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  1. Could also just be the match engine, this years seems to lack movement from forwards which is reducing chances for them.
  2. I tried to keep playing, was winning, top of the league etc.....but the match engine still produces the most boring football. Still no movement from the front players and chances always come from wide players. its just not fun. I think im done till the 19.3 patch.....and i'm seriously considering not getting the next version.
  3. Yeah, this is how i feel too. Theres just no movement from the front players, so no forward passes or through balls, so the ball end up at the full backs and most of the time you get a corner.
  4. Its a bit better with the crosses not being blocked all the time, but still very little central play and forwards/striker movement
  5. I need to try a few more games, but so far im still not impressed. Kinda wish i didnt bother this year
  6. Blocked crosses leading to corner has certainly improved. But i still dont see support strikers dropping deeper, still dont see much movement from the front or much central play Im going to give it a few more games, but atm i wish i skipped this years version.
  7. Well, played 4 games and still issues with lack of front movement and central play. Seems we gotta wait till 19.3 for potential full release
  8. Siven

    Why FM19 > FM18?

    Right now for me, FM18 > FM19. Because i can get my FM18 teams to play how i want. That doesnt happen right now in FM19 due to the Match engine issues. I also prefer the training in FM18, not keen on the FM19 changes to training. Havent played FM19 for weeks now, waiting for patch which hopefully makes the match engine better.
  9. Its because of the issues with the Match engine. Lack of forward movement rsulting in no through balls which results in the ball going to the wing and then wide players dwelling on the ball and it always going out for corners. All the issues are in the ME bugs forum. They are why im not playing atm, cant play how i like.
  10. It's so hard having to wait for the patch, all i want to do is play!
  11. Might be ME changes next week apparently. Until then, still waiting .
  12. Lazy striker and AMR/L moving into box too early is a known Match Engine issue.
  13. Its a known issue among others with the match engine. Check the ME bugs forum.
  14. My feedback. I like the dark skin and i like other UI changes like the scouted players list as an option to the cards. Training changes i could have done without. In game tutorial about whats good for a schedule etc is nowhere to be found. I have just set my AM to it as its simpler. I understand wanting to change it, and it has potential, but i vastly preffered previous versions where i could just set it once and be done. I like the tactics changes, gives more control of the tactic you want to create and how you want your team to play. Unfortunately i have had to stop playing as the match engine is just so poor atm that those great tactic changes mean nothing as i cant get the team to play how i like. I dont want my defenders passing it long, i want my front 3 to move and offer themselves for passes, i want my midfield to play through balls. Luckily the ME problems i have are all reported in the bugs forum ( i made sure to look), now i just hope they get sorted as i want to play the game i paid for and enjoy it. And i can enjoy it atm.