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  1. That makes some sense, i am re the guy to look at the squad and the attributes and say...yeah they have ****** strikers, we could iron that out. On an FM level heres my experience in my Everton saves: I have a lot of gaes of 40-2 shots i always have to to hope to get a draw or better...so is there a lot of conclusion i can take from that ...my strikers are top ..i can just say it ust be y possession based tactics and hope for the best..not much to really find a eak spot here and inmprove it.
  2. I think the argument is over time luck will be a non factor which is a statistical basis , its like saying in gabling in the end the bank wins, but basing individual avanced stats to coe to quality conclusions of a player in football sees reaching. As i said in baseball were circumstances are a lot more predictable it i might make some sense.
  3. Just love that old time grass background and skin of 2005. For the lack of 2005 which somehow was the perfect mix between clean style, sleek look and depth i went for 2006 which wasnt much different anyway. . Somehow the game then after 2007 became more and more complex , but lost general flair and fun for me. Had all the version still until 12 but lost interest. Then got 15 and 17 on sale which were a good decision, 17 seemed very balanced to me. I never did regret not getting 18, it seemed very superficial and unbalanced. I have to admit i expected 19 to be a lot better, it focused to much on micromanagement and superficial things again. I agree 07 mabye was the pinnacle, but i remember 2005 for defining that style of the game. Never really felt the same from 2008 onwards. Suddenly it was more tactics and micromanagement without giving you the Feeling you really had an Impact on the world, that seemed so lively until 2007. Weller , that picture alone brings tears of yoy to my eyes. Kudos for that safe. Everytime a new FM Comes out i basically have the unrealistic hope of a FM 2005/06/07 with just deeper world and streamlined deeper menus. Maybe i just need to play that old game tbh.
  4. Still Football is very subjective on ist stats and the game even more doesnt really care to have a proper representation of "exact" stats. This sport just isnt meant to be to Project "Moneyball" ike stats were everything seems to be able to be numbered and computed down. I see the American Sports is very crazy for those Things now, but will it down to a nearly accurate science in Baseball , i see it has brought a lot of advancement to Hockey too, but reached ist Limits also rather fast. In American Football ist basically denied in usefullness, because the flags now dominate the game more than anything else really. If you come from a Baseball, everything is calculabe via stats Approach you jsut wont find the reliable data for it in the sports media itself and even more in FM. TBH i dont hire any more data analysts anyore in FM at all and go purely by eye test and the attributes. I habe seen the pros and cons of stats in hockey very much , it was a hot topic. It can never be reduced down to numbers as much as Baseball and Football will achieve that even less, it is a too fast and situational game to crunch down the action into numbers that make a purely scientific valuation possible, So i know the crazyness for advanced stats , but yu cant create calculated values of Quality out of data that in itself is so lacking. I would say statistics in their current state in Fm can show you some hot action zones, distribution and general values of quality of play, but mostly are more a part of general apperance of a representation of the world ist taken part in, then hard data you can calculate a winning strategy out of. I am more romantic than mathematical though :-D , but i think especially for that Approach and advanced stats you need exactly this hard facts data ground you can base your calculations on and i dont see that. And in a way ist very good the way it is , because the game is trying to hide the fact its only numbers and try to portrait a living world. I dont think it should be a priority to be so exact that you cna crunch it down to exact realiable numbers agaun, when even the sport itself doesnt achieve that.
  5. My experience is also that in Premier league at least players dont really hold up. Top clubs want to get rid of them when they reach 28. I often get them as Everton to stay close to the top, but i know if i get a 28 year old he will start to decline until 30 then you can only hope and pray you get a nice offer from China, because as a top player in this league he becomes useless.
  6. I get sacked quite a lot, i overachieve,build up unrealistic expectations, then i get a bad run and its over.
  7. I would just bet there would soon be some exploits, mabye very ugly tactics out that would kill a lot of Immersion showing how the game can be "gamed" by pros and that it isnt that realistic after all when you use all the loopholes and the resulting competition could look very little like actual football. Of course this would provide an awesome basis to improve the product a lot. Not saying this game isnt good or anything, you just wont be able to tell pros.."Its your tactics", the other way round, its a possibility someone says: "Its your flawed engine that made me play 2-3-5 basically always, because i scientfifally found out it gets the best results." I think the complexity we see in it would soon be broken down to very few "Win" categories and tactis, not saying they wont be countered, but as i said it could very well be a game of its own then that totally could not look like proper football anymore. That would totally break the game and be hatd to watch for some, on the other hand it could be the beginnig of a hard way to a much improved game.
  8. If you have any interest in NHL and managing , get it. It holds up until today and i play it regularly and still prefer it to modern games like FHM 5 . Also the online leagues still go strong and theres a lot of passon of the Players for them. And we all know "soon" Riz will put out a huge free update. :-) After all we have known for years now. :-)
  9. I was really only a bit shocked because you said you were Winning at first...in my experience and it might be totally my tactics i mostly dominate the game , 40 -4 shots or something but i know i often draw or loose still, which isnt out of the possibily because my guys just Play all out Football Always Forward no pauses etc. . FM tneds to belike that a bit also i guess. So all in all you lost after all and then it makes sense again. :-) I do see that great Team sometimes even draw even on shots, but then i loose 6-1 or something and am totally outplayed.
  10. I have the lower one, its the best bet really and got it for 900 Euro even months ago...if you want to be a clever guy and buy the one you get most for your penny without missing a bit ,take the upper one, for FM there will be so little difference you will never regret having not spent the money. If you ask me today i would take the smaller one and take the difference in money back. That is only for FM though, i am Surfing, playing FM, EU IV and CK II only basically, for every other thing it is a totally different picture of course.
  11. And you helped me a lot to decide which would be the right one for me, i just wanted to sare what i learned since then and would recommend additionally, and i totally saw especially on budget it is just best to invest in single core Performance, RAM can help to a Point, but if on a budget and for FM i would say even if better is always better you can save a lot if getting an i5 instead of i7. I think the FM sweetspot really is defined by the realization ist really mostly single core speed and you can save a lot by not burning your budget in mutliple cores and graphic cards and get a very fast performing FM still, while so much Money can be burned on the oter aspects with so Little gain. I hold that true for future versions also, i doubt those core principles will be totally lost from one version to the next. So i would try to hit that sweet spot, if you can save now it will even make it easier to hit the spot aain in a few years, while overpowering doesnt give you much more perfomrance of the game now and is unlikely to still be the powerful machine you want in the future.
  12. There already seems to be something in the game counting your fanbase that surely is affected by your performance but only so much. For example i had been selling out thee Everton stadium for years now, but if i want a new one with 300 Million in the bank they tell me : You have too few fans. Bummer. Also id would be awesoem to be more into the finances of the club and be able to invest a bit yourself in Stadium and infrastructure but SI dioesnt believe in it in a very philosophical Approach to it being a FOOTBALL MANAGER only. And it always ends in : No Football Manager sets the Prices of the hot dogs, clearly showing they never played an awesoem german Football Manager from the past but only lame ass american franchise manager games. Will always be the bigggest lame element of FM for me but i was wishing for that over 10 years now and the philosphical point seems to be set on : It has to be realistic as Football Manager only. Guardiola seems very cool for handling every aspect of Training., Scouting , Transfers, contracts, schedule setting etc. It is a sit is , on this front i just wanted to tell you dont get your hopes up its a determined decision not to put that aspect of the game in.
  13. Thats why, and i wonder how so many seem to hate them , i miss the sliders...they gave me a good summary on which setting an individual Player actually was on and let me adjust them to their needs.
  14. Wow really only know Kamara from Everton saves but he always would come that cheap to me and i was even happy i could land him because he was easily gone after 2 years for 45 million.
  15. Thats not what purists do. :-) My bigger problem is when do those wages finally show up in my account and that vague mentioning of 50 % taxes...am i actually able to handle that without an Accountant on my manual write -in tax sheet? :-D
  16. Just in 3 years your computer from today will be just as ****** as your cheaper one today. For me its an absolute myth to be able to pay for future proof PCs. Either its something you are content to have a long time , and accept its outdated soon, or you want the latest thing always anyway. So in both cases its always best to get the Computer that does fit your current Needs and applications you wanna run best. And you often get cases where you are overpowered today and dont use the extra power you paid for, while in 2 years its old anyway. Yeah i remember when Pentiums came out and it was so overpowered you knew you püay one and are set forever… :-D For Fm if you want a clever buy, i would always get the best single core cruncher on the market i can afford. Even Ram then soon reaches its ceilign where FM can use it. As you never know which direction the Needs of FM will go, its always best to get the best compromise now for your needs, and have those 1 Dollars plus the money you saved on performance you never used. In FM number crunching in single core is all and defines how fast the game runs and gives you joy. add the absolute absolute upper number to make a difference in RAM 16 or 8 which is totally enough and done. Then just decide on portability or a big nice screen which i needed. Investing in unknown future especially in Laptops is not a wise financial decision.
  17. I had exactly those 2 processors , after many Laptops got wrecked in a short amount of time. Totally happy now with the better one , but also needing it only for FM, EU IV and CK II basically i would definately call it an Overkill on the multicore front. I bet if you jsut get the i5 if you are into Fm mainly you will never look back a lot and wish you got the i 7. Having it..its nice but going back from all i know now and experienced the i 5 ist the more clever buy, way cheaper for nearly no difference in FM. I always have to laugh but shouldnt concerning graphics cards, when really theres always discussion which high end card to get. In my outsider opinion SI really has a bad 3D team if displaying a Soccer field with Player, a few stdium Elements and benches really uses so many resources, i mean look at what graphics a Card normally has to work with. I see absolutely no reason this shouldnt work with an absolute "crap" card. Still theres always high end card recomendations often even questioning my 1050 already. :-D This is totally ridiculous, the huge database and everything its totaly clear the processor has to crunch a lot of things and cant be good enough, but what is wrong with the programming of the graphics if what is displayed is so demanding. Is it even, would really be nice if its jsut uninfomed qubberish of better is better and FM can display everything without big Problems with a lesser card. Otherwise i could really jsut conclude its programmen badly in the graphics department. My 38 PC with a 4 GB extra card was actually overpowered for Sensible Soccer so how can this engine be so Million times more demanding when actually it doesnt look THAT different, some movement even Looks more fluid on Sensible Soccer- :-D Stadiums look nice but how demanding could they be cmpared to a fully rendered City in 3D Shooters and stuff.
  18. Funny, i stumbled across him too, appeared on the market for free and was jsut to god to say no, ye scored a season at will and i couldnt resist to sell him for around 70 Million Euros . he then couldnt crack the Lineup again at his new club , left to Atlectico and scored masses again. Seems hes awesome, but doesnt seem to get enough opportunities at the big English clubs. Had a great Season or 2 when i basically got him and Foden for free because ethey where out of favour. When they re-blossomed i cpouldnt hold onto them though , but netted me a nice 160 Million plus
  19. All actually totally fine, i accepted that my tactic is dominating the game, hustle the **** out of it, getting horrible shots About 40-10 Always but against the huge clubs and hoping one actually goes in. It seems the game tends to favour this bit i accept it as my special tactic i play. I also had the experience that over years only my mymidfielders scored, i had awesoem strikers Always but they never really scored, and Hearing others had the same Problem i thought this is a Major flaw of the game..than after About 10 years i got another striker and he totally scored like every game often 2 or 3 times. It wa slike an Explosion. I only had him for one Season because he was oldish and i got a decent sum to let him go still, but it showed me that sometimes it really seems to be the tactics in combination with the player material you have . I still think the game tends to make it difficult to find that combination of a System properly working with the stirker exactly made for it, but my experience showed it can be done and a striker is only as good as the system fits him. For me the game totally was a joke along time because it jsut didnt allow strikers to work really until that guy showed me Maybe its my tactis after all that were the joke. :-D
  20. I dont get Mourinhos compensation though, that might make it eaiser to say..i got fired because it is realistic and hand over my save to another manager to play it. Give me realism and bad runs please but let me the Football manager of my club as long as i want . Every game start off in an unrealstic situation thats why ist a game. Thats why ist fun. I cant believe i am the only one that is ripped of a lot of fun and realism because he cant life through those bad runs of the club. Yes ist is unrealstic to not get fired as manager. Yes it is killing the fun to only be able to Play yoiur favourite club through the good times. Yes ist called Football manager but dont tell me everyone Plays it to be a Football manager , a lot Play it because they can be their club and are totally ripped of an easy to deliver joy of this game. Where is the realism when i have been a club legend basically training Everton for 30 years and when i have 5 bad games the boss says: Get 12 Points in 5 games or you are history? Or when i have a 98 percent full stadium for 20 years counting and 700 mill in the bank, but the board says we dont build a new stadium because we have to few fans? Then its a game only suddenly? And a simple "Play my fav. club Option no matter what totally against the philosphie of the game? No, i want a realistic game and that inlcludes very bad runs and it is a part of Football to be able to live through those even when a manager might have to go IRL … do really have so many in mind...i Play that guy...dont most People have in mind...i want to play that club?
  21. I doubt it is such a minority that would use a no sack mode, and in a game as i said before,where i can be a Premier league manager ist totally possible that i can stay it because it want to Play that way. Realism only goes so far. What i am saying is yes i agree with the thread starter it is horrible to have expactations so high just because you were good with the Team you get fired the next time you hit a low stretch of form. It is realistic , yes, but it is also fun to get through those stretches with the club you love and only one you wanna manage. The current System actually Forces you to Play a game where the only Option is constant success . which in itself is unrealstic and leads to the total unrealistic temptaion to save and load when you get fired because of a bad run. So the aimed for realism actually kills the Immersion and realism for a lost of payers. The rest we agree, it snice it has become so complex you cant just "Play" the game by knowing every reaction to every action you take. Ist a Special Kind of realism achieved. Tbh i often get more down when i read on the Forum sometimes ist really a much more simple line of code as you would expect.
  22. I like that FM ha sbecome so complex it has become vague and an guessing game so often, sometimes it is even fun to think more complicated than the game really is and nothing tunrs me off more than reading on the Forums the Code is actually a lot more simple and that there are 3 soultions actually you only can choose from and x does this and z this. I really enjoy pretending ist really a football world and immerse myself. But that means accepting that there are bad runs of Football and often it does feel the game just decides to punish you and actually thats sometimes jsut the way you feel like in real Football too, the Football gos **** on you no matter what. And i can totally accept that and embrace it in a Career game where i Change Teams when fired or getting better. But i know as lots of others do sometimes just want to play "my" club and go through the times no matter what and it just turns me off i can get fired everday after 20 years because of a bad run and that having a tremendous overachieving Season only makes things a lot worse. I think SI DOES nanny you and force you to play the game the way THEY want you to instead of providing a simple free " sackings off" button. Yes, i can create a new manager, but ist a new manager and totally kills the Inversion , i get accused of killing by wanting that simple button a lot of people would love for how they play the game.
  23. You mean FM isnt the only real open world game after all i always saw it as…dont tell me the chances , dont tell me it will never happen , just tell me it COULD in the most theoretical way possible. :-D Having a record that cant be beaten is the msot useless thing ever. There will be records that probably never will be beaten, but i think theres always one Person in the world that might try, because it could always happen anyway.
  24. When a new board took over Everton here i think the owners loan was converted into a "normal" bank loan. It depressing though, as the loan doesnt represent my current financial situation. I pay back the loan over 20 years or something, while having 300 Million in the bank. I was so hoping for the new board to invest it in the Stadium at least, but despite the stadium being over 90 percent full all the time the board old and new thinks: I have too few fans. OK but ist full all the time damnit :-D Thats where i wish my good ole german Football Manager games back, where i could actually have control of that stuff. I know Miles hates it and i have to play his game :-) But trust me i will never want to do what a real Football Manager nowadays really does and doesnt, ist a game after all :-D
  25. I can see both sides very legit, on the one hand if anything santys Teams seem to be too good for having rather old players from the Looks of it if anything. But then there ARE players that just perform a little longer. I think the ystem in place works though and it would be bad to just chancge it and get a a worse one. But why not , as Seb said, when there are very rare exceptions from the rule in real life why not improve the ystem in the future and improve the System to have those rare exceptions. Maybe Bound to a Player role or Determination or something even. So that one in amillion you get a 50 year old Player, while most hang it up for good at 35. Ist not that a Team of those high performing oldies than really would work, because they are rare one of a Kind players that you even cant spot in advance. So in santys case probably in his team all players till would retire exactly when they did, expect he had some serious luck because there are very few players to be found in the database that DO play longer and create a special legacy. Funny i stumbled upon Romario yesterday on the Internet and he had to call it quits because of doping accusations when he looked to still have it. If just anyone could bang his daughters girlfriend to proof a point he is still fit. :-D So worst case scenario : Teams full of oldies Best case scenario: A few forty-somethings in the game and and a one of a Kind 50 year old still playing somethign resembling football worthy and so unique and special to be mentioned on the forums and become a legend.
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