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  1. Hi Ben, I have uploaded the save game labelled 'Alex Tyc - Leamington5.fm'. It is saved to the 23rd July just before the start of the new season. Cheers
  2. Hi Ben, I'll upload a save game when I get to the end of the current season for the 1st issue. For the second issue I've had a look at the fixtures for my U23 team and they start in 2027/28 which is the first season in the Premier League after being promoted. I can only assume that was when the U23 team was created? My U18s team has a fixture list from the start of the save game. But I'm afraid I don't have a save game before this point as it's 9 seasons ago
  3. Hi there, This could be posted in a selection of forums as I have two different issues but I believe they are linked together. Playing as Leamington I have managed to get to the Premier League and have won the title and Champions League multiple times. I have upgraded the Junior Coaching & Youth Recruitment to Exceptional, the Youth Level is 1 and the Training and Youth facilities are state of the art. However my U23s or my U18s are never entered into any league and just plat friendlies or the Checkertrade Trophy fixtures. On previous games my youth teams would have already entered these at somepoint but in FM 2020 this is not happening. In conjunction with this i cannot assign/change the U23 Staff responsibilities. When you view any screen such as recruiting staff, sorting contracts, transfers etc there are no options to select. If you select the 'Set All' drop down then select 'Take control of all yourself' this will revert back to 'Set all to staff member' (which there isn't anything present to do so) when you come back into the screen. This means that for players in my U23s a member of staff can control their contracts,reject/accept transfer offers etc, Automatically and I will only see a message in my inbox that a player has been given a new contract when they sign it. The only way to stop this is promote them all to the senior squad then have them available for the U23s. Has anyone else seen this? I'm assuming both issues mentioned might be connected hence why they are in this post together. I can upload a save game, however I expect you will want one at the end of a season to see why things are not triggering correctly?
  4. Hi there, I expect this is probably the same as the other crashes people are having on the forum, but my game currently crashes while saving the game on the 3rd January 2022. It had been working fine for the past couple of days using patch 14.3 before I hit that date. I managed to get it to save on the 2nd January however. To re-create the issue all you need to do is use the Save Game called Leamington3, answer the interview questions then progress to the next day which is the 3rd January and then save the game. There is a lot going on with that day, pre-contract offers, fixtures etc but these haven't been a problem since I've started playing this save game. The following folders are where the relevant information is stored: Screenshot: /fm/game-screenshots/Crash Dump While Saving.jpg Save Game: /fm/game-save/Leamington3.zip Crash Dump: /fm/game-crash/FM 2014 v14.3.0.474125 (2014.03.04 21.02.36).dmp If you need any more information then let me know. Cheers
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