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  1. Brilliant it worked, many thanks FrazT! The file is now a measly 452MB and loads perfectly well now. I can't remember the initial set up but i think it is a large database, i would guess in the region of 80,000 - 100,000 players + staff. I also have 45 divisions across 16 nations loaded and am just about to start my 38th season - so that may have something to do with the massive size! Cheers
  2. My long-term save game has suddenly stopped loading ("The save game could not be loaded"). I keep many back up files at regular intervals so i can always revert back if any corruptions occur. In this case, the previous 7 back up files won't load and i noticed that they had all reached 2gb in size. The 8th back up at 1.99gb works and i replayed with this file to find it also stopped loading once hitting the 2gb mark. So my questions are: - is there a limit to the file size that FM can load? - is there a way to get round this so that i can continue my game? I would be extreme
  3. I agree, at the very worst being two footed shouldn't affect how quick and strong you are, your positioning, teamwork etc. Agree with this even more. I don't believe being two-footed inherently makes someone a better player, what it seems to mostly affect is their style of play. For example, watching the very one-footed Carzola tonight i noticed how much he twists and turns his body to keep the ball on his good foot and create the gap to do a good pass with regular success. If the exact same player were to be two footed, his style would mean he wouldn't need to twist his body so much befo
  4. Wow i think this is the closest i'll ever be to being proud about coming from Bromley! Roversawh would you mind showing a screenshot of their facilities and perhaps give an idea of how long it took them to get to the prem? Was their meteoric rise thanks to a sugar daddy at any point? Cheers.
  5. Here's a couple i'm not 100% sure of the correct pronunciation (Spanish players): 1. Iturbe 2. Uriarte 3. Lasa (is it 'Lassa' or more like 'Laza'?)
  6. Less of the insults yeah? Anyway i'm looking forward to seeing this forum take off. Good move mods and bods
  7. I think this the only thing we disagree on. I remember very similar comments back during CM4 when 2D was first introduced. The main arguments were it took away from the imagination of the game, was slow and uneeded. But very quickly these doubters ended up loving the new visual match engine as it developed and showed how good it could be. And of course there were still those hardcore players who only cared for the commentry mode. And this is how i see the future of 3D. The main reason i enjoy 2D is it gives my players some 'life', i can see their movements, their shots, their token celebratio
  8. Commentary? What's that got to do with anything? Ok, well lets hope FM never changes anything because we don't want them adding any new features ever, otherwise people won't distinguish it from the lesser games. You've obviously never played Sensible World of Soccer.
  9. Yeah you're right. It seems some people automatically assume a pro-2D campaign = an anti-3D campaign, when in fact both can exist in harmony if SI can adjust and improve the current 2D system (as outlined in the thread).
  10. Well i'm pretty much in full agreement with you. It's a shame that not everyone in this 'campaign' shares these views.
  11. Yep and i'm in complete agreement with that. It just annoys me that some people have an inability to see the potential of 3D and therefore demand its removal. They don't appreciate that these things take many years to develop.
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