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  1. makes sense that, thanks., Governed more by the post-brexit rules it seems on "overall" foreigners, no distinction on loans that i can find..
  2. can you not agree contract with him and then choose the coach to release in his place? So, agree to sign the new guy, then it should give you option in a drop down box for him to replace the "terrible" one..
  3. Very clear on outgoing loans, but what about incoming loans? 2 domestic long term loans, ok fine. Foreign loans? how many in squad, how many in matchday squad? what's the limits? in the top flight with an absolute shoestring budget, need to look at every which way.. tia
  4. yes thank you Cardiff I think I will accept that.. do you still have some of your arm left?
  5. not sure about the new kit choice, neither is half my team... camouflage colours?
  6. joining on a free? value you see is the remainder of his contract i think.. hence low value
  7. gets asked every year and every year gets a similar reply. try the demo. you like the demo then go for it. that's why demos are out there
  8. prolly a red card for home team, and just yellows for the away team... otherwise, why would the op be creating a thread about it?
  9. regardless of his attributes, his "fickle" personality would be a definite avoid for me.. cn create so many other problems.. not worth it..
  10. pint of whatever this guy is drinking please..
  11. wait.. i think it is trying to tell me something.. either that, or my game has started secretly cloning players..
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