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  1. pint of whatever this guy is drinking please..
  2. wait.. i think it is trying to tell me something.. either that, or my game has started secretly cloning players..
  3. so you don't want a realistic game then, just one you can win every match?
  4. maybe cos he left city to sign for Dortmund? and negotiations to keep him at city didnt go well ?
  5. you could try looking in the tactics forum to see why you're losing more now than you did before.. you''ll get some solid advice there
  6. first season, unedited db. I think I broke my game..
  7. Might be wrong, but will the kid from Celtic not sign pre-contract, and join when he is 18, so in a couple years time, so expects to be a lto better than he currently is when he joins, hence the negotiation. However, the other example is from England, ie same country, so would join in same window...
  8. what competition are you playing in? look on their rules page
  9. not a bad first half, if I am honest.. edit... finished 10-10, what a joke... Just kidding, 12-0... where can i see proper player stats for the game like we used to get on the widgets? want to see who assisted etc... winger that scored 3 got motm over striker that scored pretty much everything else.. tia
  10. he should do, he's a real player (unless he retired).. what db/leagues have you got loaded?
  11. @Neotropolis and that's without accepting that bid.. edit.. might have just crossed the season reset between them actually, but still..
  12. pretty much every season.. the annoying thing about it is, I've improved liverpool to the point where we are, in the rankings, the best team in the world, and still have issues with several players wanting to leave after being unsettled by other clubs...
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