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  1. Sunderland is great fun on this edition - some pretty bad players but with infrastructure in place. I just started Season 2, now in the Premier League. Here is a recap of how we fared in the first season and afterwards the start of season 2. Season 17/18 Transfers Not a lot of changes - we needed an player for the AMC spot. Hoolahan did okay, but when Hyndman got going (in the second half of the season) he made the spot his own. Unfortunately Bournemouth did not want to loan him out again in the next season. League Standing We were no 1 until the last game, where we drew and Boro won. It did not really matter, as we were promoted with a couple of games to go. Best Eleven Special mention to the following players: Hyndman had the most key passes in the league and had 13 assists from 31 starting games. Watmore was on fire when he came back from injury: 28 games / 9 Goals / 9 Assists / 7,49 AVR. Season 2 During the summer we were taken over (finally) by a Serbian Consortium, which meant we had a very healthy transfer budget. Something I was very pleased with as ie Hyndman and Galloway was not allowed back on loan, plus I wanted new central midfielders, right back, AMC and Striker.... This is what happen during the summer (spent way more money than I thought we would): Byram is my new RB, Maguire is a player I really admire IRL and as Leicester was relegated I had to take the chance, Verdasca a young CB for the future, Cairney my new AMC Playmaker, Taylor for the LB spot which meant offloading Oviedo, my Romanian guys in Nedelcu (looks an excellent B2B) and Coman (who I stumbled upon - looks like a classy striker), Gruezo who had been tearing up the MLS and is an upgrade on Cattermole and finally Rulli who happened to be transfer listed! This leaves me with the following starting eleven: McGeady and McManaman are battling it out for the left midfielder - an area that needs addressing next summer window. The beginning of the season has been very good: The game against Man City was completely crazy, and we were utterly destroyed against Spurs (should have been 1-7). Besides that we have been playing some cautious football with focus on the defensive side. It is paying off so far. Carabao Cup is right now just for reserves...