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  1. Congrats on your promotion to the top flight. I love the Brazilian leagues but the one improvement I'd love them to implement is to play the state championship in the midweek during the actual Serie A/B/C season over a 10 months span so I can rotate my side more rather than cramming 38 intense matches into 6 months
  2. Goal machine at under 19 level . Already rated as the best player at my club despite being ineligible to play for my first team because of the age 17 and over rule .
  3. Feeling inspired to give this a go, which is the best database to download for this league?
  4. Congrats on finally making the CL groups and fair play for sticking at this for so long. I tried something similar in Malta but the lack of competition in the domestic league combined with lack of progress in Europe made the save incredibly tedious for me. Oh and are you sure it's hardcoded or could it be your lack of seats ?
  5. Title says it all really, I'm getting this message every 10 days is there a way for me to help him pass or abandon this course ? edit: think i've posted this in the wrong section can a moderator please move it to the relevant one.
  6. Been trying that , think I'm going to stick with my club for a while find getting spanked by all comers in WC Qualifiers a bit tedious atm.
  7. Thanks for the reply, might qualify for the euro's by 2100
  8. I'm currently playing in Malta using only youth intake players and would also like to know whether it is possible for our youth rating can improve or not (FM15 btw)
  9. Ok,no probs. On a side note Do you use any criteria for picking your HOYD besides personality and working with youngsters ?
  10. How do I add this column ? Can't find it in any of the sub-sections.
  11. In staff search is there a way to insert a personality column or do I have to click on every single candidate to find out their personality ?
  12. In staff search is there a way to insert a personality column or do I have to click on every single candidate to find out their personality ?
  13. FM 15 I'm being asked to register players for the latter stages of the Sao Paulo state championship but I'm already knocked out , there is nowhere in my squad screen to respond to this so i cannot progress to the next day.
  14. I'm managing in the Peruvian league and the annual contract expiry dates is exactly one week before the first league game of the season which makes planning my squad for the new season more difficult than it needs to be.
  15. I'm looking for staff members with strong personalities ie Driven,Leader etc. Is there a way to search for these staff members without clicking on every single individual profile ?
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