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  1. A question - rating shown in the player page is the General Rating, for example 80. Then I check Positional Rating to see in which wing the player is better and I see that, for example, RW is 74, LW - 73. Which one should I take in consideration when looking for players?
  2. when you are like ''how many days until november 5? oh i already counted 2hrs ago''
  3. Not funny, but interesting. Hadn't seen this before.
  4. Exactly, when you know all the squad rules, foreign limits, whether the cup has a replay or extra-time in case of a draw.. all that.. because of FM
  5. I really don't want to check all 45 pages, so.. I downloaded the wizard tactic because I don't really enjoy looking at all those sliders.. Besides I wanted to change, for example, advanced forward to target man etc. I switched to 4-1-2-1 and it's working fine, I get a lot of chances, my opponent has 5-7 shots. But, as I read in 1st page, the wizard tactic has some defensive flaws. I concede 2-3 goals from these 5-7 shots. Any solutions found in these 45 pages?
  6. Maybe this has been asked already, but I don't feel like going trough 11 pages. I have nearly all the best coaches in the world but my training is only about 3-3,5 stats. Training facilities - 19. How can I reach max stars? By increasing reputation?
  7. When I was Newcastle and played against Sheff Utd, I scored only with my 12th clear cut chance
  8. well that's how i feel about this whole situation now because i've even manually gone trough every u21/u19 squad in in the world... and no-one has a potential to be as good as adu/afellay once were..!!
  9. large database.. i hope u dont think i meant ''out of MR's'' literally Afellay and Adu are both old now and there are no decent regens to replace them with..
  10. It's 2021 and world is totally out of MR's.. O_O
  11. Benfica 2020: GK : Jeff Gomez (USA) ® DL : Nana Hammond (GHA) ® DR : Gerard Ketting (NED) ® DC : Francisco Luna (CHI) ® DC : Tony Combes (FRA) ® ML : Angel Di Maria (ARG) MR : Freddy Adu (USA) MC : Gennadiy Oliynyk (UKR) ® MC : Noa Barth (BEL) ® ST : Vaclav Kadlec (CZE) ST : Romelu Lukaku (BEL)
  12. Iker Casillas aged 38 it was.. Pace 3, Acc 7, maybe they were rounding him all the time or smth!?
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