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  1. @Muttley84, Brittany in France is indeed a county with strong local pride. Rennes, Nantes, Brest, Lorient are all in Ligue 1, Guingamp in L2. But to be correct Caen is in Normandy, not Brittany. Otherwise you have Corsica, also in France with Ajaccio or Bastia to manage. Sardinia in Italy may be another option.
  2. Thinking of it, what's the influence of new owner Kyril Louis-Dreyfuss with the latest data update? Is he pumping some money? What about real life for those of you actively following the club ? Is he putting the club back on track?
  3. Espanyol has a great team for the 2nd division, it's a walk in the park to bring them back up. Ideal team to play a flat 442. That bunch could easily finish top 10 of La Liga with no addition but you will be likely losing some key players like the very wanted Sergi Darder
  4. Great reading from all and some great results here! Just started a save myself. My idea is to try to recruit from GB & Ireland whenever possible, develop youth and keep healthy finances. 1st season: OUT : Fernandez, Manquillo, Carroll and Seung-Yeung (+26M) and Elliot out on loan IN: Scottish defender Souttar and Swiss striker Kamberi (-11M) plus James Garner and James Justin on loan. TACTICS: My aim is to move to a 442, but with the current squad, I will use a balanced gegenpress 4231Wide from the preset tactics for home match. I haven't yet decided what t
  5. Showing the same price for me between the 2 editions on the FMstore, €49.49.
  6. I see your point, but it is not just about passing the ball around like some teams would do. By setting up such tactic for a dominant team such as Dynamo in its league, not only you dominate the game, possess the ball for +65/70% of the time, but you also create a lot of shots, +30 per match. Unfortunately sometimes you may just get only 1 goal out of these, sometimes you might end up getting beaten 0-1 on the opposition's unique chance. It looks a little unrealistic to me. Besedin in 16 matches played got a meagre total of 6 goals, and adjusting his role did not make much difference.
  7. Still in my 3rd season, but have put the save on hold , and the game too, as the current tactic system and AI do not work too well. I saw it's been discussed elsewhere on the forum. Short passing - possession football with a lonely striker allows a lot of possession and clear scoring chances but somehow you can't score. Opponents just play all behind the ball in their last 1/3, stopping all shots, and the GK makes fantastic saves all along. And very often, they would score with only 1-2 chances. As for Bianconeri96, this is about the other Black & Whites, Udinese Calcio, founde
  8. In the same boat with a Vertical Tiki-Taka 4-1-4-1 , I am creating a lot of chances but not scoring, making any average GK looking like Buffon at his peak.
  9. 2nd season 2019-20 : Won the Super Cup against Shakhtar (1-0). Won the Premier-Liha, with 75 pts , 2 pts in front of Shakhtar. Lost in QF to Shakhtar in the Ukrainian cup (0-1 ET). Qualified for the CL group stage, finished 2nd ( Athletico Madrid, Eintracht Frankfurt, Club Bruges ), lost in 1st knockout round against Arsenal. Starting XI : 4-1-4-1 formation Substitutes : Besedin Boryachuk Buyal
  10. 1st season 2018-19 : Won the Super Cup against Shakhtar (2-2 on pens) Finished 2nd with 66 pts , 11 pts behind them in Premier-Liha. Lost in semis to Shakhtar in domestic cup (1-2) Qualified for the CL group, finished 3rd ( PSG, Roma, Club Bruges ). Reversed in EL ( won 1st knockout round against Schalke, lost 2nd round to Bayer Leverkusen ) Starting XI : 4-1-4-1 formation Substitutes : Besedin
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