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  1. I have not found a quick way to set this - how do I skip the screen with the fixtures and results of the competitions I have been involved with, but have been eliminated? Especially European competitions, I do not want to have the game stop every single stage for each matchday later in the year.
  2. This is an issue I am incredibly bitter about at the moment - I have just been eliminated in the European Club Qualification stages, by two sub-par teams, I believe partly due to the players having almost zero motivation. Collective bonus window just popped up now - why can't I set the monetary motivation before ANY competition starts the club is involved in, instead of a set time period before the league starts?
  3. I think it will be an issue with the custom skin I am using. When reloading the skin whilst on a player's profile, the game loads back up, but all the clickable UI is missing. In short - SI please stop force-feeding us the purple hell that is the only default skin to use.
  4. I have encountered this three times now - the game goes into a static freeze after reloading the skin in the options menu - it shows the start screen with the manager avatar and players' shirts, even if the options have been changed whilst a game is loaded up. It seems, after a reload, that the skin / graphic packs are correctly changed.
  5. Hi I want to get 10 clubs relegated from 3 sub-divisions - each with a single, championship / table stage. In each regional division 3 clubs get relegated + the worst 4th last across the three divisions goes along with them. Apparently, there is a way to relegate this additional club in this same stage, without an extra relegation stage (that's how I did it until now - extra stage under the main competition, transfer the three 4th-last clubs with their standings to a "mini-table", no games played, one club gets relegated from here - not the neatest solution though and the program was adam
  6. I have uploaded Journeyman.fm, just know (in case you have a great number of files with the same name...)
  7. And let me also credit the source of the colourmaps used in the file: https://bids.github.io/colormap/
  8. Can we have nice things please; instead of the prohibitive 4-step system currently? I mean if someone wants to have that, they can just use the same colour for 5 levels each. I (and I am certainly not alone) would strongly prefer something like this: Corners 15 Aggression 8 Acceleration 16 1 11 Crossing 13 Anticipation 13 Agility 13 2
  9. This is a very minor thing probably not affecting the game very much - I am playing in a minor league and have just extended the contract of my backup keeper, he was on a part-time deal before, now on a proper amateur contract. However, he was listed for loan beforehand and this listing is now stuck as the option to unlist him is grey when right-clicking him and on his profile transfer preferences cannot be changed any more at all.
  10. I also hate how the entire region gets coloured in when you have knowledge in one or just a few countries in it. Just colour in those individual countries, and leave the other ones, you do not have knowledge anywhere else! I have raised this previously and apparently was looked into it, but nothing happened for FM21 in this regard. Can also support suggestion b) as exactly because of this colouring shenanigans, it is extremely difficult to identify any scouting gaps you might have.
  11. I have also been having bad luck with a 5-3-2 formation - no chances created and the opposition getting good scoring opportunities out of the wazoo. I am trying to replicate the style of Marco Rossi with Hungary, where in defence the formation is more like a 4-4-2, with the wingback on the attacking side of the opponent getting back into the back line, and the central defenders pushing to the other side accordingly. Is there even a way to properly replicate this in FM? Seems like there is no way of telling a CD to shift outside or play wider.
  12. 1) For how many editions I do not know this persists - but a few people shouting does not sound like many people shouting, just less loudly... 2) Why are there 4-5 ball kicking sounds every third time a player touches the ball once?
  13. It is not a database issue, I had the same thing with a Welsh team in FM20 as well...
  14. Yes, I know that can be done, but I would like to set all 20 levels individually, because you get a much better (literal) picture of the player's capability. I would like to know whether this can be achieved with skinning tools.
  15. Hi, can anyone recommend a skin (or tell me where this could be set up) where all attribute levels can be assigned a different colour, not just in four steps as in the base game?
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