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  1. I have brought every FM since 09 on release. While i know i will pick up 2021. I will wait until christmas sale. I just dont agree with not fixing ME just because its the patch process they have used in the past.
  2. Dortmund first to have some fun and then the inevitable rebuild of Newcastle. Never had any problems carrying over beta save so will do the same this year.
  3. If you finish in europe spot every season i would reckon you start the season with 2/3 clubs thinking you are a threat and play cautious towards you first half of season. You say you play defensive so it kind cancels things out, the ai probably change somthing in game and score a goal and you lose. Around feb time you get reranked and as you lost alot the ai attack you more and second half of season you probably hit them on counter and win games. You said you dont change your tactic but you a top 7 team dont play like a bottom 7 team and change it.
  4. Ok its bugging me. Is crossing and passing linked in any way? Say if i had someone with 20 crossing and 1 passing whats the outcome. In my head crossing is just passing horizontal from the byline.
  5. Nice read and good to find out a little info behind the person who's posts Ive probably read the most on the tactical side. When you became a Mod in 2003 i didn't even know what FM was and i was in year 11 last year of high school!
  6. How much is Titus on at Barca? Also Should compare what wages he is on with Messi. Messi should be on about 50x more as Titus Shambles
  7. So i am using the updated 442 and switching it up with the 424 tweak (mainly to keep Ben Arfa happy). Only played 4 competitive games but very good so far! Like a Boss will upload them to bigger later on got work
  8. roftleo posted that "10.3 Mr.H _Zico10_gcs beta wizard WINGERELLI" and well its really good im pretty sure winning every game in championship even with Newcastle is pretty special. before anyone asks i didnt restart any games. more info in newcastle thread. lost to Arsenal quatre league cup and chelsea 3rd round fa Worst dicipline tho 99 yellow cards and 2 red cards but im not sure if thats the players or the point of the tactic to smash in the opposition if they get close? i just pluged in a played im sure the freindlies and close first 6 matches just snowballed the team into winning.
  9. Update guys on post 1136 with a few updates im still unbeaten all season and all have been wins tho i have Arsenal in cup next and my star striker is out. here are some of the oustanding results. will update tomoz.
  10. Hey guys been waiting for a 442 tactic and since roftleo posted that "10.3 Mr.H _Zico10_gcs beta wizard WINGERELLI" ive been having amazing results with my Newcastle team 1st season 10.3. Infact its so good i got Peter Lovenkrands a 10.0 from off the bench at half time. (my first ever not even kimz produced this) Newcastle are probs the best team in league and with Jonas on left wing i probs have best winger aswell in league but still amazing results. Fixtures Cardiff away Squad No corner cheat either. pretty much same team except keeper and a few loans. the 3-2 leeds game i reste
  11. Ah that sux i was waiting for the wingers tactic you said u would try create but if your getting s*it i dont blame you. The tactics you created already are the MOST successful on FM10 so be a shame if you gave it up
  12. coolestock if hes a backup he should be ok i mean aslong as he has good stats like heading and stuff. im just about to start a new game with newcastle and advice on what players to get im going to use the piranha V6 tactic as eagle is only beta
  13. yea ive just beaten Real Madrid as Newcastle 2-1 and they only scored because of an own goal
  14. this is kinda of a stupid question but....when later in the game 75min+ will bringing on a striker or atm with 18+ pace actually stretch the defence as they are low on condition? was just wondering as i have a back up fast striker "o.martins"
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