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  1. defending has gone.... odd all of a sudden, players just running past and scoring lol
  2. so many of these scams going around again, wish people would remove these scammers from computers
  3. or.. close the airports... like... seriously...
  4. Just got the Glazers to buy Lautaro Martinez... 2 goals against Liverpool followed by 2 goals against chelsea.. lost shaw to a double hernia -_-
  5. what is wrong with FM21.... not only can I not have my transfers but: board refuse to bid on players because of my league position...... before the season has started, because its not high enough.. what about last season then? and Pogba is unavailable for the community shield because he is playing for france u23s? why is he playing with them?
  6. this transfer windo bug where all of my players dont come until 1/1/2022 is annoying, all my rivals getting players in.. liverpool spend 104m on odegaard....
  7. well... won the quadruple with United... seemed easier then expected, won 3-0 in the final of the CL against real.
  8. loads of snow in manchester.
  9. rain rain and more rain...
  10. I seem to have this with all my frees as well..
  11. is everyone who runs everything incompetent.. less vaccines being distributed because of building work? whats more important ffs?
  12. also.. can someone explain this... i thought these players come after their contract expire in 6 months, not in 12 months from contract offered
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