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  1. Havent had chance to really start yet with game releasing at same time as others. Did some first window testing, and managed to sell Keita for £56m (36 +20 over 3 years) to real madrid, but decided not to keep that as i think he'll be worth more later. Ended up selling Adrian for £5.5m and replacing him with Smithies for £2.4m. 30 years old backup and homegrown is good for me. Bought a bunch of youngsters including Bella-Kotchop for £2.5m + 3.5 over 3 years. Papetti (compensation), Rovella (Compensation), Arezo, Krastev, Setford, Collins, Gavi and Bynoe-Gittens. Most of
  2. I looked at editor but didnt notice any PA changes.
  3. Same feedback as i posted in Beta thread. nothing has changed, so i will post it here too now that the game has fully released. My feedback on the Match Screen Images below. Playing at 1920x1080. Match stats + notable events section is ok. but i would like to cutomize which match stats show up. Dugout section, the only info i liked in this was the minor injury notifications.......and thats only because they dont show at all on any other section! Would rather replace this tbh. Injuries (orange icons) need to show up on the Liverpool (your team) stats sect
  4. All they had to do with the match UI was all the player to resize things to how they'd like it tbh.
  5. Agreed its npt very good. Gave my feednack with screenshots on the beta thread. Personally i dont see it being changed at all, just gotta hope skins can improve it.
  6. Can offer Adrian out for 5.5m, which may be worth it at his age, but you then need a backup keeper.
  7. No one has a good amount of transfer funds in first window really, so it seems Jan is best bet for sales.
  8. Its one of the many questionable matchday UI changes. Hope that skins can bring it back.
  9. No Dark Skin...........feelsbadman Will deffo be getting a new skin this year, community usually makes some good ones.
  10. How can i make my managers face looks older, right now they just look so young. Maybe im blind and can see a skin complection option or something? Any ideas? Or is there just no option for this?
  11. Yes, i change them as i think the default colors are too harsh and vivid. Been using the below colors for years, infact i copied someone from this forum. Low: R 181, G 136, B 127 This one is one of the color swatches ingame. Average: R 224, G, 224, B, 224 This is a color ingame too. Good: R 159, G 220, B 122 Excellent: R 225, G 87, B 34. I find these colors to be distintive and have nice calm and soothing look compared to the default harsh tones imo.
  12. They are just as easy as Man City, Real Madrid, Barcelona etc Meaning any team with a good real life squad. And its took them years to build the squad. Simple really.
  13. Not anymore. In Fm20 i switched fully to 3D in zoomed out Sideline view. Get a great view of the players positioing along with the improved 3d visuals.
  14. Alex Inglethrope, Liverpool HOYD has a secondary job as U18 coach which is redundant because the HOYD also coaches the U18's, and it actually lowers his coaching rating too due to it being a secondary job. Mentioned this in the Liverpool FM20 thread, figured i'd put it here too.
  15. Im really in two minds whether to properly start now, or at release fully patched!
  16. Started pre season a few times before my full game save. I've only bought a few youngsters, as no one has money to buy the few players i'd like to sell. Gonna have to wait till Jan or end of first season to buy/sell first teamers.
  17. Something i noticed, in both FM20 and 21, is that the import shortlist option never works. You can load a shortlist, sure, easy, makes a 2nd shortlist. But if you want to import a shortlist into a selected shortlist, it doesnt show anything. Is this a known issue, or am i just daft and using this wrong. Im pretty sure i used this many years ago.
  18. Not really played much yet, kinda waiting on full release incase theres any big changes or fixes, like last years there was a problem with determination stat. Also release is same time as new WoW expansion, so busy time for me. I only started this thread as no one else had, so i hope someone is gonna start a FM21 thread. In FM20 i always had my wingbacks as WBs, and they worked really well. With Mane as IWa and Salah as IFa, Firmino as DLFs. Though if i get Haaland after a season or 2, he'll be a CFa and Mane a IWs i think.
  19. Yu, i saw that too. I for one will be using a skin for FM for the first time. Hopefully a good one gets released asap. A good UI in games is incredibly important, especially in a game like this where information is king. I find it really odd that the UI has ended up this way in this game. Theres a reason that UI mods are popular in many games out there.
  20. I'm putting my money on Xbox release. Though i hope im wrong. FM Touch is coming to Xbox this year, and i think Touch uses the same matchday UI as full version, so having a less fiddly UI is better for controllers.
  21. Loading and saving are the biggest benefits of SSD atm. But the biggest thing for me when i upgraded years ago, was the boot time of windows. Its like a totally different world. No one should still be on a HDD nowadays really.
  22. Over 30 and hate the new UI. It lacks info and ability to customize whats shown or not shown. Its a downgrade from previous versions.
  23. Staff wise, i managed to get Ingethorpe a new contract just as the HOYD at 13.5k per week. So 3.5k a week to remove the redundant u18 coach secondary job and get him back to a 4 star coach. Happy with that. Krawietz, you can remove Head of Performance secondary job 2 ways. One is new contract, he'll want another 2k per week, so 22k a week for a 4 star coach. Second way is to recruit a new Head of Performance, and Krawietz will sign a new contract as a coach for his 20k a week he starts at. Either way, hes back to a 4 star coach, rather than 3 star with 2 jobs. Kornmayers
  24. As far as i know, there arent any official rules for football related work permits and brexit. So instead of the game guessing, im just going to use a steam workshop file (there will prolly be one early) to remove it. I could use the editor, but i think it removes achievements?
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