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  1. June 2021 Celebrations are reached to an end, the awards have been given out and it’s time to get to work and prepare for the next season. In June, before the transfer window, it should be the time where most of the work gets done - decisions made about transfers, players’ contracts renewed and other players released. So that the transfer window finally kicks off in July, you are well prepared and one step ahead of everybody else. One personal decision - I turned down FC Bayern’s invitation to job interview - the first sign that my job here in Ajax is being noticed in Europe.
  2. Season Summary Summed up shortly - excellent season in all domestic competitions, but we could (and should) have done better in Europe. We continue to give away cheap points in the Champions League group and put ourselves into difficult positions, so it’s always a struggle to qualify to the knockout stages. Need to do better in that regard in the future. PSV looked like a formidable foe in this season, but their success was mainly based on Donyell Malen who is in my opinion the best footballer in the Eredivisie at the moment. Let’s see if they can keep him or what sort of team they
  3. May 2021 02.05.2021 - FC Groningen - AFC Ajax 1:0 (ED) - 15. Ramon-Pascal Lundqvist I knew it’s going to be a tough game - away against FC Groningen. Our opponents have been real overachievers in the second half of the season, holding 3rd place at the moment and they’re unbeaten in their last 12 games! Yes, FC Groningen really are the team to beat at the end of the season, especially in their home. Squad: Onana, Mazraoui, Schuurs (60. Veltman), Martinez, Pierie (76. Salah-Eddine), Marin, van de Beek, Kühn, Tadic, Promes, Traore (60. Gravenberch) We were close to s
  4. April 2021 Six games in April, and really tough games. We begin with the game with Vitesse, continue with Europa League fixtures against Wolfsburg and then back to back Klassieker derbies against Feyenoord. The cup final is one of those games. 04.04.2021 - AFC Ajax - Vitesse Arnhem 2:0 (ED) - 36. Daley Blind, 76. Lassina Traore Good thing it’s a home game. Vitesse are a fairly strong team and they shouldn’t be underestimated, but playing at home should give us the advantage that we need. We need a win here, and not only because of three points, but we need to ge
  5. Youth Intake 2021 I hoped for better youth intake this season than we had a year ago. At least it couldn’t be worse. However, the preview in December wasn’t too promising. I let it go until March, when the youngsters finally arrived, and what I saw on the team sheet looked like this. As promised, one good centre-back and one decent goalkeeper and… that’s pretty much it. The positive side of things is that at least this time we have less unambitious players (what have they done playing football so far, anyway, if they don’t have any ambition?)
  6. March 2021 Our fixture list in March looks much more difficult than in February. We have two difficult games against FC Porto in the Europa League and I’m aware that the board expects us to reach the Quarter Finals, so there’s some extra pressure in these games. We also have the cup semi final with FC Utrecht (who proved that they are a difficult team to beat in away games) and the title six-pointer with PSV Eindhoven just before the international break. 04.03.2021 - AFC Ajax - FC Porto 0:0 (Europa League 2nd knockout round 1st game) We had a small home advantage c
  7. Shorter passing and counter together are difficult to work out on the pitch. Counter-attacks are involve usually 2-3 quick direct passes. If you want to attack, you have to have at least some players on the pitch who are looking for runners or try opportunities for through balls. I don't know what PI-s your midfielders have, but on support duty and short passing they are not likely to make that penetrating move. I play 4-2-3-1 too and to be fair, getting goals for a striker (I play him as DLFs) is rather difficult, but as long as I'm winning it doesn't matter. And I use B
  8. February 2021 Seven games in February - in a short month it means that we have three weeks that include two games. However, we should have plenty of rotation opportunities, because we’re clear favourites for the Europa League fixtures with Kayserispor and I can give younger players a chance in the cup game against FC Emmen, too. 05.02.2020 - AFC Ajax - ADO Den Haag 3:0 (ED) - 8. Perr Schuurs, 15. Antony, 76. Lisandro Martinez The biggest problem going into this game was the goalkeeper issue. Kjell Scherpen moved to Millwall, but Cameroon made a great run in Afri
  9. January We started our new year with new problems. Some sort of virus lurks around in the club house and near the training ground. Not exactly COVID, but several of our players have caught cold or sit some days at home in a row. With African players away and some players injured, we had a fairly small squad available to play friendlies with. We played two matches - the first one with Club Brugge (that we won 3:0) and the second one with Bayer 04 Leverkusen (that we lost 0:3). I tried some new things, tested some youngsters and generally took it easy. Some things worked out wel
  10. I'm all for realism in this question, at the same time I feel that we don't have injury problems in FM20. It's so much affected by your decisions as a manager - how do you build up your training schedule, how much you rotate and whether you risk with players with knocks or low fitness. I think that adding those frequent small knocks to players (e.g. tight calf) that affect them for 1-4 days, is a nice feature, and pretty realistic too. Players in real life often play with small knocks, until finally it starts to bother too much and they have to take a longer break. So it comes back to man
  11. December 2020 We enjoyed a relatively easy schedule in October and November. Five games in a month is not a problem to any team, but in December we have no less than eight games. Those games include some more challenging opponents in Eredivisie, win-or-die match against RB Leipzig and (fortunately) easy training match against the next amateur club in the cup. 02.12.2020 - Vitesse Arnhem - AFC Ajax 0:0 (ED) We started with a tricky away game against Vitesse. Perhaps surprisingly, Vitesse have done really well so far and hold the 3rd position in the table. They have
  12. In FM, results depend more on tactical familiarity, player moral, manager reputation and team talks than player attributes.
  13. I have a 32 years old player in my team. Team leader, solid first team player. Recently started to give hints that he'd like to try coaching after his playing career and perhaps later become a manager. Good for him. Now, he got injured. Broken foot. Out for 3-4 months. Big blow for the team (football-wise) because he's a hard to replace, but personally as well, because long injuries at this age often lead to attribute decline. So - a wise thing to do, in real life, would tell him to use those 3 months as well as possible. Go to coaching course and get a coaching licence. Or at least
  14. If the game has been played for a while, check the 'stats->formations' tab. That's where assman will give you opposition roles (if you haven't figured them out yourself). My one move is that I ask my forwards to press down any opposition BPD who looks to me to have a rather average ball control skills. It's surprisingly often that my striker wins the ball from him and gets through on goal. Each game is different and stat sheet isn't everything. For example when 30-40% of your shots come from the distance, it might be a problem in numbers, but if you have a decent shooters,
  15. I started my football games some ~20-25 years ago. Can't remember the game title exactly, some sort of Soccer Manager or something like that. In the end of 1990s its ME looked really arcade. I believe that my first CM was 00/01 demo (poor teenager that I was - I couldn't afford the full game and had no means to buy it as game stores were close to non-existent and then internet orders weren't delivered to my country) and it looked extremely complex compared to everything else I'd seen in that genre. My first full Championship Manager game was CM4. I remember it's blueish design. Then came
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