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  1. Nice to see this still going. Definitely going to be giving FM16 a fair chunk of my time, so might just jump back in
  2. Is it just me, or in these LOWER LOWER leagues, when you get the F.A Cup games v the non-league teams, and you're like 30-1 faves to win, you always struggle? It's felt this way in FM since I can remember, and it's annoying my team of players can't beat a team of guys who have majorly 1's as stats xD
  3. I find the following to be consistent, not just via lower leagues but all leagues - Goals from corners are too common. - Direct free kicks being scored are too common. - Goals from other set pieces, be it FK's or throw ins are too common - GK's take FK's and then stand still leaving an open net resulting in a 50 yard screamer. - goals are either incredible scrappy, or works of magic, there is no in between, no average goal. - GK > RW > ST > GOAL seems to be a valid method of attack.
  4. I have finished my first season, and pressed the screenshot button with steam, and it suugested to me that the screen shot has been saved, however there are no screen shots on my steam profile. Not sure where they went xD
  5. Ok scrap that. I literally lost 7-0 and 4-1 the very next games xD
  6. Having a somewhat interesting time as Dulwich Hamlet so far. Sat 16th in the league after 24 games, only 5 points ahead of the relegation spaces, but only 10 points away from the promotion spots. It's a frustrating league, with many many injuries and fitness problems, and for me specifically, I find I'm losing narrowly in every game I lose. I'm yet to be battered by any team at all, and feel with a few key signings, could easily push for promotion next season, however finding those players with such limited resources is proving impossible. Also losing a huge chunk of money each month, but the task for the season was to steer clear of relegation, so anything else I guess is a bonus.
  7. Hi Guys! For the first time in a long time, I'm not only playing FM again, and enjoying it, but felt like taking a stab at my man dafuge's challenge! I'm not sure how much I'll play, and how often I'll post, but in my down time, I will most certainly keep at it! So..... here is my brand new Manager Profile! That's right, I decided to do what FM08 never done, and bring Andrew Smylie, the Knockbreda Legend in to management in the lower tiers of English football, taking on Dulwich Hamlet. An interesting fact about myself and D. Hamlet, is that a good old 15 years ago, I actually played for this team in real life, when they were in the then Dr. Martin league, many moons ago, so this has a very personal touch for me, and hopefully I can take them up through the divisions, and bring them glory.
  8. Was impressed that this thing is still going. I might partake in it again myself this year if I properly get back in to FM
  9. Goals from corners, and goals from free kicks around the area from headers / keeper rebounds are a mess in this game.
  10. I'm typically the kind of guy that likes to bounce through seasons in no time, (especially these days, and the minimal amount of FM I play) - so I pay little to no attention to many of the things in this post. Ironically, I would have a much better time with the game by taking note, and taking care of the little things that will allow me to bounce happily along quite quickly in the long term once I get these sort of things to become first nature.
  11. Hey Guys, I've been playing FM 14 on my iMac with absolutely no problems, and transferred my save to my mac book pro today as I'm away travelling for the next 8 days. Upon opening my save on the MBP, the text seems very blurry - http://gyazo.com/ff417fc8fe04347172945237181176da however, the MBP I have is brand new model 10.8.4 OS X with an i7 processor, and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB graphics card. I've played around in the preferences with the interface resolutions, and with the % Zoom too, and nothing I do fixes the issue. Is there a work around for this, or are people aware of this issue, or is it just me?! Thanks
  12. I don't understand why my thread has been moved to a post in this thread. It has nothing to do with feedback on the game. It's to do with a functionality with in the game that I'm asking about.
  13. Hey guys, I haven't played FM extensively since FM08, however, FM14 is my return. When going in to match day, I like to watch the match on the overview screen, and have it cut to the 2D Classic pitch for highlights. I've fiddled around with it a lot, but can't seem to get this action to happen again. Has it been removed from the game now? Currently I have have the split screen 2D Classic pitch / Match facts - which doesn't really work well for me. Thanks for any feedback
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