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  1. As far as I know creative freedom acts as a modifier to the flair attribute which, again, as far as I know has no impact on off the ball movement. So upping CF is most likely to affect - passing length slider - through ball setting - long shots setting ....as far as I know (once more for the triple )
  2. Thanks. Nice variety of goals too. On a side note seeing some of the goals brought back some bad Ronaldo based memories
  3. dave byrd any chance you could upload some pkms from higuain/real? Just curious as to what you are doing as you've clearly broken something
  4. Post in the bugs forums. Regardless of settings/gelling etc. I'm fairly certain two players shouldn't be standing on top of each other as ften as you say it happens to you. Tactically roaming, mentality/runs from deep differences. Also assigning a player as playmaker will bring him towards the ball more often which may see him coagulate with team mates.
  5. If your tactic is 'working' and doing what you want it to do, ignore the assistant.
  6. Buonanotte? If so hardcoded to reflect him being in a car crash. If not then I have no clue.
  7. First thing I do with any tactic is set Goalkeeper to defender collect and designate the full back (composure, decisions weigh into which I choose). You'd be surprised at how easy it can be to go FB => winger and right on the attack or if you have no wingers one quick long ball to release a striker pulling wide in behind.
  8. Yes but in a basic 442 it differs between positions. - strikers mentality brings them back when you lose possession - Higher RFD will bring them back up the pitch more aggressively but even mentality 1 RFD rare striker will make his way up top - MCs tie in to RFD setting more. There is possibly a minor effect on positioning particularly with regards to how they react to changes in possession but by and large RFD matters more. So two MCs set to 1 and 20, both RFD Often will find themselves basically in a line. The RFD setting will impact on their movement relative to where you have possession in an obvious manner. The lower mentality midfielder with RFD often might be more willing to drop back to show but I'm not 100% certain - higher mentality wingers will on average occupy a position further up the pitch as will FBs - CBs push towards the halfway line as the ball gets towards the opposition goal regardless of mentality. Mentality will affect how they react to transitions, so a higher mentality will tend to push out more aggressively when the ball gets moved forward or drop off less. But there is not a massive difference between 1 and 20, so a difference of 4 or 5 clicks won't have a huge impact on positioning All just my theories. Test it out for yourself by looking at the 2D.
  9. Nope. Individually set instructions override team ones. Ticking the boxes and setting manually also overrides the impact of using shouts on the settings.
  10. Versatility, not adaptability. In game sccout report will mention living in different countries => adaptability In game scout might mention if he is a versatile player Open to correction but it only kicks in if you remove the new position training.
  11. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/198823-A-Simple-and-Effective-Corner-Routine-Defending-and-Attacking-(No-Bug)?highlight=corner
  12. Counter Attack tick box does the following mechanically:_ If the number of opposition attackers in front/behind the ball reaches a set value then Mentality is set to 20 Forward Runs are increased [paraphrasing here] As for why you suddenly play poorer with it unticked I haven't a clue, but it definitely isn't a simple causation.
  13. Good to know Although it does mean I'll have to scrap my 64 page essay Weaker Foot Ratings: Sort It Out SI!!!!
  14. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=18848 last few pages have FM 09 stuff in there. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=58666 covers how multiple positions affect weightings
  15. Because the routine you downloaded was a Youth routine? They are two separate entities and as as far as I know the game adds (Youth) to the file name to highlight this, so I'm guessing whoever uploaded them renamed them removing the name add on.
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