares about at all. Brommapojkarna and Frej averaged about 600-700 spectators per home game last season. If you want to manage a club from the second division to the professional leagues and have growing attendance you should pick a club from a city that doesn't have a professional club already.
  5. Mexico FA belong to CONCACAF, not CONMEBOL, but used to send teams to Copa Libertadores due to Latin American cultural ties I guess. But the CONCACAF competitions are their first priority when it comes to international play. If I remember correctly, CONCACAF changed the format of their Champions League and CONMEBOL changed the scheduling of Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana so the combination of these two factors made Mexican representation in Copa Libertadores impossible a few years ago.
  6. Yeah, Assyrian is not just Syrian (or a nationality at all), that's my point. As a researcher (responsible for Assyriska BK in Gothenburg among other clubs) I am interested in the realism of the game. These clubs are of course diverse and open for everyone but if it is set up that a club like Assyriska FF, Assyriska BK or Syrianska FC spawn newgens based on these second nationalities I would consider that potentially unrealistic. Because a player of, for example, Arab ethnicity and Iraqi second nationality is not more likely than anyone else to be attracted to an Assyrian club, if you see
  7. There are a lot of Swedish clubs that are formed by people of Assyrian and/or Aramean background (not to be confused with citizens of the country Syria). So these clubs are not to my knowledge set up in the database to spawn newgens with Syria as a second nationality. Of course there may be Assyrians with a Syrian passport (or Turkish or Iraqi) but I'm not sure it can be set up so that Syrianska FC for example spawn newgens with previously named second nationalities AND an Assyrian ethnicity, because that ethnicity parameter does not exist in the database.
  8. Well, facilities are probably ranked accurately enough in relative terms but it is very simplified.
  9. That video explains it beautifully. I always get a calming sense of order thinking about properly numbered lineups or players. I am equally furious about the fact that my club gave number 2 to a left back for the second season in a row and number 8 to a centre back. I guess it is hard to interpret these varying shirt numbering evolutions into the code of the game. If an English defensive midfielder (a number 4) moves to a German club, where number 6 is more associated with defensive midfielders, which squad number should the AI assign to the player? This also ignores if the numbers in que
  10. I'll never get why clubs should have more players under contract than they intend to use, but then again some clubs have nearly 200 players contracted. If you have 20-25 players that you don't need in your own first team I think that you should sell them as quickly as you get a reasonable offer. Why spend time and energy managing them instead of the players you actually need? If you have more than 25 players in the club too old for the youth team you haven't planned your squad well enough.
  11. Players who switch foot depending on which side a set piece is taken from are very rare. Only Jaroslav Plasil comes to mind for me. Perhaps it should be a PPM.
  12. Not a player, but anyone else recognize the club RUOR from Belarus? If I remember correctly they had perfect youth facilities set in the database and if you loaded belarusian players you could pick up a few good regens from there.
  13. @Aeon If he's got three more years on his contract I would not sell for that kind of money, I would wait a year or so to see if his reputation (and thereby market value) will increase. For a talent like that in the Scandinavian leagues you should aim at something in the region of AT LEAST £1,5 to 2 million (including % of future transfer fee). That's realistic. No top tier club in Scandinavia would accept any lower than that nowadays if the player already is an important part of the first team and the interested clubs in question are among the best in the world. Look att Benjamin Nygren who l
  14. The "European club ranking" is all about reputation and the club coefficients are about results in CL and EL is my guess. So, two completely different tables.
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