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  1. Id suggest saving the pkms of the matches and uploading in the bugs forum, especially if it keeps happening...
  2. oops Sorry, I thought I did! I've gone quite a way past it now, and sold him, so any saved game probably won't be much good, sorry! Closest I've got is 17th december...
  3. When I said adding to the game, i meant external things, like league expansion packs etc.. custom additions.. what's the specific date it happens on? Do you have more than one save, so you could use a back up save and try n continue n see if that solves the issue?
  4. need a bit more info... what leagues etc are you running, added anything to the game like extra leagues etc. In game date?
  5. Had a bad match last time out, got a few players with 6.4 and 6.5 ratings, but was only able to fine one of them, why? As you can see, 2 of the 6.4 were subbed off at the same time, one played the whole match. Could only fine Goldaniga...
  6. Maybe they recognise that your club is financially much better off, and try to milk that situation?
  7. Subbed Sturridge, brought on Origi, he didnt play well, but he certainly didn't play as a wing back!!
  8. lol maybe i should have read the bit at the top a bit more carefully! Cheers! Can be closed n i'll go buy meself some glasses
  9. Just started a new save, so working my way through squad, getting rid of some n sending others on loan. got the following offer for one of my players, which seemingly includes £7.25m to me if they get promoted... THis is something I haven't seen before, and am I reading it right? It's not they've agreed to buy him for that amount (he's transfer listed) I just get that as a bonus if they get promoted?!
  10. just to update.. mechanics have definitely changed now. I have been trying to but the AMC and been up to £70m which as outright rejected, no negotiation. They came back with negotiable £119m bid, added the amc as negotiation, and they've run away again.. I suppose the difference here is they want my ST to play alongside their AMC, whereas I'd happily replace my ST with their AMC, knowing i have great options in my squad...
  11. This Go manage somewhere where you don't have such a definite idea of who is the best team, and who isn't. I always used to manage 3 or 4 seasons at best from my games, because I always managed Liverpool so I had an idea in my head of how we should be doing, and what teams we should be beating etc. Probably my first long term save was around 07/08. Took up one of the many challenges on here, and went and managed in Hong Kong. My career went up til 2-36, when we got taken over and I got sacked from the club, despite winning everything in sight lol (yeah, it hurt) Try a random league, or try the challenges forum.. edit: or download a league expansion pack, and go for one of the teams right at the bottom of the pyramid
  12. The year is 2037, I've won last 3 premier league titles, got to last 2 champion's league finals, winning the latest one. PArt way through the season just finished, my star striker (ca 191 pa 194) informed me he wished to leave to go to Real Madrid so he could win the CL. I promised him we would win it, and we did, so he stayed. In close season, RM are after him again, bidding right up to £111m for him, which i keep negotiating, because... I spot an AMC for RM that i want to sign, valued at £36m, so I start to bid for him, get negotiated up to 54m, then walk away. I decide to use the fact that I want one of their players to negotiate their bids for my striker (which is probably why i got away with rejecting £111m lol) They made non-negotiable offer for my striker (not including the amc I want, but all cash) which i refused and they quit it. So, I go back to bid for the AMC on his own. They negotiate with... money. I get the fact that they probably don't want to sell their amc, but then, i don't want to sell my striker either.. Now, should they not be countering with exchanging my striker? Is the AI even capable of doing this? I dont think I have ever seen a negotiation that included a player that was started by the AI.
  13. Nope.
  14. IIRC if you go to player > history, then click on the season you want to look at, it will show the full stats for the season, rather than just the league games, and afaik, not a bug, working as designed.
  15. What happens after they agree the contract? is it delayed until the player turns 18? That's down to a rule change from FIFA a few years back I think, to stop younger players being exploited so easily... If you can only bid for the player, rather than directly offering a contract, I would assume this means they have agreed terms on a contract with their club that will start in the future... see example> I'm unable to offer contract, only to bid for him. You can see on his contract information page, he's agreed a contract with current club