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  1. its something to do with cloud saving, I had it as well I save to cloud not the save folder, it wasn't picking up the cloud save by default and wont save to cloud when you hit "save" (you can select "save as" to save to cloud) to load from cloud you need to select load and then the cloud tab.. I saved to the save folder and it found the save when i opened later.
  2. did this to me last night, quit a game before it had fnished because it was changing it on its own, and ruining my play
  3. do kind of like Pereira on my united save, not as effective on my Hull save though all you lot playing Dalot... I loan him out and stick with Darmian because for some reason, he is effective.
  4. depends, can usually score from somewhere, a cross or a corner, or a midfielder with score if the front players don't. second season tactics Strengthened the right wing. scooped up community shield and battered Huddersfield 2-0 with them having like 1 shot
  5. won everything, although came very close to losing the champions league semi final 3-2 down after 100 and win 4-3, league was a stroll, got outplayed once, by spurs at Home, but still won that. and yes Lindelof at right back, because Darmian was injured, Valencia was sold and Dalot was on loan :/
  6. January reached on my save, Chelsea bid on Lingard... asked for a large sum off so I can replace if need be Madrid also seem to be interested in Lukaku.... Madrid will be told where to stick their cash, Lukaku is a beast for me, 1 goal a game in the league average, blowing everything away, bar a scare against Liverpool in the first half where we were poor, but remained 0-0 second half brought off Rashford for greenwood, and normal battering of opposition continued, Barca in the champions league Knockouts might be fun
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