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  1. Hi, I want to create a realistic Hungarian 3rd division as I have done in previous years - so I set about creating a db file with advanced rules. I have done this, did not introduce any changes, and let the test function run - but it throws the (original) database out, saying that there are not enough teams for the Hungarian division II (19). Now this is the complicated bit - in 2019-20 a team went completely defunct in the second division and hence it only runs with 19 instead of 20 teams and reverts back to normal the year after. This is neatly set up in the game as well, where there is a 2019 instance of the 2nd division, with only 19 teams and 2 instead of 3 getting relegated to the 3rd one. The master league features the correct details. Hence I can somewhat see why the editor might be confused, but on the other hand not understand it at all...
  2. If I have a leage schedule with a break 22nd Dec to 1st Feb in it, then why does the break end around 25-28th Feb then?
  3. I am bit stupid - windows has a built-in one... So, this is what you get (click for zoom): Stage I Stage II This one appears under all 3 regional divisions. Setup: Mother competition with two stages Stage 1 reqs Teams to get - important to note - position 12 for the actual 13. Leage settings - 1 2 3 - this is why I go with two stages - if you transfer standings from stage 0 (relegation stage number without the hidden stage 0) in the main competition, I fear it would try to get them from itself, hence making sure that there are two stages. Relegation rules for the regional divisions - though I am not certain if the max 4 is required, the program does not relegate any more teams than 3 at this stage. It could be conceivable that inserting hidden stage 1s to the regional divisions might help the program's soul, though I am uncertain.
  4. I am a fairly visually oriented person and I would like to be able to distinguish all levels of player stats and not just have four steps but configure it all the way - say colour scales like violet to red following the rainbow or black-maroon-red-orange-yellow-green-gold for example. It would help a lot when scrolling through long player search windows, and greatly improve comparing two players. I find the bar way of showing it too vague and I believe this feature could be implemented fairly quickly. Would be nice to be able to set background colour, font thickness and letter colour.
  5. If you can recommend a good display snipping tool, I am happy to share the setup and in-game result.
  6. It does work, but in a different way. Solved the issue - the main point was to introduce a hidden stage 0 in the main competition and add the relegation stage 1 for the 13. placed. BUT when getting the teams from the league stage you have to choose positions 12 to 12 because the counting begins at 0... Now there is a relegation stage behind all regional leagues, but it is one universal one. I am greatly frustrated about how nonstraightforward this was.
  7. Thanks for the input, but that sadly does not work - there it is a single -group- stage with just one competition and no child competitions. When you have 3 separate child competitions, underneath a main parent one, with a stage each, you cannot add any stages to the parent one, because the program cannot handle that apparently, it confuses it. When I enter an additional league stage underneath the parent competition, whilst it seems to set up, but does not relegate any additional team in the end. Hence you would need to add a stage 1 to all 3 child competitions, which would need to work symmetrically, which I have not been able to figure out how (as you are alway "pulling" teams around). I am uncertain whether the program can actually handle taking results between different child competitions. The situation described in all other guides (also in your problem) handles always only one main competition with sequential stages and no child competition cross-referencing and cross-influencing. That is my main ache.
  8. You are right on it. Luckily, the impressive deduction skills of krlenjushka would enable the implementation of the correct relegation/promotion behaviour for the 1st county-level divisions (where actually the number of promotion/relegation places between level 4 (county 1) and 5 (county 2) is dependent on the county 1st divisions getting their champion promoted & the county of the NB3 division relegation candidates - but I thought this particular problem would be much simpler to solve. I have experimented around by adding an additional stage in the main division where the 13th-placed would be transferred and be compared, taking their statistics along, but in this case the game only calculated relegations/promotions from the main NB3 and not the regional divisions - apparently the editor cannot handle sub-divisions AND a later main division stage. X( A workaround could be to insert a second stage akin to the one I described to one of the sub-divisions, but then participant numbers would be uneven and an additional geographic sorting stage would have to be done at the beginning of the season which could work but possibly wouldn't - however I really dislike the asymmetry of such a solution. The thing I do not get is, there is so many 'alternate fate' options based on the results within ONE division (like getting more teams relegated if they are withn certain points to each other - where does this even happen?) but no way to compare the result in different regional divisions across each other (I put this point forward in the introduction, the game can handle it and there are other -prominent- real world examples out there - then why not have it as an option along with the much hairier stuff?)
  9. Hi, I do hope there is a simple answer to this - how do I get 10 teams relegated from 3 divisions, where the worst 4th-last team from one division gets relegated along with the 3 bottom ones in each of them (No playoffs). It's the reverse of what is being done at the group stage at the Euros, so the program can surely handle it! Kind regards, Scythian
  10. As there is (RL) adverts on the sidelines, the same companies could be used as shirt sponsors for different clubs (would also fill the sponsorship with a bit more life and provide more realistic kits) and at the same time generate a little bit more revenue for FM.
  11. Is there a way to generate an editor file from an external text file? If I open the .fmf (or .dbc) files, it's all jumbled characters, and they cannot be opened by the resource archiver. I assume beneath the compression there is a text logic behind them. My main aim would be to generate dynamic kits by letting a program generate a few say 100 years ahead, and save them in an editor file. However, to accomplish this, I would have to generate a text file and be able to import it to the editor. Thanks for any help.
  12. 1) There are a host of clubs outside of licenced leagues, those could have dynamic kits at least. 2) The licenced kits could last just for the 1st season for those teams with a licence. 3) At the very least, structures could be in place to allow modding in this regard. And not by coming up with a different home, away and third kit personally for each team and each year in advance and enter it them into an editor, but let an intelligent algorithm do it along certain guidelines (which then could be tinkered with in the editor). The teams you play against should also dynamically change their kits. Though I am less concerned about sponsors, one idea could be to use the companies/charities on the sideline signs. Or just use charities altogether.
  13. +1 This has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time, it is incredibly monotonous on long saves if you are a scrub like me and prefer to play on 3D mode. I have some very concrete and detailed ideas how to implement this, and if I was told in which language to demonstrate them, happy to program up a small demo. Also, maybe improve the away kit choosing algorithm along the way (which I would be most curious about as well...). However, it would require a (major) tweak to the kit description format in the editor and a significant one-off effort by the researchers to take the dynamic kits into account, but should eliminate all further need of updating the kit year after year. So please SI, get in touch and tell me how I can show off the idea(s) to you. (The system has three building blocks, which could each be implemented on its own, but would provide the best results all together) Kind regards, Scythian PS just as a reference, this would be highly realistic too, as demonstrated for example by one of the most successful (hence often played) clubs, FC Barcelona's shirt history. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2017/08/full-fc-barcelona-home-away-kit-history.html Whilst many English clubs stick with a very similar design each year, the away shirts are highly variable, and home kits also show some variety. It is also disheartening to have a club go with an unsual kit design for eternity, just because they went with it that particular season the game came out. Jeez, it really bugs me.
  14. Yup, only colours, sorted by continent.
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