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  1. where are you getting the editor from? Steam? If so, then I'd suggest u need to talk to them..
  2. system requirements will prolly be confirmed when the game is officially announced, given the track record, it won't be much different from fm19... and, this should be an english forum, so pls post in English if u can...
  3. eh? no they're not... They're denying it because they don't see the fanbase expanding (think that is the wording). What's wrong with that? In 3 years you may have done well, but nobody is immune to fortunes changing. Try NOT leaking to press and having some patience? Try expansion over new stadium first iirc that's an option at liverpool initially.. Argue your point, but don't leak. Move on. When option comes again, do same.. It can be frustrating but then its better being told no than getting the boot... incidentally if a player asks for a new contract, you refuse, and they leak that to the press, what do you do? Cave in and give them one?
  4. ridiculous and illogical? why? You're leaking details of a discussion to the press, and they don't like it. THAT'S the reason for your sacking. not quite sure how you figure the board are the immature ones here..
  5. It's absolutely NOT hard coded to not leave Anfield. 2023 I got a new stadium from the board, and now, into 2043, trying to convince them to build another one.. these things take time
  6. game info? edited db? checked bugs forum? updated game?
  7. not the best of performances from the team, amazed Svard stayed on for the full 90 though, he was below 3 at one point!!
  8. right sided though, esp on early versions of the game.. i think dm amr/c he would be..
  9. man city started last season on my save on minus 5 for budget violations.... I can't say as i have ever seen it with anyone else, but I dont really look..
  10. did I just get offered an Irish Bar as a feeder club??
  11. assuming its to do with wp rules, there's a thresh-hold for contracts that determines whether they get YWP or a full contract.... I think if you go to his contract screen, you should see it at bottom right of the screen. In mine, it's 8k for a ywp, anything above that is a full wp
  12. I've been lucky with it I guess, very rarely causes problems, and seems (in my head, at least) to help motivate them to do better. I dont get many complaining about it, the one that does get me though, is the "wanting to move to another club" when we are by far and away the biggest rep and most successful.. I decline n they cry about it for the best part of a season...
  13. if they're hot prospect status, they'll go into u-23's. That's the way I always do it. Full time, hot prospect status, and into reserves. (managing liverpool)
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