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  1. I sense that he or she doesn't want help, simply to complain that it's not their fault and SI should fix it. I've found the game more difficult this year, insomuch as I thought I was struggling because my team wasn't playing how I'd like it to, not scoring enough and conceding too many silly goals. And then I noticed I was top of the league with the most goals scored and a decent goals conceded. I'd got so focused on the fact I wasn't blowing teams away like in previous versions.
  2. This looks great, thanks for the updates. I think it'll suit my current side perfectly...
  3. I had to start a new save after the hotfix as my entire Dulwich Hamlet side had 1 determination (well, most of them) but otherwise I've found more positives than negatives. The match engine is significantly better. For one example, my veteran left winger crossed with a rabona to my average height striker who nodded it away comfortably for my League 2 Swindon side. I don't think I've ever seen this before, let alone at that level. The UI is improved, the game generally feels more immersive than ever before and despite my concerns, it runs absolutely fine on my extremely average PC both in matches and generally processing between matches. Kudos to SI for the speed at which they delivered the hotfix for the determination bug but also for fixing issues from the beta. I'm noticing weird penalty decisions but not at the same rate as others - perhaps one every three or four games so far - but each time it has certainly looked like the player won the ball. Scoring a fair share of 1 on 1 attempts, at least for L2 level. The only problems I'm having, which are likely due to squad or tactic issues, is an awful level of decision making by my team and despite having tall, mobile central defenders, they are consistently standing and watching long passes sail over their heads as an opposition forward runs past with ease. I've noticed this in both my saves, despite my tinkering with tactics, players, adjusting defensive line, using offside trap or not, etc... Anyone else had this? I'm thinking part of it is down to lack of familiarity with tactics and low team cohesion, but it's infuriating to sit and watch my 5* rated defenders pick their noses and contemplate their post match dinner instead of, y'know, heading a football.
  4. I've just launched it following a Steam update, version is 20.1.2-1316421 (m.e v2020) and my beta save has loaded fine.
  5. I've had a good season with Arsenal using 15.1.3. Missed out on the league by a single point to a massively dominant Chelsea, won the FA Cup but got knocked out of the CL by Bayern. I had a 16 game winning streak too.
  6. I'm struggling a little bit with Arsenal (a happy coincidence I found this thread after staring blankly at the squad for a bit) and the late goals are making me pull out of my hair. However, some of the attacking player is the best I've seen in any FM game by far - superb stuff. For everything else I'm going to blame the match engine and/or Szczesny. KUTGW.
  7. Thanks, that has definitely improved the problem with posession but not improving results much. The main problems I'm having is that my players are attempting far too many long shots which means I'm creating few, often none, clear cut chances. I've set all players long shots to never, am using 'work ball into box' but finding my players taking ridiculous shots. for instance, I just lost the last game 2-1 against opposition in the league below me. I had 25 shots, 14 of which were long shots. Is there anything I'm missing here? edit: I should also mention that none of my players have any preferred moves that would encourage shooting from long distance!
  8. Hi all, firstly can I say thanks to Cleon, rashidi, wwfan and many others for invaluable advice on these forums - after many years of using plug & play tactics for FM, I've finally taken the plunge into creating my own from scratch. A little bit of history about my current save: I'm playing as Swindon and am in my 7th season, currently in the Premier Division after winning the Championship by 11 points last season. I spent two years in the top tier, finishing 8th in my first season and winning the FA Cup but suffered badly the following season and finished 18th and was relegated on the final day. After relegation, I consolidated, spent many hours reading threads on here and created a new tactic that suited the squad that I had assembled and was a roaring success. The system I use is a very direct system that focuses on getting the ball forward quickly to my strongest trio of players: Player instructions are default, with the exception of setting all players to never attempt long shots, as I don't feel confident changing this. I usually use 'get ball forward' as a shout and attempt to apply others logically as and when required. Team comparison can be found in the gallery here: http://imgur.com/a/YVGUh#0 Unfortunately, I built my squad without wingers and have nobody capable of playing in those positions to any great success, so am reliant upon my full backs to provide width and crosses into the box to exploit my strengths in the air. The problem I'm seeing in games is that I am being completely dominated in terms of possession, especially against the top teams - 35% against Man Utd, 39% against Arsenal - and my defence simply isn't strong enough to withstand that much attacking possession. Essentially, I was hoping for some advice on how to play against the teams that are far superior to mine and how to retain possession, is my squad capable of playing a short, low tempo passing game? Thanks in advance, hopefully I've provided sufficient detail but can provide more if necessary!
  9. Any chance someone can point me in the direction of this away tactic? I can't seem to find it anywhere in the thread, only Gareth's tweak.Thanks.
  10. ...but 6 injuries?I was doing alright up until I got home today and noticed the update. I've always been awful with tactics so have had to rely mostly on others. However, the update has resolved many of the irritating issues with through balls, odd goalkeeping and so on and so forth so it's just going to take me a few weekends of rage quits to figure it out all over again...hopefully without another patch appearing
  11. Initial impressions are that my goalkeeper has gone from somewhat decent in the previous patch to hopelessly incapable of catching or stopping anything.
  12. I'm enjoying it though have found the match engine completely puzzling. Otherwise, my only problem is that I've got a player who is unhappy and wants first team football despite playing 18 of the last 20 matches. Here's an image: http://i.imgur.com/dAUYG.jpg (I recall seeing someone on here with a similar problem but I cannot find the post now and the search function doesn't want to work for me)
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