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  1. Kuyts doing ok, U18 are 3rd, though i mainly got him for his personality, think it helps with youth recruitment. I released 12 staff and signed 28 at the start of the game. Filled all roles in all teams, data analysts, sports science etc too. To find good staff, all i did was search google for fm19 good staff. Theres several places which have lists of staff, then i just made a staff shortlist. I also knew of some from past games, then just searched ingame for the data analysts etc.
  2. Top of league in Jan. Moise Kean requested a transfer after my bid was rejected, ended up getting him for 4.9m! I did offer 22m before Matip came and asked top be transfer listed, Southampton came straight in to bid and i got 48m (26m+22m over 3 yrs). Sturridge has done well as a backup scoring 6 and 6 assists, but Leicester have made a bid for Sturridge, 25m and 23m over 3 years which is tempting me. 29 and injury prone.
  3. All i did was declare interest, then enquired. They came back wanting 74m and i just negotiated them down to 10m upfront and 20m over 3 years with 30% profit of next sale. Well worth it.
  4. Just the one shortlist for everyone.
  5. Into October now on my new save. Sold Lallana fro 41.5m (good money for slow 30yr old) Sold Origi for 25m (better than nothing when contracts up). Got rid of a bunch of bad staff and replaced with better, gave new contracts to some who had 2 jobs as having a second job lowered their ratings, now 4-5 stars in all training. Got Kuyt as U18 Manager. I may post screenshots later. I like to bring in and train youth so always want good staff. Some people dont make transfers in the first season but i do. I like to improve the team asap and look to the future. Bought de Ligt for 28.5m Vagnoman for 8.5 and loaned him back till Jan. Fornals for 12m (really like the look of this guy, great price too). Sancho for 30m + 30% profit. Tierney for 26m +20% profit is set for Jan. Made good use of payments over 3 years to get all these players. I like to buy young and not spend much for a few seasons. Got Moreno and Sturridge to sign new deals and hope to sell them at end of season (or Jan) instead of losing them for nothing. Looking to sell either Matip or Lovren in Jan, maybe Wijnaldum and Migolet too if i can get a good GK backup. Currently playing 4-3-3. Still playing with CM roles to see what fits. Top of table and unbeaten so far.
  6. Managed to sell Lallana for a decent fee, slightly less than his value. In late July I offered him to clubs with an unspecified fee and then Lallana wanted to talk. I told him his wages were too high and he became stroppy. No one came in with offers so i then offered him out on loan until Jan. Inter came in with a bid and i negotiated and they will pay a mandatory fee of 41.5m, 200k a month and 70% of his wages. I then put him on the transfer list and not needed status just in case it helped him accept Inters contract offer. Also sold Origi for 25m to Napoli. Worked the same as it did at release, just had to select Napoli as a club to offer to.
  7. I dont have that save file anymore. But it was at the start of a new save as Liverpool, literally the first day trying to buy and loan back Tierney from celtic and Vagnoman from HSV. I could loan back Vagnoman after the first of July, but still couldnt loan back Tierney.
  8. So im trying to buy some players as Liverpool but loan them back to their club for 6 months or a year, but that option is greyed out for people. Any ideas as to why? I had no problem doing this on previous patches. Edit: Hmm, it may be a transfer windows thing, a week later and i could loan back someone i wanted.
  9. Unsure if i should continue my first save where i sold Lallana for 80m or start again with the new DB where i probably cant sell him for that much.
  10. Well 19.3 is out, gonna give it a try and see if the match engine works better now the is out of beta
  11. Could also just be the match engine, this years seems to lack movement from forwards which is reducing chances for them.
  12. I tried to keep playing, was winning, top of the league etc.....but the match engine still produces the most boring football. Still no movement from the front players and chances always come from wide players. its just not fun. I think im done till the 19.3 patch.....and i'm seriously considering not getting the next version.
  13. Yeah, this is how i feel too. Theres just no movement from the front players, so no forward passes or through balls, so the ball end up at the full backs and most of the time you get a corner.
  14. Its a bit better with the crosses not being blocked all the time, but still very little central play and forwards/striker movement
  15. I need to try a few more games, but so far im still not impressed. Kinda wish i didnt bother this year
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