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  1. First, in response to your post about the Man City game. One game isn't indicative of a trend or "an issue with the ME". If what happened in the Manchester Derby happens in one or two games in the ME (maybe even a few) then I would never complain about the striker thing or the central play/set pieces issue. However, I think the problem seems to lie in the fact that such situations tend to happen in almost every single game. Even in my first season in charge of Arsenal, pretty much every team in the land adopted the low block, narrow defense which is not tremendously realistic. I get teams adjusting to how my team plays, but it's never that drastic that fast. Surely, certain teams would find other ideas for how to play against me. Secondly, the striker issue: I never had a problem with the striker success rate in terms of goals. My issue is with the way the strikers seem to move. Perhaps you're right and one can find good movement with an Advance Forward or another specific role. But doesn't that hugely contradict the point of a game that should allow different styles of play. Most of the other striker roles, especially the ones that require more dropping deep and more exploitation of space, seem to lack the movement and creativity. I've been trying to replicate a False 9 tactical set up but the best I get is when I play a lone Shadow Striker as opposed to playing a False 9. What makes this harder to bare, is the fact that I have successfully done this one previous versions of FM (particularly pre-2019).
  2. Everything you said here is how I feel. In the final third strikers are way too happy playing on the shoulder which totally should not be the case for a False 9 or DLF. If you watch Liverpool and Firmino in the attacking phase, you see how difficult he makes life for defenders (Same if you watch some of Pep's best teams). I'd argue that the wingers also tend to be rather static in the attacking phase as well (though not as annoyingly as the strikers). I recently took the advice of a few on here and went back to try FM17 and FM18 and boy am I having a blast. Lastly, I noticed someone mention that the games between AI and AI are irrelevant. Not for me! When I prep for big games, I usually go back to said "AI v AI" games to see what my upcoming opponent did in certain situations so as to gain an advantage. It's something that has paid dividends for me over the years. But now when I go back I notice a lot of the threat they pose is either crossing for a five-foot winger or a set piece goal or Paul Scholes special from the parking lot. This makes it difficult to plan a match, as you can only do so much to counter such problems. Also, don't get me started on the def. set piece player positioning!
  3. My FM 20 Feedback so far: Every two weeks I go through the same cycle: I watch a weekend of premier league games, analyzing interesting tactics. Naturally, I get the urge to load up my game to replicate something exciting that I've seen. The process of building the tactics is so much fun as you envision what the players would do on a pitch (thinking to myself, "ahhh this will show them!"). This is arguably my favorite part of the game. I watch all my preseason games on comprehensive/full match highlights to address the glaring errors in my system. That's where I start to get disappointed. Yes the players are pressing high(usually with minimal risk), winning the ball, holding shape and building the attack again. But the chances I expect my players to create, due to player roles and duties, are not being created. An example is pairing two CM's in a 4-1-4-1 with (left to right) RPM and CM(attack) with a false 9 and inside forwards on attack and support. Because the strikers movements are so bad, he is not creating sufficient space for what should be a marauding CM(Att) or for the IF(A) to run into. I know much has been made of the striker movement but I think it applies to the entire front three. When in the final third of play, they all seem to just stand on the edge of the box with little to no movements. Its so frustrating as I aim to use fluid movement of my attacking players(two cm's, wing backs, wingers and strikers) to break down low blocks. Also what so ever happened to the option to select (fluid/structured etc.)?? I try to do this with individual instructions but it barely seems to help. The striker movement seems ultimately unfixable but playing the wingers as Advanced playmakers seems to alleviate the issue somewhat. Oh and, lest I forget, to complete my "cycle": I decide that it is not possible to recreate certain styles as the ME seems to nullify all my attempts to force the ball through the midfield and I go back to studying/reading a book or whatever other thing I can pour some time into. The issue is I don't remember this always being the case. I remember booting up my FM's in the past (pre-2019) and getting something more similar to what I expected, and this was enough for me. However, I won't say everything is horrible this year. I love every part of the game outside of the ME, the tactical options (though they don't always work), the sheer ridiculous number of stats that makes a data geek like me giddy, and the overall immersion the game provides. There's a few positives inside the Match Engine too: I remember playing against a very narrow team and tweaking my system to force both my CM's wide to create insane overloads on both sides. This worked wonders as I battered a shell-shocked Eddie Howe Bournemouth team 6-0 at the Vitality Stadium, with some impressive combinations down the wings. So I won't say the ME completely ignores my instructions. I apologize for the long post. I've never posted on these forums before but I've purchased every FM since 2012. I can't help but feel that there is a wonderful game still to be salvaged this year. While I understand that work must now begin on FM21, I believe continuing work on this edition even until the summer might do a lot to appease fans like me; even if that means the next edition is released super late. Alternatively, if SI decide to stop working on this version and create a fantastic FM21, I'd still be happy as I'll buy this game regardless. I think SI have earned a certain amount of goodwill over the 20 something odd years they've worked on this game, so I trust that the right decision will be made. Hopefully sooner rather than later
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