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  1. uusinjsh

    This Game is so easy - Man U are far to good...

    Can't really understand the negative responses, good point made there For all the people moaning how unrealistic unexpectedly convincing wins are in FM
  2. uusinjsh

    The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    A question - rating shown in the player page is the General Rating, for example 80. Then I check Positional Rating to see in which wing the player is better and I see that, for example, RW is 74, LW - 73. Which one should I take in consideration when looking for players?
  3. uusinjsh

    Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Worked fine for me, thank you very much
  4. uusinjsh

    Ask board

    I know about those solutions (selling players, increasing t.b. at expense of wage budget) but what I mean is the new feature when you click a button and just let the board negotiate things, of course, after convicing them that the player is really necessary..!
  5. uusinjsh

    My 1st Perfect 10.0

    not really an issue when you face a team which has 11 players in their penalty box kicking the ball away as soon as it's near them, i guess
  6. uusinjsh

    Ask board

    lads, that's still no way to get 17mil instead of current 9,5mil
  7. uusinjsh

    Ask board

    I can't increase the transfer budget as much as I need.. I want the option of board negotiating with Internacional which has been used by others
  8. ..to buy you a player. I've been bidding for a great Brasilian regen, but I don't have enough funds. Where is the damn "Ask board" option when it's really needed.. ..where should that button actually be, in which cases [i've heard that it appears if your bid, that is already bigger than actual budget, is rejected]..?
  9. uusinjsh

    My 1st Perfect 10.0

    ah, getting good results against *superior* latvian teams.. is it that hard!?
  10. uusinjsh

    League Reputation

    After each season you will see the full list and message "--- has climbed/fallen from --th to --th place in competition rankings" - similar to club European rankings except i'm not sure where to see the ranking when the season is on
  11. uusinjsh

    League reputation table?

    I've played a season now and there are some really big changes.. Croatia falling down to ~50th place, Sweden climbing up ~10 places...
  12. uusinjsh

    Euro 2016 24 Teams

    But why not? The 24 team format was accepted in 2008..
  13. uusinjsh

    Euro 2016

    It's not about qualifying or not qualifying, it's about the contribution these teams make to tournament's quality OK, fine, Latvia qualifies, for example, and then what.. You will see 11 men in their own penalty box clearing the ball away as soon as it is near them
  14. same here [caps lock, reference to blogs]
  15. uusinjsh

    Euro 2016

    certainly should be in fm11 then! this 24 team format is good for small countries but whether it will really improve the tournament quality is yet to be seen. of course, england, scotland not qualifying for euro08 wasn't nice, but then again - teams weren't good enough at that moment, so who says it would be a better tournament with those teams playing.. and if there are talks about iceland qualifying, no offense to this country, but then euros will be smth totally different now