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  1. I think what @Johnny Ace and @LHurlz said makes a lot of sense. And yeah I would definitely put a full back on the right instead of a wing back. Generally I think the major difference is that a Wing back (S/A) is generally for flanks with no wing support (or also with IW's and IF's). I'm also 75% sure the game says this too in the role description. Also, the first thing I considered when I looked at your tactic was the midfield. While the BBM technically is a runner, I always found it too conservative in attack, especially paired with a DLP(s). Generally, I love using the Mezzala(A) role for t
  2. Haha same here! Especially with strikers. Not as much with other players but it still happens.
  3. I’m pretty sure when the next season rolls around, you still get the massive budget you expected. The screen does indeed show next season’s transfer budget, but from my experience it does not actually affect me the next season. Even when the club’s finances are precarious. The only way it seems to affect me tends to be the percentage of transfer revenue made available.
  4. Hey I appreciate that you don’t agree with the “too easy” claims, but dismissing all such complaints as “they don’t entertain other ways to enjoy the game” is a massive generalization. I haven’t given my two cents on difficulty yet, because I’m not yet sure which camp I fall in. However, I have seen people complain about different aspects of difficulty that can be tuned and give valid suggestions. Another thing, I know asking for difficulty levels is a bit of a stretch considering how the game is coded. But why is that something that affects you, who doesn’t think the game is too eas
  5. I think you’re right here. The installments should increase the value of the overall transfer. That’s how getting anything on credit works (you pay more interest for paying over time). I think another solution could be to make the installments come back to bite you sooner. For example, we have a “next seasons transfer budget”. Perhaps the installments could affect that. It would lead to seasons where you spend more and seasons where you spend less (that’s how it is in real life even for the richest teams). This way we’d be less likely to make installment transfers all the time. Or at
  6. No I don't. I see what you're saying but I'll try to show you what I mean in a video tomorrow. The only reason I added the "less risk" instruction in the first place was because of this issue. I am also pretty sure this is something that never happened before. The opposition literally retreats to their defensive shape but my center back clears it. Also, in other FM's I would play with a BPD and he would never do such except it was a long ball actually aimed at someone. I do hear you though about the risks. Although I'm also sure the "take fewer risks" option literally says
  7. I think this bug has been reported already. But my defenders (both CB's on "take less risks") and my DM (DM on take less risks) keep hoofing the ball upfield for no apparent reason. I'd understand if they were getting pressed but they weren't. I know this is not a bug forum but I didn't want to go through the pain-staking process of reporting it if it has already been acknowledged. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Or has it been logged? NOTE: I'm just really salty because I just lost 2-0 to Manchester United, where Partey and Gabriel made ill-advised clearances while my team was
  8. Alright, so I felt inclined to give feedback as I am generally loving many of the changes. Things I'm loving: The ME: So far I have only played a handful of games but compared to FM 20, I am seeing a lot more of what I expect my tactics to produce. I'll likely elaborate more on this later as I get further in my season. The QOL changes: Ooohhh la la, some of these I didn't even ask for but can't imagine how I survived without. For example, the ability to easily make pre-match tactical changes and have them apply only to the upcoming match! Press conferences: Definitely up
  9. The term xG is pretty difficult to get a handle of. But as a data analytics grad student, I would be highly disappointing if I didn't have the slightest clue. Anyway, the situation you've just highlighted is akin to this: we all know the chance of getting a Head on a coin toss is 0.5. However, I've just tossed a coin four times and got four Heads (I actually did this). This doesn't mean that the expected chance of 0.5 for a Head changes or is wrong. However, the idea is that if that random experiment (tossing the coin or taking the shot) is repeated many times (say 1,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000)
  10. And now my watch has ended. Hopefully I wake up to start my Arsenal save that I’ve been planning for for days!
  11. It’s actually real haha. A lot of people have been reporting it in the last hour
  12. Haha I'm with you! US here! On the plus side, when we wake up it'll likely be afternoon for them and the Beta would be out *fingers crossed*
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