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  1. not sure about the new kit choice, neither is half my team... camouflage colours?
  2. joining on a free? value you see is the remainder of his contract i think.. hence low value
  3. gets asked every year and every year gets a similar reply. try the demo. you like the demo then go for it. that's why demos are out there
  4. prolly a red card for home team, and just yellows for the away team... otherwise, why would the op be creating a thread about it?
  5. regardless of his attributes, his "fickle" personality would be a definite avoid for me.. cn create so many other problems.. not worth it..
  6. pint of whatever this guy is drinking please..
  7. wait.. i think it is trying to tell me something.. either that, or my game has started secretly cloning players..
  8. so you don't want a realistic game then, just one you can win every match?
  9. maybe cos he left city to sign for Dortmund? and negotiations to keep him at city didnt go well ?
  10. you could try looking in the tactics forum to see why you're losing more now than you did before.. you''ll get some solid advice there
  11. first season, unedited db. I think I broke my game..
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