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  1. The team I'm currently playing have A Dick up front.....
  2. Afternoon lads. You wouldn't mind doing me a favor, and changing my Knockbreda thread title to "[FM08] Knockbreda F.C - 1 Man. 3,000 Dreams" would ya? Cheers
  3. I'll leave it until the new year, at the very least. I want to get my own save going on FM10 anyway
  4. Ok, despite the fact last seasons version of the "Real London CSE" challenge flopped hard, would anyone be up for it in FM10? Added bonus being, you would start in the Lowest possible league (Level 10).
  5. Yeah dafuge. You gotta change it now. :evil:
  6. Thank god I'm not going insane..!! dafuge cheated us.
  7. So you didn't change anything?
  8. Ok, its not working now. But I swear on my sisters grave I did it earlier today. I clicked "Edit Post" > Go Advanced > Change Title - on the opening post. It changed. I changed it back, because I was just testing. But now its not working. You did something didn't you daf, go on, admit it
  9. I can' change mine.. watch..
  10. You do know you can change your own thread titles, right?
  11. For those of the people I like in the forums, places will be reserved for you BTW - the thread is up, but in GD. I posted it in the wrong place :o
  12. My Latest Idea : I'm going to create a new team. "Real London CSE" The team will have a stadium thats quite small, also somehow linked to the forums and forumites. Staff for the club will be forumites names, and the team will be put in the BSS / BSN with 20 players that are all names of Forumites that frequent CSE. Then, Put the game up for download, start a new thread, and people can track the progress in the same manner of Dafuges / Gundo's Challenge, trying to get Real London CSE to the Prem. Whaddayathink?
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