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  1. [FM13] National Team kits fix

    Yup, only colours, sorted by continent.
  2. [FM13] National Team kits fix

    This should be it. Any feedback is welcome.
  3. [FM13] National Team kits fix

    Below you can find database files which will set the correct national team kits for EVERY nation (including shorts and socks and GK), including correct hues (yes, I am thinking of the abominal cherry for Qatar and Latvia) DOWNLOAD Some screenshots for your viewing pleasure: Antigua & Barbuda Bulgaria vs Armenia DR Congo vs Uganda Gambia vs Sierra Leone Greece Hungary vs Rumania Pakistan Vanuatu vs Solomon Islands
  4. I was wondering what nationalities one should choose to be able to speak the most important languagues right from the start. Currently my best bet would be Luxembourg / Belize, enabling German, English, French and Spanish. Can anyone come up with a better combination?
  5. Big Club, Small Country - Challenge

    I agree with this, I see a lot of Serbian regens at Újpest in Hungary, where Zoran Splisjak is manager, but the youth range is not huge. And also second nationality seems to have an effect, some Serbian/Hungarian regens coming through at Hajduk Kula with Serbian pass/ethnic Hungarian manager
  6. Well, I play a similar save now, although violating the rules on two points: I am playing with Histon, who are already in BSN and I have also allowed myself to sign players who can potentially become club-grown (i.e. younger than 18) - but I have not used any players already in the squad who can never become club-grown and will release them asap. Its fairly simple atm, sitting 5 points clear in BSN with 11 games to go.
  7. Staff for NT

    Cheers, that works, I still wonder though why the assistant cannot filter unrealistic staff for NTs
  8. Is there a way of filtering willing staff for National teams? It is EXTREMELY annoying that everyone I approach turns me down and I have no idea who would like to come. Cheers, scythian12
  9. Official: Editor Suggestions Thread

    For regional division problems: Instead of having boundaries for divisions, add the option to define a centre: the program would calculate the distances of each club in a certain tier from the centres and see which net solution is smallest, achieving best possible fit. This would not only be great for tiers with more than 2 regional divisions, but would also make south-north divisions mistake free. My other idea is a bit hairy: I would love to see kits of one team vary from season to season. In the editor, one could choose the possible designs and colours and the program would randomise for each team at the beginning of every season. Say for Newcastle, you could define stripes, wide stripes, seven stripes no arms, etc. and black & white and white and black. For the away, plain and close to plain designs with essentially any colour available. Each season, the kit would be still valid but slightly different, adding variety to long games.