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  1. Sorry, dont have a save as I hadnt realised the bug til I posted on the forums and had continued a while past it... basically finished tied on points with 4th placed team for CL qualification from the EPl to champions league. Player had demanded we qualify, i agreed. missed out on goal difference, but news item states player was happy with efforts to qualify for the Premier League... thats the thread i started in Gd before the bug was pointed out to me lol
  2. I didnt notice the bug til it was pointed out here, I could start a new thread over there, or feel free to move this if it's easier...
  3. nanna annan ...... .......... Batman!!!
  4. I've only just realised the bug lol Genuinely had not noticed that until you guys said it!!
  5. I always thought you could just carry it on in the full game... Do you get any errors or anything? Have you updated the Full Game to the latest update? If you've started on a newer version, then it wont work til the full game is the same.. i think...
  6. Got this news item in my inbox today, quite nice, I thought
  7. Im managing Dartford on fm17. Got successive promotions to the Premier League, and last season finished 6th and into Europa League, the year is now 2026. Board offered new contract on £34,500 with bonuses for qualifying for CL and winning the FA Cup... I didnt negotiate anything..
  8. Ignore the star rating, set the game up as you would like it to be, and see for yourself how slow/fast it is, and see if it is bearable.
  9. I remember back in the old days, you used to have a telephone on the desktop and you could dial a certain number to bring up a one armed bandit that would enhance certain things, like bringing players all to age 16, with 5 years contracts n £50p/w wages etc... It did, however, change your manager name to Bandit Cheat 1 lol It may, in fact, have even been Premier Manager and not one of the early cm's..
  10. Glad he clarified this report...
  11. I'll just leave this here...
  12. yeah thought so, ta muchly
  13. Press F5 on keyboard, then play around with filters in top right if its still not showing anyone...