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  1. Also gonna start a new game. Yeah, every year this forum gets less and less active
  2. Main thing with staff i think is to remove the secondary roles on staff that have them imo. Having a secondary roles lowers their training star rating which is a bad thing.
  3. In theory yes, but its been many many versions of FM that ive actually seen anyone round a keeper.
  4. Currently have both fullbacks as WBs. DMd and the 2 midfield are BBM and CMs with more closing down and tight marking. Forward roles i keep changing but atm, Left wing as IWs, right wing IFA and striker DFA. All with more closing down and tight marking. But i keep changing the front 3 to try and get Mane scoring more (may go attack role) and Firmino to score more, his 13 finishing is 2 or 3 points too low imo. High pressing and Dline, shorter passing and normal tempo.
  5. Nice. Chinese came and bought Lovren from me for £48.5m Havent managed to sell him yet, just started my 2nd season.
  6. Been playing as Liverpool with Firmino upfront as a DLF but he just hasnt been doing enough for me, so going to try him as a F9 instead. Won the league and he got 14 goals and 5 assists, but im wanting more from him Funnily enough my formation is very similar to this, just with IF(a) on right, IF(s) on left, BBM on right and Mez(a) on left.
  7. How everyone doing with Wilson, Brewster, Jones and Woodburn? Im thinking they wont be worldclass, but will make great squad players ala Origi, but are also homegrown which is important. Been send them all on loan and theyve done well. 2nd season brewster is having a season long loan as an important player for Norwich, looking for the same for Woodburn and Wilson and jones back to Championship.
  8. Think it was about 20m. I deleted that save and started again so cant check.
  9. Go for it, i only started this one as no ones else had
  10. Your not the only one having lone striker problems. Cant get Firmino to do anything in a 4-1-2-2-1 (433), currently 1 goal, 1 assist in 15 games Even though im unbeaten top of the league. Lone strikers just dont seem to move much or get much service.
  11. I much prefer Ox in midfield. Hes a beast at Mezzala or BBM. On another note, im finding a striker on his own upfront is really bad this edition, no matter the roles
  12. In previous FM games you could warn or fine a player after a bad game, usually 6.3 or lower. I cant seem to do that anymore. Anyone else notice that too? Theres no section for that in the code of conduct either.
  13. Won the league first season, lost FA cup final on penalties to Arsenal , but then won the Champions league final vs Real Madrid on penalties Had a great season, but i am actually going to restart. Decided i could do a few things better. Want to get Jota at start of season and a few youngsters a year earlier for getting homegrown status a year earlier. Also going to train up and play Hoever more as a right back, but need to work on his (and TAA) Stamina, unless i can find a better backup for TAA. Gomez is ok, but poor crossing and i use him mainly as CB anyway. Chang
  14. The sounds are probably the worst thing about the game. Each year i try them for the first mathc, buy always turn them off by the end of first half. The bonus of no sound is i can do other things like watch TV or watch twitch on my second monitor while still playing FM.
  15. In previous FM games i would keep what i call a rolling shortlist. Over the course of a game my shortlist would build, i would buy some players from it and of course they would be removed from it. I would then save the shortlist when i add new players onto it. But if i loaded that shortlist in a new game, those players that were removed from the shortlist due to being bought, would still be on the shortlist in the new game. I loved this. But no matter what i do in FM20 i cant get this to work as when i load the shortlist in the new game, those players wont be on it.
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