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  1. any comments form long games players re fm 13 would be appreciated.
  2. I dont see anyone asking the AI to represent the real world however the issue I raised was not apparent in FM 2010 or 2011 so FM 2012 is not an improvement in that aspect none has mentioned if FM2013 with regard to this. for players like me who only get to the top leagues quite late its quite a big issue if the AI teams are all rubbish by the time we get there.
  3. ive never played a FM demo before is it a complete game? as in will it stop me after certain point saying i need to buy the game now or have some features disabled?
  4. @ JamesB "Not knowing how stuff works; one of the joys of the game." lol yes for example why is my really average attribute left winger so awesome. I almost sold him and was always surprised at the amount of interest he generated from big clubs. IIRC he hardy has any non physical attributes above 15.
  5. If the above is the case my current save is useless i am winning not because i am any good but because the AI teams cant manage a proper squad. time to say goodbye to that save. so the questions is, is FM13 any better at this? or will be the same case that by 2020 all the AI teams are going to be rubbish anyway.
  6. interesting test but it doesn't test two important things do physio's PREVENT injuries from happening and how do they influence general fitness levels for example do they contribute to making a players natural fitness attribute higher ive always played with 1-2 physios and I certainly feel i have more than my share of rather serious injuries so will try to play with maybe an extra two low level physio's
  7. yeah its also seems that the AI doesn't use its players well there were some players that AI teams bought and going by their attributes they should be awesome players but seem to only do ok in the AI teams. also noticed the bug/feature of all your key players getting injured at the same time is still there. i had my top 3 goal scorers get injured long term in the same game but this could be down to the fact i have only 2 physio's i'm not sure yet. well maybe its time to crack on with the fm13 game then i will probably win this season quite easily except for that inevitable game where my players forget how to pass as shoot inexplicably. i always hate starting the new game as i usually start unemployed going into a new club and trying to get your head around all the details really take s me a long time and i frustrate myself cos i want to get on with the games.
  8. Hi Sorry i'm still playing my FM2012 save. ive noticed in my current game season 2023/24 that the large clubs (chelasea, Manu Arsenal etc) are having really small squads of very expensive players. is this a bug in the financial system in the game cos the clubs seem to keep buys very expensive players and paying them huge salaries £120k+ and consequently not being able to have sufficent numbers to do well in the season. my highest paid player is earning £60k and we wont the premier league last year and second year in Champions league. with the number of long tarm injuries i seem to suffer i cannot imagine going through a season with the squad numbers the AI have. also i noticed a majority of their players are over 30. has anyone noticed this trend? is the long term game not viable on FM 2012? cos i seem to win a lot of games even in champions league.
  9. I am playing with Hereford and in the 2022 season. I managed to Bring Hereford to the EPL a few seasons ago 4-5 and managed to finish mid table first season and kept improving position since till i finished 5th last year gaining EURO football. i bought in one very good FB and one average EPL standard MF player (who is only now gelling with team 2/3 of the way through the season) I am pleasantly surprised that my players have this season grown very strong backbones and are currently sitting second in the league one point behind the leaders with 3 games in hand. have already wont the league cup for first time, in the last 8 of the FA cup and looking good in the EURo cup as well hammering most teams on the way to the 2nd knockout round. what i would like to know is what made my players improve so much in one year. previously we would struggle against the top 6 teams almost always losing badly with their players running rings around my defenders and midfield though my attacking players were always good enough to get goals and sometimes win us a game due to bigger teams over attacking. now suddenly my team is rock solid at the back. I also managed to buy a cheap Romanian goalkeeper who is turning out to be a jem though he cant speak English. i have conceded the least number of goals all season and only lost 2 times. suddenly even players iw as looking to offload last year are playing well. so has anyone else experienced this? is it to do with the years of experience in the EPL? i'm not complaining, jsut trying to understand what happened.
  10. only 9 more games to go still second one point behind sunderland
  11. In game its not relevant. I remember reading a thread where small towns have had 80,000 seater stadiums once they reached Europe. this would require a long career though you not going to do it in 5 years.
  12. starting like you unemployed i tend to receive good offers once i have been at a club for 3-4 years. i think moving clubs often and resigning cant help your reputation. Edit: my games tend to go one forever so this is based on only about 3 long careers over different versions of FM.
  13. ive won games where i should have lost where everything the computer did went wrong and i know i should have lost that game. missing open goals my keeper making brilliant saves and on top of that hitting the bar as much as 3 times there is a bit of a boost to one of the teams in some games but i don't think its always directed at the player. i don't mean an artificial boost to make them win no matter what, what i mean is maybe a boost to morale /determination etc that just makes them look like they are playing better in ME
  14. i get them for free cos i usually train them
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