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  1. Thank you. It is called Heffem Skins.
  2. Holy **** that post looks like **** haha. The guy Fernando is a regen i got. Barcelona born and bred.
  3. Well quite good. I have sold everything except Messi, and really tried to rebuild the squad with young players, mainly La Masia players. Im in my 4th season, 2 championships and last season i was number 2 in La Liga (Madrid bought Dybala, Sterling, Bernardo Silva), but i won the CHL so i didnt get fired. My finances are insane. As i only buy talents. . I will post some pictures of players, so you can see how they develop.
  4. Nobody playing? I have an insane save going..
  5. I have started with Barcelona as well. I think it is a really nice challenge, and a perfect time to make a rebuild. I have sold all of the old players, except for Messi. I still think it is a power move, and that he will stay at the club. His contract expires after season 2, so maybe i will cut ties with him there. I will see. Obviously i have not made all the transfers, and i play with a summer update. Lets go!
  6. Hey lads. Sorry for wrong post in here.. But what summer update are you using? I really wanna try a Sevilla game, but the summer update i always use (pr0's), still have them in the Europa League, and that is not good :D.
  7. If you are in for a low league, then Palermo is perfect.
  8. Amazing news. After my championship they wanted. Just hope it can get expanded further han 30k..
  9. None.. But i like it. Gives a random element aswell.
  10. Obviously not a weird combo in that there is alot of Algerians in France. Like Zizou etc. But from the Parma academy :O
  11. had him. French Algerian... Weird combo. GOnna be a worldbeater i think.
  12. Yeah that sucks. He was really valuable for me. Excellent player
  13. Thank you very much good sir.
  14. That is correct. They wanted his full salary in this season for a loan, and i could not give him that. .
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