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  1. Please add a filter rule to the staff search screen which would show people prepared to accept a reserves or youth team role.
  2. It would be highly advantageous to use or at least enable the use (next to png files) of svg file formats, especially for club logos and flags when it comes to external graphic packs (or even SI's own graphics, should it not use this format as of yet). One would only need 1 file instead of the 2 or 3, in different folders. The program could also always display the graphic in the most appropriate resolution (no more stretching artefacts etc), and writing a small piece of code which does this irrespective of side length ratios is not the end of the world (always displaying the largest image poss
  3. There is an option under nation that allows blocking certain days from being played on. Does this feature even work? I have tried various combinations (setting only start date, setting only finish date, various days (0-1-2) after, or before), the national competitions keep happily organising fixtures on the forbidden dates. This can be very easily seen with using the attached database, the first division, second division and third division are very content having matches on Sunday 20th August 2017 right at the start of the game. I even introduced alternative dates for the first
  4. One who is not blind is clearly in advantage (straight under Competition)
  5. Hi, how can I set an amount of money to be paid to teams in a division, only if they played all their matches with players of the league's federation (when I write home nations in the title, I do not mean England, Wales and Scotland). Or to turn it around, I set a higher general participation fee, but introduce a penalty fee for utilising foreign players. It would be also interesting to know whether this can be sat blankly for the whole season (if you play just one game with a foreign player, your subsidy is gone), or on a game per game basis. If I am not completely mistaken, the Aus
  6. SOLVED under fixtures rules --> squad selection rules set apparently any number (0 1 or 2) at "applies only to B teams".
  7. Is there a way to introduce a squad selection rule for a specific league which would only apply to any reserve teams playing in the league?
  8. Created the leagues with the simpler editing system, still the same thing. Can someone check whether their FM18 also generates 4-6 2nd division matches on Sat 15.00 with the current file? Same with the 3rd division... Namég2.fmf SOLVED - some clubs had "weekend home matchday" ticked under general for some unholy reason... Why does that option even exist FFS?
  9. I have found the clash option in league settings, but that did nothing either... The TV issue is solved, I was starting the test games early, before the season, and the TV fixtures always get shifted just a few weeks before the matches. The strange thing is that Sun / Wed matches are in the vanilla database and work well...
  10. (database now includes 2nd division) Buuut the second division decides to put 4-6 matches on Saturday 15.00 with these settings... Why??? I see no reason whatsoever... Edit: Because it wants to keep a 3-day distance from the game played on the following Wednesday. Any way to deactivate this behaviour? (because IRL the teams will play Sun then Wed) Edit edit: No that's not the case, it also does it on weekends without weekday matches afterwards. So WTF does it think? Namég1.fmf
  11. It does work, but does it only two weeks in advance. Does not show this at the beginning of the season.
  12. Have been trying to make this work for at least 1,5 hours now... Should be the schedule on all weekends, but tried it with various numbers (5 in the current iteration), in the fourth column, in the last column, it does sod all. There are about 3-4 midweek rounds in the season, played on wednesdays, when evidently this schedule is unapplicable. Still every blimmin' match is on Sat at 17.00... No matter how you play around with options. If I introduce them all at the same times under 'match days', then every match is on at 14.45 Saturday, with the occasional Friday 14.45.
  13. I have a similar issue, for FM18. I want the computer to use the entire month of February to schedule dates (and also a bit more in December than is the case in the base game) for the 1st Hungarian division. Played around with the break dates, both in the nation and the division, set fixtures dates by hand (for the year 2000), played around with setting "overrides rules in code" and "all edited rules" both for the nation and the competition, to no avail. The little *expletive* of a game keeps on using the original fixture list and starting 24th Feb (I want to avoid the massive fixture congesti
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_(football_badge)
  15. It is a feature that is independent of the logo, it is above it and not incorporated within it. And changes dynamically in real life as well. I am pretty sure no club can license graphic features for future successes... It could even feature above the generic logos im FM.
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