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  1. not managing either, but am in the PL with a different team...
  2. from that error message, the problem is with Steam itself, not FM. Try reinstalling Steam
  3. If you're trying to on an existing save, then all you can do is add yourself as a manager of them... if you apply with existing profile n get rejected, then you will have t create new profile as their manager i believe...
  4. Scout Cartman knows nothing about team South Park..... Sc**w you guys?!
  5. Yeah, all I can do is talk to him and warn him. Don;t think I fined him match before, but still shouldn't matter imo. If he plays bad then he deserves fine, especially if he is worst player...
  6. So, last match wasnt good, player got 6.1, player got 6.3. I subbed them both at the same time, so, WHY could I only fine the 6.3 guy and only warn the 6.1 guy???
  7. Upwards of £0?? that's kinda not really narrowing it down much for us guys...
  8. looks like we will be gettin well acquainted with Southampton over the next few weeks...
  9. Well played Agent Clyne, amongst others. Talk about self destruction in a local derby...
  10. I know he's only a grey but... This situation that he finds himself in, is not an ideal situation for any player, let alone player in a youth team situation that is looking to progress into ta first team situation....
  11. @Cougar2010 yeah that's what I was leaning towards... Cheers guys n gals, sorted now, can be closed..
  12. FM evolves. People's lives evolve. Rewind 10 years in your life and then think.. would I be happy putting this amount of time into a game? The problem isn't that FM is advancing, and becoming more immersive, it's that your lives are moving on and requiring more attention as you get older.
  13. yeah for training n getting them to improve. Unable to loan out as he's still 16...
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