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  1. Hi I just upgraded to fm 21 from fm 13, i know took me while to take the dive after many years. playing my first season as Barnet i have a team which i mostly inherited and my best defender is also a real pain in the neck. constantly complains about training, always reacts negatively to praise or criticisms, never responds to team talks positively. the other players though not as vocal are slowly coming around to trust me and are finally playing well. so what do i do with this guy? what i have decided is to just ignore him as long as he's playing well and he does play well consistently in
  2. i have not played higher leagues with FM13 but the weird stuff is more pronounced in lower leagues. i guess have to put it down to the graphics interface interpreting the number crunching and the low skills of the players.
  3. thanks demo is scheduled for download tonight if real football doesn't get in the way. feel so bad about abandoning my team in FM13 now i guess its a good game when you are actually emotionally attached to it haha
  4. Hi allSo i just started playing fm13 recently on a whim and really got back into FM. previously I spent a lot of time on FM10 and FM12 but didn't get into FM13 though i had purchased it on release. i believe there were a lot of changes from FM12 to FM13 that i didn't really appreciate at the time. but playing now after a few years not playing FM at all its all fresh to me so didn't mind the changes. still have not got everything about FM13. I seem to remember hating the ME on 13 and the constant passing the ball our of bounds that happed in the lower leagues, where i usually startso i've been
  5. I can relate i bought FM13 on release and hated the ME so much i didn't touch FM till a couple of months ago (After combined 3k hours on fm10 an FM12) however the ME doesn't seem so bad now maybe due to patches etc but still had a load of long passes straight out of the ground in the lower leagues but not as many as on release. players also appear to be drugged on normal speed.
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