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  1. retraining a DM to be a DR, he's only 17 and bordering on my first team squad. Question is, if i have him training with 1st team, and in my 1st team squad, but available for reserves, will my u21 manager pick him in natural position of DM or the desired position of DR? Thanks muchly
  2. I used official db, 16.3.2 patch, English, Spanish, Italian leagues loaded, and he is in my team, and the transfer for Matip is also agreed at the right time...
  3. admittedly I have never tried with fm15, but it always used to be very easy to do with older versions of the game... Are you running the same version of the game on the new machine as the old one (ie same patch and database) ?
  4. Yeah that is what I have had to do for the time being, just wondered if that was the only way, or if i was missing something
  5. That's where I was expecting to find it, only have realistic transfers/loans/loans... then exclude own players/players out of scouting range... Wonder if it is caused by me managing club and country?
  6. In international management, can I no longer filter the player search screen to just include players eligible for my nation??
  7. I'd suggest someone from his former club, or someone who plays with him in same international level...
  8. You would think a forum this size would have a search function, wouldn't you? Oh, wait...
  9. do you have any more detailed stats from the game? long shots etc? Would be interesting to see...
  10. Are you using the original database, or a third-party one with modifications? if its the original, then > Have a look in this forum here > http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/423-League-Specific-Issues Sounds ot me a bit like a bug, and there should be a thread in that forum for the leagues you're using.... If it isnt the original, then contact whoever did the editing
  11. I don't have a parent club, and all the feeder clubs I have are for my benefit, ie merchandising, poaching youth players etc (I am a high-level Premiership club) I can't see anything on the affiliates screen that says I get financial benefits, other than the one American club we are linked with...
  12. The game is a SIMULATION of real life. Once you load it up and pick our team, all bets are off. The AI does not have the advantages a human player has...
  13. Played 1 game and there's a problem? Really? Go delete game cache files, and see if that helps. If not, check bugs forum for tips..... but would you have posted if you had LOST 3-0 with poor performances ???? Considering the ME has not changed in the hotfix, it's still the same from 15.2 to 15.2.1 ......... Tried bugs forum? posted technical specs? asked for help? oh no, wait, that was your first post... try here > http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/437-Football-Manager-2015-Bugs-Forum or here, in the imaginatively titled > Football Manager 2015 Crashes, Technical, Game Launch and Workshop Issues> http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/443-Football-Manager-2015-Crashes-Technical-Game-Launch-and-Workshop-Issues
  14. Has something changed with the reports on coaches that are on training courses? I seem to get a news item every couple of weeks telling me one of my coaches is struggling on his course...
  15. Ok, that's the first time I have ever seen that screen but you're right lol to make it more weird, I'm subscribed to more stuff than you but I dont keep getting the news items like you do... Id suggest posting in the bugs forum and uploading a save so they can take a look at it.... I dont suppose you have a save from before this started?