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  1. This is definitely something I'd like to have in FMC, just to add another voice to this request.
  2. I've had two attempts to get past the first season, finding the CL-qualification minimum requirement (plus E1 million transfer budget and very limited wage budget, not to mention my awful tactics) quite the challenge. Had been trying to do it without any transfers, but am prepared to give that up and look to sell Arnautovic, Hunt, Ekici, Vander, maybe Fritz - anyone had luck selling those? I'm playing FMC, I should mention.
  3. How do you constantly find so many class players? Do you trust your scouts' reports, or spend a lot of time looking through other squads?
  4. I'd love to give this a try but also can't get the downloads to work.
  5. Could someone please post some Werder Bremen screenshots? I'd like the team info screen and the squad (with 'general info' view so I can see player values). Thanks!
  6. You'll need to change the fake.inc file because Si don't have the rights to Kahn's name (alternatively, search for Jens Mustermann, as this was what the fake.inc file changes Kahn's name to, to avoid licensing issues).
  7. I got that when I has a game opened and then opened a different one, try restarting the editor.
  8. Just thought I'd reiterate how much I am enjoying this game! Your knowledge is excellent! (I never played your legends db but am now looking forward to fm12 for it!) Any news on that other exciting project you hinted at?
  9. This is an excellent game for me so far! Fantastic work!
  10. I've been away for a while. When I read the April 1st post (but could see how much of the page was still left to scroll down) I completely bought it and assumed the rest of the thread was just angry fans... sooo glad that isn't the case! KUTGW!
  11. Does anyone have a shortlist with all the players? Could be useful.
  12. I would support Shrewsbury_howie's idea...
  13. Great work Littleblue! ...any progress/plans to implement a kit editor that is slightly more user-friendly? Having issues with the current one.
  14. I like the new icons, very nice
  15. That looks great! Oh and my vote is for taking your time and releasing when you are happy with it, don't rush it to release with genie.
  16. Kit editing like you had it a few years ago! Great work (AGAIN!), keep it up.
  17. I would like input from my coaches on training schedules. At the moment there is a lot of luck/trial and error to find a balanced schedule, I think if coaches could tell you what would work better it could make the training side of the game a lot less frustrating. Thoughts?
  18. I've tried searching but can't seem to find anything so: --What are the most effective player instructions for forwards/strikers? I can never seem to get as much out of my strikers as their ability would suggest they are capable of.
  19. Yeah that was great cos you could find him by searching for "gay ass"
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