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  1. I agree, at the very worst being two footed shouldn't affect how quick and strong you are, your positioning, teamwork etc. Agree with this even more. I don't believe being two-footed inherently makes someone a better player, what it seems to mostly affect is their style of play. For example, watching the very one-footed Carzola tonight i noticed how much he twists and turns his body to keep the ball on his good foot and create the gap to do a good pass with regular success. If the exact same player were to be two footed, his style would mean he wouldn't need to twist his body so much before finding that same gap to do the good pass. The overall outcome is exactly the same, just done in slightly differeny ways. However in the FM world this two-footed version (with the exaxt same CA) would suddenly have a much worse passing attribute and poorer end product, just because his style of play in getting to the passing position is different - which to me doesn't seem to make sense.
  2. Wow i think this is the closest i'll ever be to being proud about coming from Bromley! Roversawh would you mind showing a screenshot of their facilities and perhaps give an idea of how long it took them to get to the prem? Was their meteoric rise thanks to a sugar daddy at any point? Cheers.
  3. I can't seem to download anything from Gamefront. Anybody else have this problem?
  4. Not a great start to the season by i'm sure being back in the CL group stages makes up for that so far. I also notice that Bourneview are sporting a new shirt!
  5. Fantastic career Dafuge, i've been following it with interest over the months you've been doing it. Shame it has to end but it seems the right time now. I look forward to your next one on FM12.
  6. Sounds interesting, i'll give it a download.
  7. From this thread: Not sure it's for 2008 but i think it should be.
  8. I think the number refers to the stadium id, not the club id. Pret's point still stands. The examples you've given are for chairman, who have presumably heavily financed the new stadium. I can't think of a club that has named their stadium after a manager whilst they're still in charge.
  9. Here is the thread you might be referring to. A lot of good suggestions in there and its frustrating to see SI have completely ignored them.
  10. To be fair you would probably have always struggled to win over the fans after they experienced the mighty managerial talents of Eddie Newton.
  11. Somewhere around 2032 is my longest, still playing 2008 version though. I think in total over different saves i've done about 55 seasons on that version, but there's no way i could achieve that length on one save only!
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