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  1. Havent played since before xmas, and i have just continued my previous save from release which was just at the start of season 2. Sticking with my fave formation 4-1-2-2-1 (4-3-3), but have cut back on the instructions as honestly you dont need that many.
  2. Gotta admit i prefer the sliders still. Why? because it felt like they gave me more control on how my players played. Currently a lot of the available instructions are very vague and need improving. What does work the ball into the box do for example? Does it lower long shots? crossing? anything else? In previous versions i could SEE the sliders change so i knew what that option affected, though tbh it wasnt an elegant solution.......but it at least wasnt as vague as the instructions are now.
  3. Any PA changes to youngsters in the last patch? Wondering if i should start a new save or continue my save from release.
  4. For me atm hes backup/rotation for both positions as i cant decide which position i want him to focus on This game can be really frustrating. Trying to refine my tactics, but a lot of the tactical options are so very vague and dont tell you what the options actually change. Im the kind of guy who likes to learn game mechanics, and get the best out of them, so things like vague info really annoy me. For example, some people say the exploit wings instruction increases runs from wide players and focuses passing down them, some say its only focus passing and some say it also lowers forward runs through the middle. Retain possession.......does it only lower passing range or does it do other things? I want this info in game. So damn annoying.
  5. I may sell Luan for about 30m. I have Coutinho, Firmino, Ibe, Embolo, Wilson, Zivkovic and maybe Kent for the wings. So a 25m profit is nice after 1 season.
  6. Bought Dele Alli for 15.5 after declaring interest which encouraged him to ask to leave. I think it helped that hes a Liverpool supporter Young, English and Homegrown. Can safely sell Milner now
  7. First season over. Won the league by beating 2nd place Arsenal 4-2 Won the League cup beating Sheff Wed 4-0 in the final Won the FA cup beating Watford 4-1 in the final Won the Euro cup beating Wolfsburg 2-1 in the final. Even though Sturridge missed 5 months he still scored 30 goals. Coutinho missed the last 3 months with injury too. Hendo was Liverpool player of the season, Coutinho was Liverpool young player and Corchia best signing. I am now going to sell a lot of players, and release a lot of u21 youth. Benteke, Mignolet, Balotelli, Bogdan are definately being sold. Milner im not sure about yet with him being HG. What do people do with Markovic? hes got greats stats, is young and most important for his very fast. If i get a good bid for Luan or Firmino i think i will sell one or maybe both of them. I have the like of Embolo, Ibe, Coutinho, Zivkovic, Wilson, Kent and possibly Markovic for AMR/L positions, though most arent at their level yet. Rossiter is going to play a lot more this season, so may sell Lucas or Bender. Keeping Palombo as backup too as i want him to become an u18 coach as his mentals and personality are fantasic and i think U18 coaches personality can rub off on youth recruits. Villa have bid 7m for Ilori as part of his loan fee, kinda dissapoining as he could be a good squad player and i think i could get more for him. After the selling, i will have Sturridge, Barbosa, Ings and Sinclair left upfront, im fine with that. Already have Rulli and Romero coming in for free. Romero is mainly as backup/loan and then probably selling on for lots (hopefully) of profit. Also Kuyt is coming in for free to hopefully tutor some youth. And of course, i have some great youth coming in
  8. Its interesting how many years ago 3 defense, 4 support and 3 attack (outfield) duties was pretty much standard in tactics, now its all changed, and i also just have 1 attack duty in my current tactic. It's also interesting how the in-game info and descriptions havent really changed, are very vague and are actually pretty bad at explaining things. So while i am glad for these guides by really smart also annoyed at SI for their poor in game info.
  9. Yeah, i always try to negotiate well on contracts. Just gave Skrtel a new one, he was on 70k a week, 25k app fee, 30k goal, 30k clean sheet. His new one is 80k a week, 14.5k app, 18.25k clean sheet and no goal bonus. I quite often am happy to give them a higher weekly wage if i can lower their bonuses a lot
  10. Ibe wants 125k a week wages after i won the him down to 83k but think its still too high :/ Edit: Oh wow.....i just found out Palombo's hidden mental attributes....WOW. I am soo glad i got him as a backup and tutor! Model Citizen indeed....and his tutee Rossiter is now also a model citizen!
  11. Jordon Ibe, 20yrs old, 35k a week wonderkid. We win the league and he wants a new contract. So i start negotiations. He starts out wanting 125k a week. Now THAT is a massive increase, i managed to get him down to 83k, but that imo is still way too much for a 20yr old. Am i just to tight Or does it seem a bit too high?
  12. Holy smudge balls! Just won the league and Ibe comes and asks for a new contract......he wants 125k a week from the 35k hes currently on! Gotta be something wrong there!
  13. Hes transfer listed on mine too, though im not going to get him. I have too many foreigners as it is, especially when it comes to squad registration for euro comps.
  14. Developing youth, specifically developing my clubs nationality youth. Want to build a lot of good young English players in my Liverpool save. Also increasing my financial status so im one of the best.