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  1. Start of the 3rd season and Grujic couldnt get a work permit so it looks like i'll have to loan him out or sell him. Shame as hes pretty good.
  2. Jan transfer window in 2nd season, Rugani was unhappy at Juve so i have snapped him up for 26m Now i need to sell either Sakho or Matip. Leaning to Matip due to his low workrate. Thoughts?
  3. 2nd Dec 2017. Beat Man Utd 2-0 Origi : 17 games, 21 goals (7 pens), 12 assists, 9 PoM, 8.52 avg rating. Now injured and out for 3 months
  4. First Transfer window in season 2 is over. Currently top of league after a crazy crazy 6-3 win over Man city. Klopp in their new manager. Bought: Ryan Sessegnon 9.5m . Young English Left back. Potential great. Reiss Nelson 15.5m . Young English Winger. both wings. Potential great. Christian Pulisic 18.5m . Young American Winger, both wings. Potential good player and gave me a good merchandising boost as i got an American affiliated club in season 1. Jeroen Zoet 4.9m . Backup Keeper as i didnt trust Ward. Muniain for Free. Just going to loan him out and then sell on for profit. Dele Alli 35.5m. Unsettled him at end of season 1 and he eventually asked for transfer Very happy with these signings. Alli has started the season on fire too with 4 goals and 3 assists in 7 games. Sold: Mignolet 16.75m to Milan . Fee was set in his loan from Season1. Karius 20m to Marseille. Flanno 12m to West Ham. Very happy with this fee. Wisdom 11m to Wolfsburg. Also very happy with this. Bogdan 3.9m to Saint etienne. Klaven 4.9m Man City. Lucas 9.75m to Middlesborough on transfer deadline day. He would never play, though hated to sell as he is a great tutor and i like him. Lallana 25m to PSG. Dele Alli took his place. And the most amazing transfer....Markovic 38m to Dortmund. After i bought Pulisic from them, they came in for him, and i managed to negotiate to 38m. Amazing. Sold a bunch of reserves and released some too. Then loaned out Grujic, Preciado and a couple of others. Loaned out Ward to Norwich with a 5.5m optional fee too as no one would buy him. Staff wise i bought back Borrell as a coach. Rejected a 40m bid for Moreno as he is amazing for me. Also rejected a 50m bid for Mane. He wanted to speak to me afterward, but i managed to convince him to stay by saying he wouldnt get enough game time for Barca, and he thanked me Sticking with 4-1-2-2-1 formation, Beat Arsenal 3-0 to win Community shield, currently 6/6 wins in the league and beat Basel 5-1 in first Champions league game. Alli is on fire, and Origi has 11 goals and 5 assists in 8 games! Anfield has been upgraded to 58,800 capacity now, and training and youth facility upgrades are almost complete.
  5. I really dont know what to do with Lucas and Milner. Just started 2nd season, Lucas is backup at best, and hes an excellent tutor....but his wages are just too high to keep him for that. And i have Alli, Hendo, Can, Maia and Hughes ahead of him places. Milner wont get a look in for any Midfield positions or left back (Moreno is fantastic on mine, and Augustinssen as backup). So im training him to be a right back, backup to Clyne with Trent as young RB, but again his wages are just way too much for a backup. Think i will have to sell them both.
  6. So im after signing a young winger and his agent wanted a promise that he would develop from playing from the bench. My question is: Does this include cup games or is it just league games? as the game doesnt specify.
  7. Sold Mignolet for 16.75m at the start of the 2nd season. It was part of the loan agreement with Milan after i bought Donnaruma from them for 18m at start of first season. Sold Karius for £20m too. Though im kinda worried if Ward will be good enough as backup.
  8. Finished first Season. Won the league cup and League Stuck with 4-1-2-2-1 formation, just changing roles and team instructions depending on formations i was playing against. Bought Lemar in on loan in Jan and hes done pretty well, can buy him for £9.25m as part of the loan, so may do that. Dele Alli is unhappy that Spurs rejected a bid from me after i declared interest, so i think i should be able to get him at a good price. Sterling was also unhappy too but now Klopp is Man Citys manager and hes not unhappy anymore. I would like him, English, young and homegrown at club. But think the price will be too high. Sessegnon has already agreed a deal. Increasing training and youth facilities, and also expanding stadium. Also increasing youth coaching budget and youth recruitment. Will start pre-season shortly. And try to sell Milner, Lallana (did well this season), Mignolet, Karius, and some loaned players coming back.
  9. i really hate that Coutinho and Grujic wont unlearn long shots trait. I may have to use an editor...
  10. Jan transfer window in the first season. Selling Wijnauldum to Man city for 21.5million. But i think i need a Right winger. Currently only Mane is good there. While Lallana and Milner can play there, they are slow so dont fit my style. Do i tough it out till next season and stick to Mane and youth, or buy a right winger? I could get Thomas Lemar for 12million and retrain him to right wing. Thoughts?
  11. I also keep Moreno for now. In FM his stats are ok. And i have Augustinsson as backup. But i am looking at replacing him, hopefully with Sessegnon if i can buy him soon.
  12. I've had a slow start, took ages to get my staff and player shortlist sorted as couldnt load Fm16 shortlists Currently top in mid Nov. playing 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1). Brought in a lot of new, better coaches, scouts and Physios. Sold: Sturridge £40mill to Spurs. Injury prone and high wages. Couldnt rely on him so sold. Stewart £3million to Wolves. Backup at best, sold for good amount plus sell on clause. IIlori £4.1mill to Villa, plus sell on clause. Ings £15.75mill to Man City. Surprising bid just before first league game, 5mill is from clauses, but he was only a backup. Lovren £21mill to PSG. Have loads of CBs. Chiravella £1.8mill to Valencia. Not in plans, plus sell on clause. Mignolet 220k per month + 80% wages Loan to Milan. Optional buy fee of £15.75mill .They needed a Keeper Released a bunch of useless reserves and loaned a few also, Bought: Donnaruma £17mill . 17 yr old keeper who is already as good as Migs and Karius. Will be homegrown on 3 yrs also . A bargain IMO. Maia £12.75mill. Great young DM/CM and will be valued at a lot more in a few years, Reece Oxford £8mill. Potential to be great young English CB. If not, he will sell for a good amount. Will Hughes £17.5mill. Another bargain IMO. Young, English, Liverpool supporter. Price will only go up. Augustinsson £3.9mill. Bargain left back. Wont be a world great, but a solid backup and his value will only go up. Goldaniga £12mill. Fantastic young CB. Could be a great. Well rounded and solid. Preciado £1.2mill Bargain backup striker. Price can only go up. Also signed a bunch of youth players and Tutors for good prices imo. Im happy to pay £20k wages for a good tutor to make my youngsters potentially even better. A lot of my signings have been solid squad players with potential to be greats. If they dont reach the heights, then i have no problem selling them for a lot more than ive paid for them. In Jan or end of season, im looking at selling Milner, Lucas,(Both good tutors though) Wijnaldum, Mignolet, Karius, Maybe Sakho, and possibly Lallana (too slow.....but hes still a good player for me so i may keep). My Top transfer Targets are: Ryan Sessegnon, Lewis Cook, Pulisic and Alli.
  13. Anyone else training Ojo as AMR Inside Forward? He already has fantastic stats for a winger, so im hoping training him this way will make him a fantastic natural wideman for both flanks. Hes a potential 4.5 star player according to my coaches.
  14. Anyone made good use of Wijnaldum at all? No space for him in my center midfield, and no one wants to buy him, so im going to retrain him as AMR Winger to rotate with Mane.
  15. How is sturridge doing for everyone? Im thinking of selling him for 42million to spurs at the start of the season......For injury prone thats a great price.......and Firmino and Origi are good enough replacements. Thoughts?