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  1. love this game, win 5-1, draw next league game, draw FA cup game against MK dons, draw another league game, draw a champions league game, win league cup on pens.... win 5-1 in the cup replay -_-
  2. I had pogba wanting to go to Madrid, said he could achieve everything here instead
  3. I struggle to beat them and chelsea for some reason.
  4. ex city player scores a fergie time winner at Anfield for United.. the scenes
  5. some of the prices are crazy, transfer listed Asensio and Sane cost 29m each...
  6. Players performing way above their ability

    its more common with the left and right backs, always low ratings when they have lower end defensive stats , but if they have higher crossing and pace, they always work well. it isn't just the hidden stats, a great player in the game has stats that fits your style of play they can over perform.
  7. Players performing way above their ability

    ability doesn't mean anything, I have had 2-3 star players perform well, just because they have the stats where I want them.
  8. well, this lot were easy to beat.
  9. Asensio??

    I signed him for £28m, play him behind the striker.
  10. English Wonderkids

    Rashford is also a wonderkid but unobtainable like Alexander-arnold
  11. depends, I think the problem is more the finishing, if you get a lot of crosses in, the chances might get fluffed.
  12. I wouldn't say to get him if he wasn't.
  13. get Pinamonti if you want a young striker, fits the AF role perfectly as well, gets a high finishing stat as well.
  14. a scoreline more fitting of the shots on goal, and asensio is out for a month or 2