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  1. I myself have started with Salzburg and wanna recreate the tactic. Anybody who have further developed?
  2. Yeah you are right. But i think Red Bull overall have been a major contribution to sports
  3. Love this. Started a save with Red Bull Salzburg with these files. Wanna continue their style both on the field and Of the field. Then i wanna Get the Leipzig job in the future
  4. Yeah they have 2 clubs. But only one is Red Bull Brasil
  5. Have anyone ever done a "Red Bull challenge"? I have thought about starting in the US, then i wanna go to Salzburg and then Leipzig. I have not thought much about the specifics, but i wanna be a low reputation trainer, with good badges (as most Red Bulls coaches have), and then i wanna build my way up in the Red Bull teams. Any have any interesting ideas, or have tried it themselves?
  6. Guys! I am one who loves realism like you, and unrealistic things in a save can throw me off the save. So which things do you recommend 2 do 2 get the realism up? Things 2 download, databases. I have only had 1 long save in this FM, and it was with Paris FC.
  7. I have one right now. I bought him to Hertha Berlin in second season, and as a 17 year old he got his debut for Germany
  8. I played 10 seasons with Paris FC. Got excellent regens, New stadium and won the league in 2028. I mainly both West african / central african players cheap, and sold Them expensively. Can recommend
  9. As the title says! Fire away with some clubs who got african academies - and have you ever got some gems from those? I know FC Nordsjælland and FC Midtjylland from Denmark have. Others?
  10. I had the exact same problem as you. 2 seasons in Roma, Valencia, Lille.. I found Paris FC and are now entering the season 2025-2026. I have had 3 3rd place in Ligue 1, a newly build stadium on the way. And bought a player for 0.8 mio pounds and sold him for 80. These are the things that i like! I have posted a little about it in the french thread.
  11. Look in the french league thread. I have posted a little about my Paris fc game. I absolutely love it. Would love to post more if people interact
  12. You can start the game at 28.12.2020 if you choose the brazilian league, and still have the january window closed.
  13. I will post a small update as well on my Paris FC save. After a rough start it have gone really well. My 2 strikers are playing good at that keeps me alive. 2 years in a row, i have gotten a top prospect from my aca. Any recommendations for my 2 regens?
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