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  1. The team I'm currently playing have A Dick up front.....
  2. The only way around it for me, Gundo, was to make my own screen and save it. Then it uses that as the default.
  3. I've got FM10 on iPhone. Will be starting an Arsenal career (the first time I've managed them since FM06) - and should make for an interesting careers thread
  4. Afternoon lads. You wouldn't mind doing me a favor, and changing my Knockbreda thread title to "[FM08] Knockbreda F.C - 1 Man. 3,000 Dreams" would ya? Cheers
  5. I'll leave it until the new year, at the very least. I want to get my own save going on FM10 anyway
  6. Ok, despite the fact last seasons version of the "Real London CSE" challenge flopped hard, would anyone be up for it in FM10? Added bonus being, you would start in the Lowest possible league (Level 10).
  7. I was Purefun..!! I was on intermittently, admittedly [what a mouthful] - but yeah. Gotta pop to the in-laws for a bit this afternoon, but should be on around 3.
  8. Yeah, I guess thats not such a bad idea
  9. A question for my followers. If a team that has never [or rarely] been in the N. Irish leagues gets promoted, should I take over them, and play with 2 clubs? It would add a little excitement, perhaps, if I could fast track them to the NIP, and a team as good as mine, and do it with a few others over the next 15-20 seasons, to make the league more competitive, the quality of N. Irish players a lot better, and hopfully really start bringing up the coefficients and world rankings of N. Ireland..
  10. CSE has awards too. I'd be happy to pick some other members to run them with me. Perhaps 1 a year, at the end of each calendar year, or do it like CSE, and run the awards with each new FM release.
  11. Yeah dafuge. You gotta change it now. :evil:
  12. Thank god I'm not going insane..!! dafuge cheated us.
  13. So you didn't change anything?
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