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  1. complete domination, although the finishing makes me want to throw things, at least 2 shots, player clean through and somehow finds the goalkeeper. Martial up front though after bringing Rashford off, led to 3 goals this is the league table going into the international break.. been a bit busy so havn't played for a while, hence why I am only that far.. and no your eyes do not deceive.. that IS Bournemouth, they have already beaten Arsenal.. and won 4-0 at the Etihad
  2. and I thought my save was bizarre..
  3. got Sanchez on the. bu..... try and get for free list if someone good comes along I will buy them
  4. my AMC is Angel Correa, who got injured :(, Mikhi on the right wing.
  5. I tried to unsettle Ozil to stop him signing a new contract, he did.. so he is off the list now might try for goretzka
  6. I found it rather annoying, Zlatan got annoyed because I sold Fellaini (its fellaini ffs) because he was in a core group.... then got annoyed because I didn't replace him (I had already bought a midfielder by then was trying to replace Darmian.. who no one cared about... :/), got through 7 league games.. team are all still in yellow for morale... because of ONE freaking deawood sale. what is more frustrating is some of the horrendous finishing, talking chances that 99/100 are at the very least a shot on target IRL, being either ballooned or going miles wide
  7. quite good, used shaw for one match so far, both are similar types.
  8. I sold Fellaini and zlatan got upset... didn't help team harmony either. Lingard is very handy right winger for me as well, seems to work well with Martial/rashford on the left as Inside forward, anyway this is what I ended up with
  9. FM18: Hidden Gems

    picked up this guy for free. decent potential
  10. Favourite players so far in FM18

    Lingard is pretty good at crossing to the far post for my Inside Forward
  11. FM18 player value shock

    yea, but youngsters are first port of call for replacing players, ended up getting Juanfran for 20 odd million...
  12. Favourite players so far in FM18

    Angel Correa, same beast as last year.. except costs peanuts. Martial.. beast now.
  13. FM18 player value shock

    £142m + sell on % request for Alexander Arnold... that was a 2nd return offer.. after they wanted 194m
  14. FM18: Hidden Gems

    you can't actually buy Trent Alexander Arnold anyway, Liverpool wanted £142m + a massive sell on fee :/
  15. what is up with the default corners, players don't seem to be anywhere near getting on the end of them, as they don't see to attack the ball, and just linger between the penalty spot and the edge of the area, while the corner goes in the gap between the goal and the penalty spot.