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  1. Porn degrade's women, none of that talk here please.
  2. 13xForever

    Your Beta Save for FM19

    Dortmund first to have some fun and then the inevitable rebuild of Newcastle. Never had any problems carrying over beta save so will do the same this year.
  3. 13xForever

    The Puzzle That Is FM

    If you finish in europe spot every season i would reckon you start the season with 2/3 clubs thinking you are a threat and play cautious towards you first half of season. You say you play defensive so it kind cancels things out, the ai probably change somthing in game and score a goal and you lose. Around feb time you get reranked and as you lost alot the ai attack you more and second half of season you probably hit them on counter and win games. You said you dont change your tactic but you a top 7 team dont play like a bottom 7 team and change it.
  4. 13xForever

    Brexit and FM17

    If i end up with 4 non-UK players i will be packing my bags and off to manage in Holland
  5. 13xForever

    Brexit and FM17

    I dont mind after initial disgust. Surely Hard Brexit must/will have a pretty low % hit rate.
  6. 13xForever

    New Save For FM17

    Think i might dip into Dutch Eredivisie. The rules or lack of, looks like it could be possible to break the mold, am thinking FC Groningen.
  7. Ok its bugging me. Is crossing and passing linked in any way? Say if i had someone with 20 crossing and 1 passing whats the outcome. In my head crossing is just passing horizontal from the byline.
  8. Nice read and good to find out a little info behind the person who's posts Ive probably read the most on the tactical side. When you became a Mod in 2003 i didn't even know what FM was and i was in year 11 last year of high school!
  9. Guys check youtube if you want more info someone has done a mini series on how to use it/tips Don't like advertising people but its not hard to find
  10. Shirts but i am willing to live with the squares
  11. 13xForever

    Difficulty of FM16

    "put's tinfoil hat on" They make the beta easier than the full game to create hype
  12. Use it when i take over a club, signing's, derby matches and cup final games. The rest i just leave to assistant
  13. 13xForever

    FM16 tactics screen discussion

    <b>vpaulus</b> you are top boy i think either version B or C are a lot better than what SI have come up with, obviously the lines on the pitch are going to mean someone will have to mock up a few box designs for the same position but still its not endless.
  14. 13xForever

    FM16 tactics screen discussion

    After watching the twitter video i think the quick access to player instructions will be a benefit to me, i am getting more warmed to the new look
  15. 13xForever

    FM16 tactics screen discussion

    I know nobody "official" is ever going to slate it even if they think it looks garbage. But i didn't see any major uproar about how the FM15 style looked bad or needed x,y or z. To me its been changed for no apparent reason.