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  1. I have Goretzka.. he can't break into the team.. almost sold him for silly money as well. wow Memphis up front in a 4-4-2 is brilliant, he goes out wide a lot and creates stuff, or gets on the end of things himself, instead of when he is out wide, he cuts inside and wastes a shot. dunno how young you want, but it is 2018
  2. CM is easy, Mateo Kovatic I tend to have an older player there to compliment the midfield as well though.
  3. Ruben Neves is just breaking through on mine... bit hard to Dislodge Pogba and Vidal Dont normally play Memphis up front, would normally play Barbosa although I actually dont normally play Bale and Isco together either, usually the side Isco is playing on is Mahrez OR Ziyech, and Bale is always Injured but given its African cup of nations, I have to get some fitness back into those players. turns out.. it works Isco was Man of the Match, seems odd playing Madrid and they have Schinederlin and Mata.. and I got Isco and Bale and for some reason Benteke :/
  4. should try and get Brandt as well
  5. that is all you can do, I have tweaked etc, and then switched to a tactic i rarely used in the first season because it wasn't effective at all, oddly enough. It also has the benefit of going direct or not being a game changer.
  6. my main tactic has been nearly useless for 2 seasons now due to terrible finishing. even if opponent is weak its a struggle.
  7. Legendary Striker
  8. I got a nice chunk of cash for Darmian instead, Mario Fernandez is just a beast.
  9. Never have succeeded, however the conversations end up bizarre. tried to sign Hummels, who didn't want to play in England offered him captaincy - already captain offered him trophies - he doesn't think I could win trophies that's that... he wants to leave to play Champions league football... and I won that.
  10. only issues I have had with players wanting to play in particular leagues is when trying to buy them.
  11. except for me he got a better average rating then my right back, was 0.01 below my left back, and only other players ahead were forward players, Pogba sits in CM.. so he obviously bring something, given he is getting similar ratings to my creative players.
  12. Chelsea want 150m was Hazard :/
  13. dear FA... Billic is your man.
  14. I got him for 90m and now i just got Matuidi for free in 2018 summer window
  15. so... whats this. I addressed this problem, as this conversation shows basically he failed his language cause, and came to me about not being settled in England because of it.. that's the above convo, which shows he accepted another course as the fix, which he was sent on