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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I know he's only a grey but... This situation that he finds himself in, is not an ideal situation for any player, let alone player in a youth team situation that is looking to progress into ta first team situation....
  2. Any difference...

    @Cougar2010 yeah that's what I was leaning towards... Cheers guys n gals, sorted now, can be closed..
  3. Bored.

    FM evolves. People's lives evolve. Rewind 10 years in your life and then think.. would I be happy putting this amount of time into a game? The problem isn't that FM is advancing, and becoming more immersive, it's that your lives are moving on and requiring more attention as you get older.
  4. Any difference...

    yeah for training n getting them to improve. Unable to loan out as he's still 16...
  5. World Cup 2018 Winners

    here's mine..
  6. dont keep signing new players, every new player you bring in affects the team's tactical familiarity, and it takes them time to blend in n get used to your style...
  7. .. between a youth prospect being in 1st team squad then "made available for reserves" or him just being left in the reserves squad all the time?
  8. Too many good regens?

    There's no "thinking" behind it as such. every save is unique, so will throw up it's own group of players. Yup, same as there was a thread on how there's NO newgens that are good with IF as a role, and I have come across at least 6 in my current save, and have a couple in my current squad.
  9. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Sometimes I really dont know what more I can do to win!
  10. Once he signs for you, then the option will be available. If you confirm transfer, then wait til he signs, you can then send him to feeder club til he gains wp
  11. Probably better off asking in the "Crashed &technical help" forum > https://community.sigames.com/forum/513-crashes-and-technical-issues-on-pc/
  12. Funny Screenshots Thread

    It seems FM just FM'ed itself.. both AI controlled teams...
  13. Id suggest saving the pkms of the matches and uploading in the bugs forum, especially if it keeps happening...
  14. 17.3.1 post match analysis..

    oops Sorry, I thought I did! I've gone quite a way past it now, and sold him, so any saved game probably won't be much good, sorry! Closest I've got is 17th december...
  15. When I said adding to the game, i meant external things, like league expansion packs etc.. custom additions.. what's the specific date it happens on? Do you have more than one save, so you could use a back up save and try n continue n see if that solves the issue?