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  1. players still are stupid yes. what I do like is now that the things I see look realistic.. no more tackles from silly angles sending the ball in a random direction no more players falling over randomly etc.
  2. once again the tactical advice.. when followed before a match completely butchers my tactics. recommended to play 4-2-3-1 DM... I already have a tactic to that.. so why did it not switch to that, instead of butchering my 4-2-3-1?
  3. for right backs, going for Mario Fernandes again
  4. Pululu.. available for 650k compensation... need to wait for injury to pass though.. seems to have high potential.
  5. for me on my United save.. Isco was a monster and bought fairly cheaply. However Hakin Ziyech was my favourite, key pass machine and great at set pieces.
  6. Kristoffer Ajer is still a bargain
  7. £15m i think it was in 17/18 after i bought Mahrez off them, so i knew they had the cash.
  8. I sold him to Leicester on my save, and they went down that season
  9. on the subject of Salford city, how is their joint manager format going to get implemented.
  10. will probably do Man Utd Salford City Edinburgh City - new team in the scottish leagues, will be fun
  11. only Messi have i paid that sort of cash.
  12. so how does this work, given you pre order it out of steam.
  13. I'm talking about HOW the goals are conceded, not how many are conceded such rudeness on here is stupid, recent games AI hasn't had chance to get near defence, but there are those blips where you get lucky. I see it time and time again version after version, so yes i post about time and time again because IT LOOKS UNREALISTIC, I see a slide tackle, goes to opponant player, then again, both times directly to their feet off some silly angle, I want to see the actual tackle direction or the ball follow a realistic path.