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  1. I think one of my players has contracted Covid-19...
  2. The last few pages have been an extremely interesting read, however, it feels like I'm in a minority of people who understand that SI will never manage to create a ME that accurately reflects football and that, in fact, each iteration of the ME is a feature of the game to be beaten. A boss, if you will. You play around with the tools at your disposal, your tactics, your squad, your training. You keep trying to figure out the weaknesses of the ME and beat it. Of course there is an issue with certain aspects of the ME this year which are either too effective or too ineffective. SI are almos
  3. Wow! It's almost as if you needed to play more than three games before declaring the patch broken.
  4. You do realise the fix doesn't magically make strikers score every single chance, right?
  5. Hopefully SI do the right thing and recall this patch immediately based on the overwhelming size of this sample.
  6. I'm halfway through my second season and my biggest gripe has to be the lack of variation in team talks, press conferences and player interactions. It feels like I've been replying with the same answers to the same questions for so long that I may as well not bother - except if I leave it to my assistant, I can't control what negative impact his comments may have so I'm left clicking through boilerplate templates with nary a thought. It's been a part of FM for years now that despite having a significant impact on gameplay, it's been neglected and really suffers for the immersion. I can't
  7. I see that you are familiar with light-hearted jovial sarcasm.
  8. Is there a microtransaction option in FM Touch to make your players stop shooting into the side netting and score one on ones? Or are they two separate options?
  9. I'm using Sympathyvol2 and the only issue I have is long balls splitting my centre backs, again and again and again. Anyone else seeing this? I'm Man Utd.
  10. I haven't done a Man Utd save for years but I have a deep seated hatred of Phil Jones and after watching him get torn apart against Sheff Utd, I decided to start a save just so I could get rid of him. I went about overhauling the squad, shipping out players who I felt I could get some return on and didn't want to use anyway: Fred went to Beijing Guo'an for £19m, Matic followed to Ghangzhou Evergrande for £13.5m, Ashley Young and Phil Jones went to clubs in Qatar for £2.5m and nowt respectively. Rojo spent the first half of the season on loan at Everton before making a permanent move
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