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  1. Set the instructions as you want them to be, then save your tactic. When you go to the match, make sure the team is using the "saved" tactic and see if that helps..
  2. If i remember rightly, the instructions have to match with the overall team mentality too, so it would depend on that. Can you show us your tactic, preferably screenshot, so we can see duties etc of players... If you have your assistant set to deal with that part of the game, then his instructions would replace yours too, i think.
  3. specifically what doesn't work? What instructions are you setting up for which players and what tactic? More info needed...
  4. has anyone taken a punt on players that are free or cheap, but wont initially get a WP, but before their contract runs out, they manage to renew and get a WP ?
  5. Fans of "The Wire" may like this...
  6. I'd assume this was correct, as any other game updates would have a thread created by SI staff to let us know of changes etc...
  7. It can happen, but i think its quite unlikely. I was offering out a striker with ( i think) £46m release clause. By offering that value, they countered with nothing near, but, even though he was listed, I offered him out for somewhere around £63m, they offered just below the R/c and I was able to negotiate it up to meet the clause...
  8. Exactly. Especially as the OP openly admitted he's reloaded in the past, what is to say that he's not looking for a way to disguise it from his friend?!
  9. Maybe not, but do THEY know what they are? See above!
  10. I know you can't that's why I asked the question. IF there's such a trust issue around reloading, then it made wonder about apps like that. ALso makes me wonder why play a VS game in the first place if you dont trust them to play fair n straight. Im also assuming the proposed opponent isnt a member on here, so can't see what's being said.. just my thoughts.
  11. What has been the reaction from the rest of your squad to him being unhappy? Ive had several situations in current save where I've fallen out with players, and they have left, but also had some back down and stay at the club. He will probably still be unhappy for a while yet, but if it's not spread to the rest of the team, then I would keep him, and see how things develop. If there was going to be a mutiny, it usually happens pretty quickly..
  12. What about using FMRTE or GS? How are you going to make sure they dont "cheat " by using them?
  13. but if it's reloaded to change a result etc then it wouldn't make any difference to that stat, as the game would just be quit, and restarted without a save... No, there's no way that you can tell, afaik
  14. I tried to buy this guy from Bayern. Notice, he is not listed, and not unhappy, and is playing. Started negotiations at £20m and agreed on £39m, his asking price, so no, it doesnt always happen that way. He has CA and PA of 171. Its unfair to compare the two examples you have given, as they are both for different aspects of negotiations. One where you're trying to buy a player that the club doesn't want to sell, an the other where you're actively selling a player you no longer want. No, you didn't. The club gave you an unrealistic number, because they don't really want to sell him. What they're basically saying is, if you're daft enough to bid this much, then we'll accept it. Think Luverpool and Andy Carroll a few seasons ago..
  15. No worries, and thanks for looking into it for me Calum! Turns out to be slightly irrelevant, a he wanted £300k p/w and i fell out with his agent lol