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  1. Goalscoring Goalkeepers!

    Kasper Schmeichel is 17 for free kicks. He hasn't scored for me though... yet
  2. I picked up Carlos Villanueva and he became a great player with a 7.85 average his first full year. Some of the good youth players are Cor Gillis, Bruno Baras (try to make him faster or retrain to MC), Gideon Boateng, Quinten Crommen... I think you can take second place in that group. If you don't I believe just getting the parachute is worth $3 million extra in TV revenue, only if you only play one game in EUFA (at least thats what happened to me)
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    KVSK in the Belgian league complete a monumental season! 0 wins, 0 draws, 34 losses. FOUR goals for the season and a -143 goal difference!!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v89/csusmatt/djhagjk.jpg
  4. maybe he took a nap?
  5. just some youngsters. i think i have too many players now, im sending too many good ones on loan. All the young players I got at the beginning are becoming really good now and I will need to save money to pay for higher contracts soon... to DKB: try loaning players from bigger clubs at a fraction of their wage. Also try signing good u-19 players and giving them long contracts. If they ask for 30,000 give them 40,000 but tack on two extra years if you can. Saves money in the long run. Find out who have contracts that are bloated. sell them.
  6. Funny Screenshots Thread

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v89/csusmatt/ksvk.jpg look at the bottom of the table. Ha!
  7. I think i got something like $4 million after that season. I sold a Boussafa and Altidore for nearly $20 million combined and ended up profiting $16.5 million at the end of the season. The next season I got that $16.5 million back at the start of the season. Having money to spend on transfers isn't the same in Belgium as bigger leagues because theres not as many players who will come, and also i need 6 HG players. A couple of the players i bought in the beginning have become HG though which is nice...
  8. yeah the tactic is awesome. i lost the final 5-3 though. oh well i would have left the team if I won it so its better that way
  9. but check this out!! Onto the final!
  10. haha i got them and i beat them!
  11. whoohoo into the quarterfinals! that game was a nailbiter i scored a vital away goal and then they scored three in the second half! now i get my ass kicked by well anyone check it out
  12. i don't think its really cheating that much. i mean IRL that's exactly what Real Madrid are trying to do with Ronaldo... make it his favorite club
  13. Getting Old

    So Newcastle must be very secure then
  14. What's the corner bug/cheat?

    abbreviation overload
  15. i had one today where my winger was trying to bring the ball down near the corner(i guess) and headed it over the far end line for a goal kick and it said "Legear clears the danger, he's taking no chances there"