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  1. I would rather have it before as well.. I get a few mid game crashes, and results can change dramatically between the end of the last game, and before mine. I have actually seen the same match do the exact same thing twice though, which was odd, same goals, same buildups, everything.
  2. 2nd Leg Syndrome

    except I still win.
  3. 2nd Leg Syndrome

    this happened on FM far too much, one one save I won one leg 8-2 lost the next one 6-1, happens so much on FM that even 4-0 5-0 wins always go through by an away goal or by 1 goal on aggregate.
  4. so hard getting the players I want, Bayern taking my backup right back was not good, but I had to sell to risk unhappiness, still held out for a great price, and found a superb replacement. Bayern also tried to Hijack it....
  5. he is IF support on the attacking tactic Support and Attack bring different behaviour.
  6. he does a few different things, the issue with IF is they cut inside, and try and shoot, on mine he uses the wing back then gets into the box, or stays wide and crosses himself.
  7. I just rotated midfield and defenders and won 8-1
  8. he is 3rd Choice for me.. cant get in Ahead of Martial, or Payet.
  9. first Priority was this guy, in second season and those ratings tell their own story... once you buy a Left back as well, you will be fine, but that is the minimum.
  10. The defenders at United now are the ones I have have, even Sule can't break in past Smalling/Bailly
  11. I have the issue with Premier league FFP rules, restricting wages.
  12. Schneiderlin has been good for me as well. Lower back stress fracture? doing what? wear and tear? all he has done in the past few games is take goal kicks defence has been solid
  13. Martial as IF works a treat. if you want a player to play on the left, Payet costs peanuts I got him for £24m.. scores from Free kicks as well, which is a bonus.