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  1. Skin wise, Pink highlight circles (Inbox number/Transfers) over the purple background is really bad to read. Better to have that as yellow imo.
  2. I think its just how FM makes staff who have dual roles be worse at their job that annoys me. Like Inglethorpe as HOYD and u18 coach.....both jobs coach the u18s ingame anyway...so its a weird one.
  3. Had a quick look at FM22, staff is the same mess at the start as always. Inglethorpe, Krawietz, Rydings and Kornmayer have dual jobs which lowers their coaching performance, so need to offer new contracts to just 1 job if you want good training stars. Nat Phillips has an odd value of 70k-180k
  4. Gotta admit, nothing ive seen so far has me excited. Also seen on twitter from Miles thats the UI for team talks is still the same which is dissapointing as the UI splits the team up. Was much easier to read in previous years.
  5. Honestly i just hope the match day UI and team talk UI is improved.
  6. 2nd Season underway. Just won the community shield beating Chelsea on pens. Internationals and then Olympics have meant im still resting some players early on so they dont become jaded to early. Didnt buy many really. Could have bought Haaland etc, but i find that boring tbh. I like to buy youth and develop them. This season im doing training myself by using bustthenets trainings schedules after watching his youtibe vids. Bought in Yusuf Demir for £30m. Backup and future Salah replacement. Seb Esposito for £20m. All round forward. Sold: Gini to Barca for £68m Shaq to Guangzhou for £64m Thiago to Guangzhou for £42.5m. Initially they wanted me to pay £100k wages, but i got it down to 10k! Great player, but old and injury nightmare wasnt worth it. Wilson £20m to Leipzig Awoniyi £20m to Chaleroi Ojo £8.5m to Bournmouth Grabara £15m to Fulham Karius £15m to Shalke Lewis 500k, Rhys Williams 700k and a bunch of other youngsters for low fees with % of next sale. Really happy with the fees i got. Woodburn got a new contract and went on loan. Dont think he'll cut it, but hopefully sell for £10m+ next season. Grujic out on loan again, hoping to sell for a good price too. This season is a good chance for my youth to break through. All going to get more cup games and more league games than last season due to players who have left. Papetti, Bella-Kotchop, Koumetio, Hickey And Williams in defense. Papetti has already moved to senior squad, and i may loan out Bella-kotchop again. Krastev, Gavi, Musah, Menino in midfield. And Esposito and Demir upfront. Elliot, Clarkson, Stewart and Rovella are out on loan.
  7. I cant decide on a backup right back for TAA. Neco has potential, but is let down by his positioning. Menino also has potential...but is equally as good....if not moreso in CM. Who do you have as your backup RB?
  8. First season finished. Won Everything. Chelsea wre 2nd and Man city 3rd in league. Beat Everton 3-1 in FA cup final, beat Preston(!) 3-0 in league cup final and beat Real Madrid 3-0 in a very easy CL final. Going to tinker with tactic a bit 2nd season and try to get more out of the center midfield. Savic only got 5 goals and 1 assist, ok but i want more from him. Was really impressed with Tsimikas as backup left back. Did really well, solid on crosses and defense. Curtis Jones did well too, backup for Mane and also played many in CM, 5 goals and 10 assists. Kellerher is now my backup Keeper, which also helps with homegrown players. Coaches dont really rate him, but he does well and ive seen his CA and PA. Not great but solid for backup. I managed to get Gini a new contract so he wouldnt go for free, now im looking to sell him. Barcelona has just offered 68m (50 upfront, 10 over 3 years and 7.5m after 10 goals). Also looking to sell Minamino, he did ok as backup, but planning on using Elliot in his place. Its Origis time to go too. Jota is ahead of him, and other youngsters can replace him. Will also cull the u23's. The likes of Karius (got him on a new contract so i could sell rather than lose for free), Wilson, Grabara, Woodburn, etc will all go. Should make some good money here. Shaqiri, Keita and Thiago are also on my sell list if i can get good bids on them. High injury proneness means i cant rely on them. Matip and Gomez are injury prone too, but i have a couple of good young CD'd to replace them so no rush with them yet. Musah, Jones and Menino will get more playing time this year, Musah is now homegrown in nation which is great. Now sure if Menino will be a midfield or right back yet, dont think Neco will cut it with his positioning.
  9. It has taken many years fo Liverpool to create the strong squad they have. And thats represented well in the game. After a few seasons, once their top performers get older they will decline, unless the AI has good recruitment. Its just natural for all teams to be strong at some point tbh.
  10. Am i completely missing the option to show formations vertically, so that Gk is at bottom and Strikers at top? I've tried all 3 options (home formation, away formation, both horizontal, both vertical) and all are right to left. Edit: ah got it, right click it for the option!
  11. In April now and thinking of signings for season 2. Theres really not many i want. Its tempting to get Haaland, but dont think i need him really. And more tempted to buy a youngster and train them up. Greenwood wants to leave Man Utd after they didnt offer a new contract. He's ttempting to get, young 2 footed English....and a kick to man utd Foden is listed too, wanted a new contract. Gonna be expensive tho. But i really dont need him, got plenty of young CM's. Camavinga is tempting too, but again i dont need more DM/CM atm. Gvaridol i think i will get, tho i have Papetti and Kotchap coming through. I think a RB as backup for TAA is still needed. I have Neco, but his positioning is bad, also have Menino who can play RB i guess.
  12. What is the best and laziest way to setup training schedules so that matches moved for TV stop messing up my schedules im trying to create? I like to set each players position in training for the attributes, and I've watched some vods and think i have ok schedules now. I have made sure to have a rest session before and after games (recovery after too) so theres room for a travel spot. Is there anything else i should do for th easiest and laziest schedules other than let assistant do it (which im trying not to do this year).
  13. 2.5 stars. I had a look at his PA in the editor, its not great tbh, but with luck he can be an ok backup.
  14. Jan window is over. Sold Chamberlain and bought is Musah as posted above. Also bought 18yr old scottish full back Hickey for 13.5m (6m upfront and 7.5m over 3 years). Has 2 strong feet and can play both left and right back. Fantastic option i think. Kelleher got a new contract as my backup keeper too. Lots of green arrows on stat improvements. Bella-Kotchop and Woodburn both went on loan to championship clubs. Kotchop looks liek a star, but Woodburn seems to be a lost cause now
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