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  1. Following. Im playing as AC Milan my self. So this is epic. Keep it up
  2. I had an excellenct Milan game earlier this year. But i got a takeover, where they bought Betancour and Naby Keita for around 1.6 billion pounds, and that tilted me. It screwed my system up, and it screwed up my economy. So i decided to try some other games, but nothing caught me like this team. I love playing with big teams, who have fallen hard. So i decided to start up again. I decided to start in december 2020, with no transfers and a winter update, so that they have their normal teams. I took over Milan after the first season, where they ended number 7. Anybody else playing with this magical team?
  3. Anybody who have played as Lazio and can tell me about their save? I think they have one of the most overpowered teams in the game, and i wanna try them out.
  4. Here it is for the 3rd season. and here are my transfers. I had to sell my beloved Luis Alberto because of their transfers.
  5. Yes and that was my other option. Keita i can sell for the same i think. But 90 mil pounds for Betancour.. Holy smokes
  6. Well.. They destroyed my economy by doing this, and the fun i had with the game. The 2 players were not better than the ones i had, and i had no money to strenghen other areas..
  7. I sold him the first window i could. Terrible player
  8. Yo everyone. I had the most insane AC Milan game, which i really loved and had a very exciting squad.. After my second season, the club got new owners, and they went and bought Betancour from Jove for 90 mio£, and Naby Keita for 65 mio£, even though i had for my CM/DM's.. Tonali, Bennacer, Luis Alberto, Bruno Guimares, Lucas Paqueta, Franck Kessie, so my motivation have gone down to zero.. Im sad
  9. Nobody in here who plays with A.C Milan? One of the absolut biggest clubs in the world. Not debt in FM i think..
  10. Hmm maybe you are right. They are just truly world stars in FM - dunno if they are that in real life.
  11. Yup. It seems utterly ridicolous that they have such an amazing team
  12. I can't say that i have. But look at the players they have. The truly have an amazing squad. Immobile, Savic, Alberto, Correa, Parolo, Felipe.. They have a sick team. Sadly i can't play with them, because i love Roma.
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