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  1. KUTGW Wijnand! My longest was getting to 2018 on FM 2007 with Nottingham Forest, winning the league, both cups and the champions league before jumping ship for a struggling Bayern Munich, and watching the AI destroy my Nottingham Forest side, selling all the young, valuable regens and replacing them with old useless players. Damn you Martin Jol!
  2. 17 years at Worksop Town from non league to premiership on FM 2005. 16 Years with Forest, making them a premiership super power on FM 2007. 10 years with Birkerød getting them to the Danish premier division on FM 2008.
  3. Alurny, It's already been created here. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Ta!
  4. Just wondering if there would be interest in an Italian version of Gundo/Dafuge's challenge? Something a bit easier than Gundo's but based in a bigger nation like Italy, France, Holland or Spain. I thought of starting a game in Italy, with the rules set down in these two challenges. I know it is not exactly original, but I am curious if setting up a game in the larger European nations is of interest to anyone, as it is likely to be an easier challenge. Ideas and suggestions welcome. Tell me if this idea sucks too
  5. You know the major problems with these new leagues being implemented will be research. If you think you can help why not email SI and find out if you can help in any way! I'd like to see more in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. Thing is I know nothing about these places! I am *sure* if SI could get the researchers for some of these leagues they could be implemented? An example of this would be non league in England. They need researchers all across the lower pyramid and there is a person to contact who are interested in helping with the research. I would suggest those wanting a league such as Boznia and who have good knowledge of the league post in the Data forum to see if SI are interested. Just an idea guys!
  6. Just sort out the players going to internationals on the day of the Championship League games. Very annoying!
  7. Okay I see many good points here like improving scouting but the thing I'd like is bigger recognition of big matches. On the match screen colour code something so it "feels" different from your average league game (gold for Europe, Silver for Domestic Cup etc) Maybe even a graphic/ pre match comments on pre match screen?? I not really sure how but I know why I'd like it if you get me...
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