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  1. yep, been there done that lol if you're asking thew question, then you already have doubts so just bin it and start again n don't waste time on it
  2. Considering you appear to be new to forums then i doubt it! It's one of a few little "easter eggs" that are in the game.. other one that springs to mind ( if it is still there) is getting to 1st April in game and in actual date..
  3. It's cheating if it ruins your game... If you are happy with your decisions, then no. You are playing against nobody else, so the only person that can possibly be "cheated" is you
  4. ahhh and now we have a super keeper thread.. the conspiracy theories are complete..
  5. @Neil Dejyothin is going good guns too, then turns out i have @andreu as well.. 4th one doesnt seem to be registered on forum lol
  6. You're not looking half bad on mine tbh
  7. I'd forgotten about that... Did so, and appears that I have 4 "real" players in squad, not just the 2 I thought I'd got..
  8. I'm assuming most people know that it's possible for SI staff, and some of the extended community to appear in the game, thought it might be interesting to compare notes on who gets who in their saves, and see how they turn out.. Has anyone had their own player/staff appear in the game?
  9. have a look in tactics forum if you're having issues. have a look at what others are doing, or post yours and ask for advice in there
  10. crossing with either foot, and taking set pieces with either foot are massively different. crossing ya just do whenever ya can and take the opportunity you can.. dead ball situations are different..
  11. Strangely enough, I've just had a look through the responsibilities and I can't see anything, even though my u-23's are playing same formation/tactics as senior squad, and it's a custom tactic, so there's clearly something..
  12. Even though he is rated as "either footed" each foot also has a rating out of 20, so there will be a preference for which one he uses..
  13. Highly doubt it has been coded into the game, but, as a long term sufferer with anxiety and depression, praise makes me extremely uncomfortable and awkward... cue the introduction of the "manic depressive" personality into fm and all hell breaks loose..
  14. in favour of what exactly? something that gives you a guaranteed rating of players? It's dynamic. As you improve your squad, so the star ratings are affected. you want 5 * recommendations all the time? then dont sign any of em and don't improve your squad. There's nothing to be confused about. Liverpool 18 months ago.. scouting defenders.. VVd is 5 * Liverpool sign him.. How many other defenders are gonna be 5* or even 4* in the liverpool squad now?? Who was 5* before VVd? can they compare to him? It adjusts.. as i said It is DYNAMIC
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