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  1. Others seem to have experienced similar problems.
  2. There are several database values affecting player value. And you can also completely disregard it while playing since it is only a very vague guideline. The value of the player is only determined in negotiation with another club. If the in-game guideline is too precise and up to date there will be no point in bidding for other players right? Then it is more like a price tag.
  3. Agree. It would be valuable for both team selection and training. The development plan for a player can´t only exist in the mind of the manager, the whole coaching staff should work towards it.
  4. Youth players should be available to sometimes (like a rotating schedule) train with the senior squad without actually being promoted and at those times be able to take part in mentoring. So not the same effect as players in the senior squad but some effect at least. From my understanding that is how it works in many professional clubs and it can make a big impression on the young players even though they don´t end up being promoted to the senior squad.
  5. If they still had Maris Verpakovskis it would have been you losing 14-0.
  6. I have found that my technical director sign staff for my youth squads for lower wages than I would have managed. I have though mostly been focusing on trying to sign staff for my senior squad and feel that most I find worth signing are demanding much more than I can pay (or the board allow me to pay). However my technical director sign acceptable staff for my reserve and youth squad for peanuts. I manage Slovan Bratislava (second season) so it´s not the best TD in the game doing this for me. So I find the role, in my save, satisfying enough so far. However, how realistic is it for a club
  7. Rayo is the Spanish version of St Pauli? They used to have rainbow details on their kits some seasons ago and attract the same kind of hipster following I guess. If you want to manage in Sweden you could pick basically any club since all are at least 51% owned and run by club members and contribute a lot to their local communities. But avoid AFC Eskilstuna, Östersunds FK, Dalkurd, Utsiktens BK and Team TG. They have been doing their best to exploit financial and administrative loopholes with sketchy minority owners or chairmen.
  8. I would like to be able to create some kind of individual training templates. Especially when it comes to teaching players new positions/roles. In my current save I have a 16 year old regen spawned as a natural right side winger. However his attributes and physical frame suggest that he is more promising as a centre back. I also want my centre backs to be able to play as an anchor man in the DM strata so I have begun training him for that position. My problem is (1) that I can´t train him in several new positions at the same time and (2) that nobody in the club except me see him as a cent
  9. Are wages actually (IRL) paid weekly in England/UK? Feels like factories during the 1800:s. One of many anglocentric features in the game I guess. The only reasonable would be if the game stored the yearly wages and divided that value by 12 or 52 depending on your preferred display setting. But from what I have noticed working with the database it converts wages to weekly and multiply by 4,33 or 52. Not a very big deal (even though the observation above is remarkable) but weekly wages must be the least relevant setting of the three?
  10. This attribute decide how likely the goalkeeper is "to do non-goalkeeping things and the unexpected from a goalkeeper". So if the goalkeeper have good mental attributes and decent technique a higher eccentricity attribute isn't a problem compared to a keeper with low eccentricity and low mental attributes. That's what I would think at least.
  11. At the start of a save game you can load players from a continent/nation/national team and such. I always select players from top divisions on every continent for example. But mid-game I think you are stuck with adding leagues.
  12. The stars represent your staffs PERCEIVED current/potential ability IN RELATION to other players. Not the player's actual ability. Also young attacking players are always more hyped than defensive players so SI perhaps want to represent that in the game by building in some kind of bias in the PPA (perceived potential ability) algorithm. It would make some kind of sense.
  13. Isn't the standard narrative on this topic from the real world the following: Because of the squad rules, Russian clubs pay Russian players ridiculously high wages due to the fact that they need Russian key players in their squad. This means that Russian players will not be offered more lucrative contracts from other countries unless we talk about the very biggest clubs in Europe. That may be represented in the game somehow. Perhaps the template for newgens with Russian nationality is set to have high loyalty and/or low adaptability?
  14. Amazing that experienced FM players confuse performance and ability so often. As the manager the performance is the only thing you have to focus on. Of course high ability will increase the chances of a good performance (but there are also hidden attributes and external circumstances that will affect performance). Great performance may indicate high current ability but says nothing about potential ability. The performance can be BECAUSE OF or DESPITE the player's ability. To enjoy the game as much as possible you should know as little as possible about the database. You should base your d
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