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  1. just scored, according to the commentary, a "breathtaking" goal. I counted 3 deflections and at least one scuff... I remember back in the day, 92 ish maybe, you could edit the commentary.. add your own lines to it or edit what was set there.. I miss that.. Anyone else have things they miss from older versions?
  2. you do realise that there is no such thing as a "testimonial" stadium, right?! well done tho
  3. recommendations are subjective. you set up your game how you like and see how it runs. it is more about your tolerance than anything else. can you wait 3 to 5 mins while fixtures process ? how patient are you?
  4. Currently managing Liverpool, got a news item about some random boreham wood player having a transfer offer accepted. wasn't sure why, when i wen to look, they are a feeder to me. ok. fair enough. BUT they are also feeder to Arsenal and Watford?? 3 parent clubs?? is this right? arsenal n watford described as "mutually benefical links" but doesn't this mean they have 3 "parent" clubs?!
  5. beat my last record.. CWC is good for something, it seems..
  6. this caught my eye, managing Liverpool so not involved in the slightest..
  7. i don't thnk so, no. the fake players thing only generates random names for existing players that are in the db, hence thir attributes are set. it will not create a completely "new" world. newgens are available from minute 1, providing you have the correct set up in the game (adding players to playable squads) so i think, holidaying may be your best bet, dif that's what you really want..
  8. funnily enough, there's a whole forum about tactics n training on here... https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/
  9. fm21 hasn't even been announced yet. nobody knows if there will be one. nobody knows how 2020 will finish.
  10. not a bad start to pre-season.. edit to add.. who was playing in goals??
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