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  1. define first/third person experience in a football manager simulation? and this?? ^ and this... you make a good point about the salary, is this the most useless feature in any game ever? nope, your suggestion would be..
  2. and how much more strain on a machine is that gonna entail?? all the animations etc? that's gonna exclude so many people from buying the game... the database IS the game, not the graphics, not the add ons.. might as well argue for the chairman mode, or the ability to spend your manager salary. define first/third person experience in a football manager simulation? and this??
  3. why would i want to watch an animation of a character walking between buildings? I may be wrong (and wouldn't be the first time) but.. I believe FM's kid of.. ethos.. is to keep the game about the database, and statistics, ant not to move to the more "graphic heavy" side of the game. The theory behind this is, it makes the game available to such a wider audience, as you don't need such a high powered machine to play it. plus, after you see yourself walking from the office to the canteen for the 50th time every season, is that not gonna get a bit boring???
  4. Burnley vs Liverpool in 2016.. Burnley had 20% possession and won 2-0.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/37067882 have the ball as much as you want, it is what you do with it that counts..
  5. the reasons they don't are many.. not everyone wants that they try to make the game available to the biggest audience possible, which means it does not have all the "bells and whistles" it could have it is not what FM is "about" define a "semi-open world" in a football manager simulation? define first/third person experience in a football manager simulation?
  6. my theory was that newer operating systems moved to 64-bit and that fm 14 wouldn't be able to cope with that, but then i shot myself out of the water by loading it myself.. I will have to, respectfully, declare myself out of ideas and withdraw
  7. well, it appears my theory was wrong anyways.. i am loading fm14, with large db and every single league ticked, above the max recommended player count, and my machine is loading it, albeit slowly.. large db and player count of approx 152k...
  8. the issue may be with the actual games, not your machine.. I am just trying fm14 on mine but downloading, so will take a bit of time.. what operating system are you using?
  9. how old is the machine you're running them on? older games might not be able to handle newer operating systems etc
  10. you may have hit on something there.. I have a dm/cm and I can train him to stay back at all times.. (jordan henderson)
  11. stay back at all times is still there.. new trait > movement.. I cannot find the others though..
  12. well, the social media aspect of fm21 seems spot on..
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