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  1. the information is wrong, it's only in the arsenal version.
  2. I’m loving the new tactics feature that tells you where a player will or won’t be with the roles you have set up. The code of conduct for automatic discipline is a nice touch too. I haven’t been watching the feature videos as I like to find them myself so this has been a nice surprise.
  3. We go through this every year, i've been going through this since they started giving out the beta as a pre-order bonus and remember other pre-order bonuses that weren't even digital. i miss those days
  4. just because someone else hates it, doesn't mean you can't love it.
  5. Every year i say i'm not going to buy it but here i am yet again pre-ordering.
  6. If he is your only target that is your only option without cheating.
  7. Wait until he hasn't just signed a new contract. 6-12 months should do it.
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